DOA6 WC Hoodless Wins NA East Online Tournament

The largest online tournament yet for Dead or Alive 6 concluded with Hoodless being declared the winner of those precious qualifying points for the DOA6WC point leader board. Point standings on the official DOA6 website are not current and will be updated soon, but regardless of that, Hoodless has his entry to the main event at Tokyo, Japan written in stone. Players are encouraged to peruse the event overview at Smash.GG and stay up-to-date with everything surrounding the DOA6WC by reading our regular tournament reports & news stories here at FSD!

Top 8 Highlights

:lisa: Tonami vs Serpent :mila:
A lot of back & forth action from these two flashy wrestlers that at first was clearly in Tonami's favor, but Serpent refused to go down easy and sported some amazing Mila tech, soundly responding to Lisa's onslaught of possibilities! Ninja Mila used every trick in the book and played the stun and ground game appropriately, but Tonami was efficient at keeping his defense up to win the majority of games in these FT3 sets. Tonami's keep-away techniques were perfect for dealing with Mila's mid-ranged aggression in this super close set.

:leifang: Black Moon Rising vs Hoodless :rig:

Hoodless wastes no time at 'Lost Paradise' breaking Leifang apart with Rig's insane combos and holding whenever Black Moon tried to come in for an attack. The first round ended with Rig dropping Leifang off the top tier of the stage slowly to her impending doom. Hoodless keeps Black Moon guessing with insane start-ups that lead to environment damage and hard knock-down followups.

Serious pressure is put on Black Moon to find a real opening on Hoodless' near unstoppable Rig, and he finds it with an impeccable string of crushes and damaging counter throws. He takes a serious lead on Hoodless at the 'Colosseum' and ties up the score 1-1 with a picture perfect break blow. Black Moon knows he needs to keep the momentum going into the third match he has a chance to boost his confidence with a redemption fight at 'Lost Paradise.'

These two go into last round this time around at the bottom tier of paradise, and Hoodless finds an opportunity to take advantage of a missed break blow with enhanced pressure after the guard-breaker completed by a back-turned combo finish! This set was settled at 'Road Rage' where all the skill and experience from spacing to precision-based timing came out of Hoodless' soul and he was able to combo the hell out of Leifang with the help of the hanging truck that explodes upon the danger zone being activated. Eventually the perfect Rig-play overwhelmed Black Moon giving Hoodless a convincing set against one of the best in the offline community.

These two well-known offline players get right to work at the 'Showdown' and while Hitomi keeps BlackBerry's Christie on the ropes, Berry controls his patience better in the match to find enough openings to win. Xav1er comes back at 'Sweat' with some pressure and his expert holds were timed perfectly to win the first round. Berry is feeling the pressure more than he did the last game and makes a comeback after Hitomi gets a break blow round win.

Berry continues to keep his defense up at 'Sweat' but Xav1er is able to secure his first win back at the DOA5 wrestling ring. Their third game took place at 'Chinese Festival' and it was clear they were still adjusting to the firecracker danger zone adjustments made in version 1.11. With that being said, they still put on a great match with BlackBerry getting the final win thanks to his: pressure, insane jab speed, pokes and knock-down combo follow-ups with a close hit KO conclusion.

Hitomi hits the switch at 'Road Rage' and makes a huge comeback against Christie after things were looking extremely dim for Xav1er. You can tell this player has been studying Hitomi with his plethora of damaging combos & strings. He won the 'Road Rage' fight impressively, but BlackBerry switched to NiCO after the fight with the last match taking place at 'Sweat.' NiCO convincingly defeats Xav1er with an electrifying arsenal of moves to win the set.

:phase4: Jager vs StevoMaru :ayane:

StevoMaru is fully aware that Phase 4 is easy to throw-punish so he turns up his defensive game and waits for opportunities to strike hard. Phase has a slough of confusing mix-ups with a twitching ground game that is applied to Stevo's Ayane, but he's always able to make comebacks after a mind-bending neutral teleport combo from P4. Online these two players are very close in terms of skill with both feeling confident with their selected characters going into the third match.

The score is tied and the gameplay changes significantly at 'A.P.O.' thanks to the ceiling that favors both Ayane and Phase 4, but what doesn't change is how close each of these rounds are throughout the match that ended favoring Jager's pressure game over Stevo's defensive-play. Stevo makes severe changes to his gameplay at 'Zero Lab' and keeps Phase 4 pinned against the wall with bonus damage as she is smashed into it. Ayane finished Phase 4 off with her classic break blow to put this set into last round!

Both players are feeling the heat in their final battle at 'Showdown' and Stevo finds an early lead, overcoming Jager's combo pressure that was dropped a few times after the guaranteed environment combo extension. Both of them were unable to direct their combos where they wanted because of the pressure & nerves of this online FT3, but they still managed to have a great exchange until Stevo finally won this really even set.

:mila: Serpent vs BlackBerry :christie:

Serpent uses a variety of holds to keep himself alive, but Mila just can't overcome the pressure of Christie in both wrestling ring variants, and BlackBerry gets two quick wins in this Top 8 set. Serpent makes a switch to the OP and tournament standard, Kasumi, but he's just unable to get past Christie's mix-up game and he's destroyed by stuns and deathly knock-down combos.

