Hoodless Tournaments will be Dead or Alive 5: Last Round all July

Hoodless recently made an announcement via his Twitter that he would be doing a Dead or Alive 5: Last Round special on Playstation for the month of July which gives you 4 weeks of new DOA5 tournament content to enjoy that starts on Independence Day. These tournaments are indeed online, but they will be worth your time as a competitor for the free entry and prize pot possibility. Please take a look at the available dates and register to the events that you can participate in.

As a quick reference the tournament dates this month are:

- July 4th (Independence Day) (Playstation)

- July 11th (Playstation)

- July 18th (Playstation)

- July 25th (Playstation)

July 2022 is going to be a great month for anyone that misses the masterpiece Dead or Alive 5: Last Round. This is a great opportunity for fighters to compete for some money and showcase their skills on the platform of the DOA6 World Champion, Hoodless. No doubt players from the community will be there to spectate the tournament and donate to the prize pots. We will also be doing some special write-ups here at FSD giving you the highest quality in depth analysis of professional DOA5 gameplay.

Photo Banner from our Well-Known (and MIA member) @Chapstick
Due to health problems and concerns I was not able to complete the Dead or Alive 5 write-ups that were promised, and I sincerely apologize. I was out of commission almost the entire Summer and I'm getting a hold of my life again and will be back in business soon.
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