DOA6 WC Hoodless Wins the Dead or Alive 6 World Championship 'Main Event'

The Dead or Alive Festival begins with Team NINJA's 'Last Chance' Qualifier while Main Event matches are currently being streamed. Expect to see a lot of scattered DOA productions throughout the event stream and check out our compendium for the complete time table & report. Follow our new Free Step Dodge Facebook page for the latest DOA announcements & news!

Because of stream scheduling the first two matches at the 'Main Event' are yet to be reported in this article but will be after the replay is posted by Team NINJA. Please check out the official bracket to see the complete results and continue to our report for the 'Main Event' at DOA Festival 2019. Also browse the official Smash.GG to peruse the 'Last Chance' Qualifier standings!

Top 16 Highlights

:christie: Kwiggle vs Teru Rock :kasumi:

Teru Rock took the early lead in this opening match, and he successfully used the environment to his advantage at 'Lost Paradise' and got a quick win over Kwiggle despite the insane damage Christie can get off a single combo. Their next match is at 'Road Rage' and Kwiggle uses the low-stun combo combined with the slippery snow to keep Teru Rock down and out of a zone game. Kwiggle wins the second match with a killer Christie car-combo and brings the momentum with him into the next match at 'Throwdown.'

Kwiggle successfully prevents Teru Rock from making a comeback and uses everything 'Throwdown' offers combined with his Christie skill level to quickly send Teru Rock to losers. Winner: Kwiggle

:rig: Hoodless vs Comic-Ari :bradwong:

These two start off at 'DOA Colosseum' and Hoodless goes for the legs and follows up his stuns on Comic-Ari with beautiful combos. Ari looks for his space on this enormous map, but Hoodless doesn't allow the strategy to pan out. Rig dominates Brad Wong against the wall with electrifying damage.

Ari looks to make a quick comeback at 'Muscle' and gets shocking damage of his own. Crippling holds and perfect reads show the spectators that he is no fluke and easily presents the best Brad Wong we have seen yet in the Dead or Alive 6 offline circuit. Hoodless attempts to throw off this sudden momentum, but Ari reads him every time to get a win on the board.

'A.P.O.' will break the tie in their third match, and both players are seeking out space so they can think out their next moves. Hoodless seeks patience as he notices Ari beginning to panic; utilizing pressure based techniques carefully with Brad's guard breakers expecting blocks prior to the input. Hoodless keeps calm, cool & collected at low health and manages to smoke Brad clean in the last round despite a tremendous early effort from Ari. Winner: Hoodless

:leifang: Black Moon Rising X vs Keisuke :hayabusa:

Black Moon and Keisuke have an excellent opening match at 'Muscle' with Keisuke winning the first two rounds before the 'Black Moon Comeback!' Moon easily takes the first match after downloading Keisuke and brutally punishing him for his mistakes. Keiskue finds the lead in their next match showing why he is one of the best Hayabusa players on the planet!

'Throwdown' is the tie breaking map, and Keisuke starts using Hayabusa's environment-game in full effect. Hayabusa Izuna's Leifang after a well-timed crowd assist and then concludes the set with a devastating Ninpo break blow! Winner: Keisuke

:nico: Crazy Steady vs Siologica :nico:

This is a redemption match for Siologica as Crazy Steady defeated his NiCO last month at the East Coast Throw-Down tournament. Siologica is able to make the right reads in their opening bout at 'Lost Paradise' and is successful winning the first match in this set. Crazy Steady is one of the best, but Siologica is super comfortable at this event and that's not a good thing for any of the competitors.

Siologica is confident at the 'Chinese Festival' and wins again even after a scare where he missed his fire-cracker combo and Crazy Steady took advantage of it to get the individual round, but not the match. By the end of this set Siologica looks the strongest at the 'Main Event' with meticulous mix-ups & smartly timed combos. Winner: Siologica

Top 8 Highlights

:phase4: XcaliburBladeZ vs Hoodless :rig:
The first match in this set was absolutely crazy with perfect execution from both Phase 4 and Rig at the 'Muscle' wrestling ring. Hoodless read the pressure in this fight like a book, but any mistake made by Rig was calculated by Phase 4 with insane neutral teleport combos. Because of his damage output and setups, BladeZ took the first match with his captivating Phase 4.