:ayane: StevoMaru vs Black Moon Rising :leifang:

These two didn't interact too much with the fire crackers at 'Chinese Festival' in the first match but they did have an awesome exchange of moves! Leifang's tantalizing advanced hold followed up with a BT setup took Stevo by surprise, but he came back to win the first game with help from Ayane's awesome BT throw; punishing Moon promptly for his mistakes. Black Moon starts zoning at 'Lost Paradise' to gain control of the match-up dominating Stevo with a tier drop and complete combos making it a 3-0 match. StevoMaru takes a breather at the character select screen before they begin the next fight with no switch and nothing but confidence with his take on Ayane in Dead or Alive 6.

'Road Rage' is the 1-1 tie-breaker in this FT3 set and Black Moon comes at StevoMaru with an incredible array of combos ending in close hits. Both players have a close hit combo & throw exchange at the car pile, and Stevo is just stunned how quickly Black Moon can adapt to almost anything that comes his way. Stevo tries his best comeback, but Black Moon cripples Ayane's defense at 'Road Rage.'

Black Moon looks to close the set at 'A.P.O' but both players make adjustments to their zoning and defense for this long narrow stage. Stevo puts up the fight of a lifetime but Black Moon's Leifang plays the stun game at maximum combining that with his triggered advanced holds to put Stevo away!

:lisa::tina: Tonami vs Hoodless :zack:

Hoodless makes a "spicy switch" to his formidable Zack and absolutely obliterates Tonami's Lisa at 'A.P.O' with with stuns, reset grabs and damaging throws to easily win the first game! Tonami looks to build momentum in this set by switching to Tina, but after a single round Hoodless wouldn't give Tonami time to breath with a flurry of beautiful combos and reset throws. Hoodless tunes up his spacing and poking with Zack at 'Lost Paradise' and slowly overcomes Tonami in a less one-sided match to end the set.

:leifang: Black Moon Rising vs BlackBerry :christie:

These two top players start their set at 'Road Rage' and BlackBerry takes an early lead in the match with Christie. Black Moon rises to the occasion of a comeback with a two-car combo and some impressive reads to take the third round. After a needed win Moon is able to take round four as well, and begins to download Berry in last round before Berry dismisses it with a knock-down to a close hit combo ending on the wall.

Leifang and Christie smash each other at 'Showdown' in the second game with crowd assist after crowd assist. While not all of these combos are successfully completed, they both turn up the pressure on each other constantly utilizing the break hold system and meter management like the experts they are. Black Moon calms down and extinguishes his frustrations with Christie in the form of killer decision making successfully winning him his first game.

BlackBerry recovers with Christie winning an even match at 'Chinese Festival' utilizing her high combo damage combined with close hits and fire-crackers. Black Moon looks to make adjustments but Berry quickly seals the deal with Christie & the electric ropes at 'Sweat' to close this high-level set.

:lisa: Tonami vs BlackBerry :christie::nico:

Tonami shows that he knows the Christie match-up throughout this set, but when you're fighting BlackBerry it doesn't matter as he has one of the best. Also keep in mind that this is an offline tournament and that most of this match is green-bar instead of blue, so combos that wouldn't drop offline are certainly prone to doing it here and they do on several occasions throughout their many exchanges.

After some salt-infused ninja morphing at 'Lost Paradise' from BlackBerry, Lisa begins to crush Christie with break-holds and damaging throws & punishes at 'Sweat' to score a much-needed win for Tonami in this set. Tonami continues his comeback at 'Zero Lab' with perfect reads, guesses and holds. He keeps the damage with Lisa going to pull a lead on BlackBerry!

Tonami goes into OD mode and switches to his ninja outfit for Lisa in what he hopes will be his last fight against BlackBerry's NiCO. Berry starts shocking Tonami with a series of holds and electrifying close hits at 'A.P.O' to quickly change the tide in his favor putting them both into last round. Shook; Tonami makes a crazy character change to Christie, but BlackBerry wins-out to grand finals with incredibly shocking NiCO play.

Grand Final

:rig: Hoodless vs BlackBerry :ayane::christie:
Both players are deserving of their grand finals encounter and BlackBerry starts his reset chase with Ayane against Rig at 'Lost Paradise.' Hoodless wants to win this set as quick as he can, and he trades his typical patience for a close-range battle with heavy pressure implemented throughout quickly finishing the first match. BlackBerry unsurprisingly makes Christie his first character switch with the second battle taking place once again at 'Lost Paradise.'

BlackBerry tries to capitalize on his ability to hold & read Rig, but it doesn't work today against Hoodless and he has a response for everything Christie throws at him. Rig doesn't get wrapped up in Christie's powerful strings and he quickly disposes of her as quick as he trashed Ayane in the first game. Berry makes a YOLO switch to Mai in his last attempt to keep his tournament life at 'A.P.O.'.

Hoodless is ready to punch his ticket to the main event at Tokyo, Japan and he dismantles BlackBerry & Mai with relative ease to win the DOA6WC NA East Online tournament! Congratulations go to Hoodless for his hustle, victories and to his great turnout streak for this Dead or Alive 6 Team NINJA circuit!

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