Koei Tecmo & Team NINJA at TGS 2022 Live-Stream

Team NINJA has made some pretty big announcements concerning their latest games at this year's Tokyo Game Show. As expected, Dead or Alive 7 was not one of the games shown in the four plus hours of stream time. With that being said, the new Team NINJA games lead by Fumihiko Yasuda look very good and could serve as masterful time-burners for the community while we wait for another fighter. If another fighter even happens.

The first of the two new Team NINJA IPs shown is Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty (announced initially at E3) and the game might be just another Nioh for some, but it's coming to Game Pass and XBOX, a platform that has yet to get a title like Nioh from Team NINJA. They released a surprise demo for the game on Playstation 5 & XBOX Series S|X and this will be available for around a week, which makes this a great time to give your feedback on Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty to Team NINJA.

Yasuda has not made a lot of appearances on camera, but he comes off as a strong and prominent leader at Team NINJA. He was not happy with the demonstrator's defeats to various bosses of the game. Stating, "this is a PR event!" to the fallen and defeated soldier. To the credit of the demonstrator, Wo Long is brutally hard, and you will find out for yourself if you give the free demo a try.

At Sony's Playstation 'State of Play' Team NINJA formally announced Rise of the Ronin which is set to be an action-combat, open-world RPG taking players to the 19th century Edo Japan. Sadly, it's exclusive to Playstation 5, because barricading games from others is okay if you are Sony and it's not the other way around. The first impressions of the game appear to be strong, and people are clearly interested to see more, even if it's not coming out until 2024.

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There for both games! Do wish there was DOA something but I can wait lol

Latest news seems like pretty good news to me. :)