Moves that I can't input as of yet


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First topic posted here. Finally made it here (longtime GameFAQs user) I've posted a few times in matchmaking.

Maybe these are basic for many of you, but-
I'm patient w/some of these inputs and can finally land them once in command training: Bass- Dive Bomber, Lisa- Deja Vu, etc. But Sarah's Triple Edge Kick Combo- no matter the timing on the kicks, I've never been able to do it. Last move for her to get.

In combo challenge I don't get what "while hitting" means. I looked through Tutorial (completed everything), and try hitting K & whatever else, but it doesn't help. As a result, I can't clear any of them, such as Elliot's #2 ;)

Thanks for any replies.


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While hitting means you have to hit the button right as the previous move hits. The timing is really strict and you can't mash, but there is a rhythm to it. So instead of doing :K::K::K: it's more like :K::5::K::5::K:.
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my big thing, is i find it a fully on nightmare to reliably do Mila's machine gun punch in a fight when I want to, due to the way overly complicated setup for it. Feint to tackle to cancel tackle to....P+K, I think? I know there's a punch string for it as well, but I like to catch people with it, not string into it.

that and I have a hard time getting the double tap for power launchers to always come out.


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What I usually do is put the hardest move as first priority on command training and try to get it right (Nailed Lisa's Deja Vu on the first try).There's like a rhythm to follow when executing Sarah's FLA P2KKK (like a pause in between every K just like what mpgeist said).

Combo challenges in general are very impractical to use but some of them are doable. It took me a while to complete Helena's PL combo and tag combo with Gen-Fu.
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mila's thousand fist punch
I love that move so much I practice every variation it can be performed from....... the easiest is 4 PP then H..... thats the easy part.... its the timing of the P+K input that gets tricky.
If you can nail all the other ways it can be done then you will be a force to be reckoned with.....
My favoutite is Side Step Throw then cancel into Machine Gun Punch..... its pretty awesome on Counter Hit... which is hard because it literally has no range..... it barely gets past her nose.


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I could do that...... but I reserve that button exclusively for tag.... I'm easily confuded enough as it is, its why I don't Free Cancel.
2/8H+P+K doesn't affect the button's ability to tag, just tap it like always without up or down to tag in/out and press it with 2/8 to sidestep.


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2/8H+P+K doesn't affect the button's ability to tag, just tap it like always without up or down to tag in/out and press it with 2/8 to sidestep.
I know.... I just don't perform my inputs properly all the time.... it also just happens that very button is a dedicated stance button in Virtua Fighter 5..... which I don't actually play so I don't even know why I'm bringing it up.....

Anyway sometimes I do go for 88 because physical execution is univrrsally beneficial across all games.... 88 is more common than 8 P+K
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