DOA6 WC Killy Wins The Fall Classic 2019

The Dead or Alive 6 World Championship concluded at 8pm EST with exciting Top 8 matches at The Fall Classic live from North Carolina. Despite being qualified already for the main event, Killy competed with Tina for his share of the 5,000 dollar prize pot. Hopefully the competitors are ready next time for one of the strongest players in the competitive scene and spend more time studying the most brutalizing character in Dead or Alive 6 as the chase for qualifying points will soon come to an end.

Some annoying technical issues with the stream didn't deter from the quality of fights that took place during The Fall Classic's pool play, and most of these matches are being made available for the first time in their highest quality thanks to Team NINJA's replay upload at their official YouTube channel. There are some audio issues with the replay, but the actual fights don't have any problems. Because of this replay we can preserve these matches into our tournament history and highlight the gameplay competitors showcased at TFC 2019.

Top 8 Highlights

:nico: BBoyDragon vs Black Moon Rising :leifang:
Black Moon Rising has demonstrated tournament after tournament that he has the best Leifang in the offline scene, and BBoy Dragon is up for the fight with his battle-tested NiCO. BBoy misses some of his close hits, but he makes up for his mistakes with efficient launchers and combos. Even if he didn't win the FT3 set he proves that he is on to something with his new DOA6 character.

Moon's reads were very strong for these fights and he has studied NiCO well, but with that said, BBoy Dragon is great at delaying the release of his moves and that's what ends up saving him from being read the entire match. The low-advanced holds from Moon were a sight to behold, and his precision coupled with his incredible defense is the general strategy that Moon takes into his matches; and he remains consistent even after attending more than five majors this year. Winner: Black Moon Rising

:bayman: Rikuto vs Last Boss :jannlee:

While Rikuto hasn't found his identity in Dead or Alive 6 he is still one of the environment DOA gods, and he proves that against Last Boss. Rikuto is very strong, but Last Boss is no slouch and he fights Rikuto with everything he has from 2 in 1s to wall-carries at 'Muscle.' Last Boss tries to hit Dragon Gunner on Rikuto, but he doesn't fall for the once effective OH. Bayman plays Jann Lee to the ground and breaks his neck over and over again like 'The Fiend' from WWE. Winner: Rikuto

:leifang: Black Moon Rising vs Cyber :nyotengu::tina:

Both fighters put on extremely impressive performances with their unique & underused characters in the tournament scene. It's refreshing to see Nyo-Tengu utilized well at a major, and Black Moon is one of a few Leifang players with the current build of Dead or Alive 6. Cyber utilizes all of the exciting moves of Nyo-Tengu, takes advantage of the delicious ground throw damage and all around has an impressive ground game.

Black Moon has a response to all the aggression with outstanding advanced holds & parries. He quickly looks to extinguish the momentum Cyber has built over the set, and he does, but it doesn't come without being on the receiving end of Nyo-Tengu's coolest set-ups and a damaging switch to Tina. Winner: Black Moon Rising

:bayman: Rikuto vs Matt Ponton :bass:

Matt Ponton and Rikuto are both a part of the Free Step Dodge crew and have been fighting each other for years so they know how to put on a match together, both using heavy characters throughout the entirety of their heart-racing FT3. Ponton does a great job of timing those deep stuns, and when he sees an opportunity he knows when to take it with an HC Bass Bomb. Rikuto fires back with pressure of his own and follows it up with a powerful ground game.

Even after Rikuto found his perfect form he struggled with Ponton, basically trolling Rikuto, with a suggestive taunt from his back turned. This set was down to the wire, but Rikuto was successful with his combinations of high damaging throws, counters and tank roll options. This set is proof that matches with your friends can almost always result in a spectacle at majors that other competitors don't want to miss. Winner: Rikuto

:tina: Killy vs Dregamesta :jannlee:

Dregamesta has really impressive tech and combos for Jann Lee, but it's hard to get any of that going when you have a wild Tina in your face fishing for your holds at the big possibility of a half-life throw. Killy started confusing his foe with 3P, 6P & 9P string-options and followed up with a launcher to the bound position or for a reset or a damaging catch grab depending on how much meter was stored. Dreg saved himself with several set-ups and a few jaw cracking Dragon Kicks, but he was in the end completely overwhelmed by Killy & Tina. Winner: Killy

:bayman: :momiji: Rikuto vs Black Moon Rising :leifang:

For a few months, Black Moon has been taking Rikuto out of tournaments, but this time it appears to be far less one-sided. Rikuto comes at Moon with the same pressure he showed Matt Ponton earlier in Top 8 and he continues to execute perfect blocks and holds to maximize his defensive strategies. Leifang can certainly get her damage, but against heavy Bayman she is forced to modify her combos and doesn't get a ton of it from them ending with the 46P shoulder.

Rikuto had everyone believing that the FT3 was finished with a complete wipe, but Black Moon makes the adjustments once more and starts winning rounds and eventually matches.... after Black Moon catches up Rikuto makes a shock switch to the Dragon Shrine guardian, Momiji! Rikuto did a fine job using the latest DOA6 character, but the "new" matchup wasn't enough to throw Black Moon off his game. Winner: Black Moon

:leifang: Black Moon Rising vs Dregamesta :ayane:

Moon struggles with Dreg's Ayane, but he keeps his cool and spaces Ayane's mid-range capabilities and follows up his observations with deep stun setups while also watching out for highs and throws with impeccable fuzzy guarding. Dreg has some really cool wall-tech with Ayane including: wall splats with bound followups and at other times crazy throw damage near the wall.

Black Moon was very cautious throughout this set, and these two had really close matches, but Dreg makes all the necessary adjustments with Ayane to overcome Black Moon in a huge victory for the Ayane professional. Players like Shimazu, Force of Nature & now Dregamesta are confirming to the community that Ayane is definitely a high tier character in DOA6 that can stop any character in their tracks. Winner: Dregamesta

Grand Final

:tina: Killy vs Dregamesta :ayane: :diego:
Dreg and Killy start things off at 'Muscle' and Dreg gets Tina to those electric ring ropes as fast as he can since most Ayane players know her wall-damage potential is almost as insane as her throw-damage, but Killy sees everything, and after he takes a few hard hits he gets up and starts making adjustments. Eventually Dreg taps out with Ayane at the character select screen and makes a questionable switch to Diego which doesn't change the dominant streak of Killy; not allowing a reset throughout this set.

This was a quick & convincing grand final for Killy, and Dregamesta dominated the majority of his opponents prior to this set. Does this prove that Killy is right up there with BladeZ as one of the best? Winner of TFC 2019: Killy

Just how unstoppable is Killy? The only player that has been able to beat him in offline competitive is BladeZ so let that be the answer. If you want a chance at beating Killy or BladeZ it is your prerogative as a competitor to hit the lab and get better at DOA, but for most people, it's not about winning but having a great time making friends with the game you love. Look forward to more Dead or Alive news in the near future and stay up to date with the offline scene here at Free Step Dodge!
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