Koei Tecmo Will Continue to Utilize Day 1 Game Pass for AAA Titles

Segment Next recently released a very informative and promising article featuring head of Team NINJA president Fumihiko Yasuda that entails financial objectives of the company moving forward after the release of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty next year. Before I even get started with this one, I would just like to state my opinion: Fumihiko Yasuda is the strongest and most interesting president Team NINJA has had since Tomonobu Itagaki. I love almost everything that comes out of this guy's mouth, and he's shown he cares about his player base maybe even more than Itagaki himself.

Koei Tecmo has also made massive improvements to how they conduct themselves, to how they treat their players and are working harder at giving them what they want. They are worth more money than they ever have been, they've given their workers raises, they donated big dollar amounts to the effort in Ukraine, helped out considerably with COVID-19 in Japan, and now it appears they want to give their players the best deal they can with services like Day 1 Game Pass. This is how you come out of a debacle, and blunder that was Dead or Alive 6 marketing. Now I'm sure players are interested to see where this could go with Dead or Alive's future.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty coming to Game Pass Day 1 is enormous. This is the first time a Souls or Souls-like game has went on the market to NEW subscribers of a service for $1. That's right. If you are a first time Game Pass subscriber, you can play Wo Long for ONE DOLLAR on Day 1. If you regularly subscribe to Game Pass like me, you're still getting the game Day 1 for 15 dollars. Team NINJA experimented successfully with the NINJA Gaiden collection on Game Pass and now this is their second stab at the service.

I think that moving forward there will be a lot of AAA games coming to Xbox Game Pass on Day One, and considering the exciting online multiplayer for this game, we thought that it would be an opportunity for even more gamers to play this game and so we made this decision. - Fumihiko Yasuda at Segment Next

One thing I've loved about Game Pass is that not every game is new. Some of these games have aged, but the interest in Game Pass has helped some of these old games come back to life, inspiring a new generation of online multiplayer for those games. Game Pass would probably help the popularity of Dead or Alive 6 grow on the XBOX platform and would probably also help the series future! The developers are ensured payment, gamers are ensured quality and XBOX is ensured subscribers, so everyone wins in this situation.

Now I will be buying the physical edition of Wo Long, along with the Season Pass that comes with three separate DLCS. If you pre-order the game, you are going to get complimentary armor pieces of some kind no matter how you do it. This is a great game, so I know I'm making the right investment and don't exactly need to Game Pass the title, but for the people that do - what an amazing deal.

New Gameplay Footage from Gamespot

I could probably talk about how amazing Wo Long is for hours (I invested over 60 hours into the TGS Demo) - but to easily summarize it: this is the pedigree of Team NINJA you have come to expect. The gameplay feels unique, the magic is satisfying to perform and is deeper than Nioh's system without doubt and the parrying is just... did I use the word satisfying already?

Team NINJA did a survey and 80,000 players contributed to it. The only thing Wo Long needs is that pre-release coat of paint with player opinion applied, and we have another banger on our hands. Wo Long releases March 23rd, 2023, on Steam, Playstation 5 XBOX & Day 1 Game Pass. We are bound to see more Game Pass titles in the future and I don't think it would hurt if Team NINJA released Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin & Dead or Alive 6 to bolster their Game Pass presence further.

We will put up pre-order links after Deluxe Editions are made available for pre-order on Game Stop. Thanks to Master's Official Twitter for stunning Wo Long banner image.
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