Hoodless kept his fancy foot-work at 'Chinese Festival' and convincingly took the second match. Hoodless completes his Rig performance with his amazing tick throws, punishes and combos. XcaliurBladeZ is nervous and is known to crack a little in big money tournaments, but Hoodless keeps his composure at 'Sweat' and maintains a spacing game throughout the match and slowly picks Phase 4 apart to win his second game straight.

Back at 'Chinese Festival' BladeZ begins to adjust to the fine-tuned Rig with impeccable combos and pressure that completely overwhelms Hoodless in this game; quickly concluding in BladeZ favor. It was announced that during this match Teru Rock was taken out of the tournament by Gehaktbal. BladeZ and Hoodless prepare for their final match in this FT3 set at 'A.P.O.'.

Hoodless is the undisputed master of this stage and he showcases his amazing back-dash and zoning capabilities to dismantle big BladeZ; successfully defeating the most dominant player at the Dead or Alive 6 World Championship! Winner: Hoodless

:nico:Crazy Steady vs Electrified Mann :christie:
We were fast tracked to this set in the middle of stream. Crazy Steady's NiCO seemed to be in charge at 'Lost Paradise' but Emann's Christie went insane and quickly dissected NiCO, forcing Steady to change to Helena. Emann continues to pummel Steady for several rounds, before Helena finally finds her footing in this match. Steady fights back for two strong rounds, but Emann calms down and takes his win at 'Last Paradise.' Winner: Electrified Mann

:nico: Siologica vs Futagon :rig:

Futagon was one of the winners of the 'Last Chance' Qualifier, and spectators and Siologica quickly see why as they begin their set at 'Throwdown.' Siologica has the momentum in this set, but Futagon sports amazing defense against NiCO's onslaught of safe attacks. Futagon is able to read the end of Siologica's BB reset combo to put the match into last round, but Siologica secures his victory with educated guesses & punishment.

Their second match takes place at 'Chinese Festival' and Futagon puts Rig to work in round with quick pressure-based victory. Siologica reads Futagon's game-plan, but in response Futagon increases his defense with Rig and looks for an opportunity to attack. Siologica gets a quick round win, but he's unable to download Futagon's Rig, and Futagon is completely aware of it going into game three at 'Lost Paradise.'

Futagon's combo execution is really strong, and he begins to dominate Siologica; completely taking the meticulous professional off his game. After losing two rounds straight, Siologica changes his gameplan and wins a round, but he can't overcome Rig's damage output & Futagon's decision-making. This FT3 set is now surprisingly 2-1 in Futagon's favor.

Siologica is in panic mode, but he's very familiar with the firecrackers at 'Chinese Festival' and uses them to his advantage to tie the rounds. Rig continues to take big hits from NiCO on the firecracker bounds combos. Siologica transforms his NiCO into her gold ninja form and totally comes back to annihilate Rig. The LAST match of this set takes place at Nico's 'Zero Lab' and places an atmospheric & foreboding tone to what the outcome could be.

Futagon realizes this his big opportunity at the 'Main Event' and is not wasting it, putting this set into last round. Both of these players are completely razor focused, and show little mistakes, but Siolgoica crushes his way to victory in one of the most intense sets seen in Dead or Alive 6. Winner: Siologica

:bass: Gehaktbal vs XcaliburBladeZ :phase4:

Bass & Phase 4 are completely different character types played at their very best in this set that was fast-tracked from the last match. Phase 4 seems to dominate the first match shown at 'Sweat.' It was announced before this match that Crazy Steady was able to defeat Electrified Mann; knocking him out of the 'Main Event'.

The second match at 'Lost Paradise' seemed to be a more equal fight with a back & forth exchange that ultimately resulted in a Phase 4 win from XcaliburBladeZ. Gehaktbal switches to Zack for his last attempt against BladeZ at the 'Muscle' wrestling ring. Zack bashes Phase 4 repeatedly against the ropes and avoids taking hardly any damage - smoking BladeZ three rounds strange for his first win on the board.

