Hoodless Wins Frosty Faustings XV Tournament

Hoodless organized the Dead or Alive 6 side tournament at Frosty Faustings XV showing us once more why he is the DOA6 World Champion by also competing and winning the tournament. Dragon Ninja's Ryu Hayabusa was on point, and he had defeated his opponents convincingly until he once again had to confront his strongest opponents: Rig and Hoodless.

We have all seen that Hoodless has definitely been on a streak lately with Killy being the only thorn in his side. Everyone has a reason to fight, and it's clear to the viewers and it's clear to the offline scene that his reason to fight is to continuously prove himself and show the best gameplay using the most complex characters. He's a true master of stance changes and timing putting his mastery level on display against one of the strongest Hayabusa players that actively plays.

Dragon Ninja was watching Flame Falco and Memphis Legends patiently and probably intensely as this match was hyped by the spectators and for good reason. The shoe fit for this matchup to be stellar. We have two impressive players with Memphis Legends on one side with Mila and Flame Falco on the other side with Ryu Hayabusa.

Both of these players put on an excellent set where each and every round was very close, and the pressure seemed to be running hot on both players. Flame Falco took advantage of ceiling damage, properly baited Memphis Legends into powerful throws and Memphis Legends came in with impressive combos, footwork, spacing, zoning and every type of defensive play you could think of. Memphis played his best and walked out with a memorable set, but Falco walked out with a huge win and earned more respect from the regular DOA spectators.

Dragon Ninja was next to fight Falco and the set started with Hayabusa mirrors. Dragon Ninja had a distinct character advantage in this fight and won the set because the early round numbers from the mirrors were decisively in Dragon Ninja's favor. Falco saved his main Diego for last and it's a wonder he didn't start off with Diego because his mix-ups, strings and throw punishments were exciting to watch.

Hoodless went with his side-kick Zack for the grand final performance. His mix-ups and stance changes were insane; his setups, combos and wall damage looked impeccable against the seasoned Dragon Ninja. There were several round trades in the final, but ultimately Hoodless completely unloaded everything in his arsenal to get the tournament win!

Though this was a quick Top 4 offline tournament stream the fighters really put on a nice show for the spectators at Frosty Faustings XV. If you haven't already watched the tournament, check out the complete VOD at Match Stick Melee and peruse the bracket for full results.
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