Lu Bu is the Toughest Team NINJA Fight Since Dagra Dai or Alpha-152

Lu Bu is one of those bosses that is extremely satisfying to fight but can also completely destroy you in one or two moves if you make a mistake with your deflects. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is not just about perfecting those deflects, but it's also about Wizardry and magic, which can you help you considerably in this fight. Some critics have stated that Wizardry does not serve a purpose in Wo Long, but that is far from the truth, and listening to that advice will likely not help you progress through the game.

The best tip that can be given to anybody struggling with Lu Bu is use the Frost Lance Water Phase Spell. This spell can be casted quickly and it will diffuse Lu Bu's fire when he uses the Flame Weapon Fire Phase Spell. Things can escalate really quickly if you allow Lu Bu to use his Fire Spells because the damage increase and spread is ridiculous.

You fight Lu Bu in Part 4 Episode 1, and I did not know I would be fighting him as the boss after playing arguably the hardest level in the game in terms of slaying all of the monsters and capturing all of the flags. I had all of my quicker weapons in the storehouse because weapon animation speed didn't seem to matter, until this fight with Lu Bu.

He's pretty quick, but when he's on his horse and messes up and after you deflect a critical strike with him on his horse; you have windows of opportunity to get some damage. The fastest way of getting quick attack damage is by using dual swords or dual sabers.

As far as assistance goes with reinforcements; don't bother. Not only will the reinforcements be too slow for Lu Bu's horse, but they scale the enemies HP and they don't do much to Lu even when he's not on his horse. They die quickly, they get in the way and sometimes they steal one of your critical strike parry opportunities.

After three losses I sort of started feeling like Eliot vs. Alpha-152 in Dead or Alive 4. I wasn't sure I could get the job done or if I was strong enough yet to face off with Lu Bu. Lu Bu's movement can be annoying as well similar to Dagra Dai in NINJA Gaiden II. Plan all of your attacks carefully.

Lu Bu was personally a very difficult boss for me, and I found if I missed one parry attack it was game over and it messed with my head a lot. This was not apparent to me in Elden Ring. I found some bosses such as the Fire Giant to be aggravating, but I am not afraid to admit that I believe Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a harder game than Elden Ring.

I've heard several people say it took them four or five tries to beat Lu Bu, and I'm sure some people will step into this battlefield with the perfect load out to fight him; but with that being said - I know more people that want Lu Bu's head on a plate and never want to see him again.

Do you have any strategies when fighting Lu Bu?
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