BladeZ begins to adjust to Zack at 'Chinese Festival' and absolutely onslaughts him with Phase 4 utilizing neutral teleport combos forcing Gehaktbal to guess on holds. Winner: XcaliburBladeZ

:helena: Crazy Steady vs Futagon :rig:

Now that Siologia has gotten a taste of what this Rig player can do, it's now Crazy Steady turns. Rig quickly pokes & pressures Helena, but Crazy Steady can play every bit as defensively as Futagon and the Bokuho throws Futagon's high attacks off; and he must adjust quickly if he wants to win. The first game goes to Steady, but Futagon begins to adjust in game two at 'Road Rage.'

After Futagon wins two rounds straight with Rig, Steady's combos start coming out, and the environmental awareness becomes more prominent in this fight as Steady quickly takes another win. Steady begins to take complete control at 'Lost Paradise' but Futagon comes back with a dominant pressure game. Futagon pokes and keeps Helena away to suck the character into massive damaging combos.

Steady comes back to put this set into last round and in it we see back & forth throw punishes - Steady completing his with a high counter throw and combo. Steady finishes this set off with yet another throw punish in this slower & last game in the set. Winner: Crazy Steady

:nico: :tina: Siologica vs Hoodless :rig:

These two players have a lot of similar defensive strategies and both are masters of the footsie game so Hoodless differentiates with his poke & stun range. After some careful scouting Hoodless begins to stun the shit out of Siologica and remains patient the entire 'Lost Paradise' fight. Siologica is nervous about this match-up so he switches to Tina hoping to throw Hoodless off.

Siologica represents Tina beautifully with a high counter Crucifix Power-Bomb at the wall to easily win a round on Rig. He continues to damage Rig with Tina using her ground grabs and powerful forward throw punish. This switch proved to be a wise one as Tina destroyed Rig 3-0 in the second match 'Colosseum.'

Rig catches up to Tina at 'Road Rage' and Hoodless begins to make his download on Siologica. Sio surprises Hoodless with a plethora of different throws, but it's not enough to compete with Rig's speed this time around and Hoodless captures his second win in this FT3. Hoodless out-pressures Siologica in the final game at 'Muscle' to cement his victory to grand finals. Winner: Hoodless

:nico: Siologica vs Crazy Steady :helena:

XcaliburBladeZ at this point has BEEN ELIMINATED by Crazy Steady in an unbelievable off-screen match. Crazy Steady has great momentum going into his fight against Siologica, but he did lose to him earlier on at 'The Main Event.' Steady's pace from his set with BladeZ definitely proves to be apparent by the end of the first match which Steady decisively wins at 'Zero Lab.'

Going to 'A.P.O.' Siologica continues to get jabbed and poked to pieces by Crazy Steady's Helena. Where did this man come from you may ask? He's the West Coast King and he's always been here and always been one of the best players in the offline scene. Siologica has one more shot at this point to stay in the main event, and thankfully his chance is on one of his best stages, 'Chinese Festival.'

Steady goes for less crushes and begins to read Sio as soon as he starts building pressure. Siologica struggles to get passed Steady's crazy Helena combos, and Crazy Steady knocks Siologica out of the tournament. Winner: Crazy Steady

Grand Final

:rig: Hoodless vs Crazy Steady :helena: :nico:

Crazy Steady has played phenomenally well, but now he's going up against a pumped up Hoodless who has trained day & night to be here at the 'Main Event' and both players should be proud of the achievements they have accomplished over the course of this championship.

Steady starts off well against Hoodless in the first match using beautiful bound combos with Helena and great delay before utilizing his setups to get to the extended damage & mind-bending close hits to finish. At the 'Colosseum' Steady successfully defeats Hoodless, but it isn't long before he makes serious adjustments with Rig.

Rig takes down Helena decisively two games straight before Crazy Steady decides to switch to NiCO. Steady finds some success with NiCO the same way he does with Helena; pummeling Hoodless with close hits and bound combos. Hoodless takes over the matchup with his expertly applied setups with high damaging combos preventing Crazy Steady from the reset at his premier stage. Winner of Dead or Alive 6 World Championship 'Main Event': Hoodless
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I missed a few moments came back and instead of seeing Last Chance matches I'm seeing opening matches that seem like they should be reserved for Main Event. I think I missed something.
So, what happened to Keisuke? Since he won his fight with Hayabusa, shouldn't he be part of the top 8, or was he eliminated? Sorry, I'm a little confused.
CONGRATS TO HOODLESS. His adjustments in the GF's were very good and he looked flawless after the 2nd game. Great show for him.