Master Live at XBOX & Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Pre-Order Bonuses Explained

DOA Super NINJA and Community Manager, Master streamed live from Seattle on the official XBOX channel for the promotion of Team NINJA's Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. He will also be answering questions so it might be a good time to express those; whatever they may be. If you're interested in playing Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, please continue to read this article for the examination of pre-order DLC images and builds that will correspond with these exclusive armor pieces.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is coming out March 3rd of 2023 and Team NINJA has announced their pre-order packages for this masterpiece in the making. There have been many video game news giants that have posted the names of the DLC and the packages for sale, but very few that have seen or shown the images of the armor and given a detailed explanation on what they could possibly do. You may have missed the demo; you might be wondering which armor piece will be best for you starting your adventure.

Personally, I intend to get every piece of armor for my collection, but each one does have a distinct purpose. These images are samples, and not final, but they do look really nice, and they have the quality and details you have come to expect from Team NINJA when it comes to armor, and costume design no company is better at doing this.

Everyone that at least pre-orders the standard edition will recieve the Baihu armor. The Baihu armor will be for players leveling up their Metal element. Your Tiger beast will fight alongside of you as you adorn the likeness of this majestic creature. Players that want to play a mage with poison and damage amplification are going to love this armor set.

And while we are on the topic of magic - the Wizardry presented in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is probably twice as engaging and absolutely obliterates the magic system of the Nioh franchise. The purpose of magic is far more striking and there is a plethora of different combinations you can make with the Wizardry depending on your current morale rank. The better you play the bigger your pool of spells will be. If you play poorly, you will be limited on your pool of spells until your head is back in the game.

I think one of the reasons Team NINJA has made sure to make Baihu armor more accessible to customers from launch is that they also believe heavily in their magic system for the game and want people to try out this class type to see if they agree.


Recommended Specs for Baihu Armor - Baihu Beast, Metals Element, Magic Leveling, Poison Wizardry, Damage Amplification Purpose

If you're going to purchase the standard version of Wo Long - it's recommended that you buy the digital copy because you're going to get two armor sets: the mentioned Baihu armor and the Zhuque. The Zhuque armor set is going to be a popular set because the Phoenix will fight alongside of you, boosting the purpose of fire spells, martial arts, normal attacks and physical defenses.


Recommended Specs for Zhuque Armor - Zhuque Beast, Fire Element, All Around Leveling, Martial Arts, Defense, Fire Spells

The most optimal purchase to get the most armor sets will be the Wo Long Digital Deluxe package which will include all armor mentioned, plus the season pass (which doesn't come included in any of the physical editions) and the Qinglong Armor. The Qinglong armor is for people that want to play coop to boost their teammates with buffs, revives and more. This is a fun class to play, and your teammates will be thanking you for buffing their damage, resistances and health.


Recommended Specs for Qinglong Armor - Qinglong Beast, Wood Element, Spirit Leveling, Team Boosting Wizardy, Deflection & Counter Attacks

The enigmas of these armor pieces are the helmets that don't blatantly give things away and they are only available in the physical steel-book limited edition. That's the only way to get these if they don't go for sale later as DLC. These are: the Crown of Zhurong and the Crown of Gonggong, and if you beat the demo when it was available earlier this year you will get the Crouching Dragon Helmet automatically.

Crouching Dragon Helmet will probably be related to a Qinglong build as the beast is a dragon while Zhurong and Gonggong will probably be related to the last two types to not get full armor sets (Qilin for tank builds and Gonggong for stealth builds).

We hope this article helps you decide which version is best for you! Thank you for your continued readership and may you have a Merry Christmas and Team NINJA products under the tree! Once again Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty releases March 3rd 2022 on Playstation 5, XBOX ONE platforms, XBOX DAY 1 ONE GAME PASS and Steam.

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Hey there! Thanks for breaking down the pre-order bonuses for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. I'm definitely considering grabbing the Digital Deluxe package to get all the armor sets. The magic system sounds twice as engaging as Nioh. And those helmets! I'll definitely have to look into getting the steel-book limited edition. If you're interested in leveling up your gaming, be sure to check out SkyCoach. They have a lot of great resources to help you improve your gameplay. Keep this thread updated.
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