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I'm going to be building up this note pad to compile, and make new, notes to assist the all the Mulatto butts out there. While this thread is building up don't expect much indication, but when things get big each new edition from the previous version will be in italics.

Assume slow/stagger escape is set to fast and hit is on normal unless otherwise stated.

Quick points. Maybe the "Pros and Cons" depending on how you look at things
Read further into the post for more details.

Limited Stun game
Balanced by her ability to stun reset (4p) and massive damage of throws. Issue arises when the opponent releases just how limited her stun game is. May be overcome by working the quick launch and timing OHing.
Excels at mid and long distance
Lots of non linear attacks mid-long distance attacks. 4k+f is a good get off me move. CAR provides good pressure and constant mixups.
Excels in range transitions
This can make her feel faster than what she is. CAR all day, long ranged attacks with options of staying far (eg 3k) or to come in close (6pp), grabs with extended range so that they land from mid range.
Has a lot of options in how one can play her
Including but not limited to... Working her frame advantage, her 12 frame throws, range mixup game, cross over game, pressure game with jabs and OHs.
Not so good close in
Highlighted by her limited stun game and I'm not saying she sucks close in.

Terminology (Distance and stances)
Close = In your face range, everything hits
Mid = Just outside jab and throw range. Good thing for Lisa her throws still land and most her attacks
Far/long = most attacks will whiff. Between Lisa's 1p and 66k
Running = all attacks will whiff but there is at least enough room for running to be initiated (3 steps of a character).
Close-Mid, Mid-Far, Far-Running = This means between EG, Mid to Far is about exact full range of Brad’s mid attack options

BT = Back Turn (44p)
CAR = Carrera, which is a transition from a move to while running. All attacks out of CAR are while running attacks. Example, 7k6.p+h indicates a carrera from 7k the period indicates a pause or break in the input which means the p+h would be a regular 5 frame throw as opposed to the while running p+h offensive hold

Movement from BT.
Front dash – 66
Dash escape - 44
Freestep escape – hold 8/2
Back dash 1414141… etc
Crushes highs as well

Check out travel under/overs for more

CAR cancelled moves have less frame recovery, and put you into while running. Consider CAR as a transition tool between ranges. It does 3 things. (1) It straight away changes the tempo of the game because it.... (2) puts you in CAR shenanigans. Due to the (3) change of your range to long you can use it to space into what ever range you want. Put yourself in long range and bait whiffs by canceling the CAR (eg 7k611f), otherwise you can wait a split second for medium range (eg 7k65 7k), a little longer for close range (eg 7k6.5 pkk4 4p. The "." after the input means hold it), or just to CAR shenanigans.

Travel overs and unders
Travel overs are moves and attacks where the character jumps a large distance. Travel overs are such as such as Zack's 66p+k, Momiji's jumping things, and phase 4's air teleport. While travel unders are such as Brad Wong's 66k and Christie's second hit of her juggling 6k4k and various characters slide tackle kicks

Travel over swaps you sides if you can manage to go over an opponent because either they were close and in either status crouching or laying. Travel unders force travel over attacks to whiff while switching you sides.

Some travel overs can only be used if the opponent has been knocked on the ground and is laying there.

Assume you end up switched over and facing unless otherwise stated

Travel Overs
BT 8p+h
9p/k p+h
BT p+k(f)
7kp+k - You can choose between BT or no while about to get up
While running p+h - you end up on the ground.
8p+h - BT
On the wall/ropes k

Travel Unders
BT 6p+h
While running k+f

Travel Overs on the grounded only

Other movement.
Front dash faint - 661
Carrera cancel/faint - CAR 11
POW kick Carrera faint mixup - 1k+f6/1k+f
Play around with the timing and mix it in with her PB/PB cancel
Rope swing to walk - Back to ropes 4p+k
Rope swing - Back to ropes 4p+kk
Rope walk - Back to ropes 7p+k or 4p+k, depending on angle.
Wall mount - Back to wall 7p+k

Notes on inputs and timing.
CBing using pp4 7p
To avoid miss-inputting, press pp and buffering the notion 632147 while the punches are landing. Keeping the 7 hold down, press p after she back turns. The complete notation is pp632147.p

The juggle ending with 7k6 p+h
This will land in about the 1.88-1.68m distance. You can throw from closer in when there is a slope present and slopes are sometimes needed to land particular juggles on certain weight classes. Throwing too early while CAR is activate while you're yet to be "while running" will register as while running p+h.

3k4, pkk4, 6pk, etc
Input the 4 at the same time as the k to avoid miss-inputting your next option.

Example, you'll know they'll block to use a jab string punish and work their stun game, but they also only have about 40% health left, so for you working a CB to which landing a CH i12 frame throw would also be finish the match. So you pkk4 2p with no delay, they counter, you throw and you win the round. to avoid miss-inputting a 4p or delaying the 2p, use the input pk4k 2p.

7p is really really weird. it has a built in fuzzy so it avoids all highs from i0-i13 then it crushes then at some point anything can hit you for a few frames for and it counts as a normal hit. Then it crushes lows and the weird hitbox makes other attacks miss as well but if you do get hit you get knocked down.

Close ranged Lisa.
Here you have a few options. She has all her good fast shit close in with p, 6p, 6k, 2p. You can work to GTFO into mid or long. you can jab (interrupt) and throw, or jab and GTFO.

6p and 6k are i14. 6ppp provides +2 on block but be careful if they are in stun and are next to a wall or breakable as the last attack may whiff due to a miss-track.

6p4k and SS k on hit is a good get off move mix up, putting you at long range and them in BT. Apply instant pressure with 6p or an OH.

Her k string provides instant CB/throw pressure.

pkk4 and the sort is safe on block and provides BT

pk on hit (and on block if they don't attack asap) sets you up for her i12 throws. If pk lands just follow it up with 6p and next time just finish pkk4 4p/7k for a quick launch or pkk4 4k+h to work CB.

4k+f is a good get off me move. i12 and crushes highs. Knocks them down on hit and thus breaks

ppk is a good get off me move which guarantees long range and/or instant CAR pressure.

While she's okay close in it's safest to not stay in the range. I'm not saying stay out of it, I'm saying mix it up. The reason for this is that she lacks options for her stun game and crushes beyond 2p and BT 2p.

6p4k is a good get off move mix up.

Jab throw is always an option.

pp4 BT 2p is a good quick get off me move that may also interrupt at 2 points since you're using her jab and her BT 2p is pretty quick and a high crusher, also leads into CB on counter hit if they don't slow escape which is often the case because it's fast and it changes the rhythm.

Transitioning to close range
Try to only enter close range if you have the frame
advantage. So work her frame advantage. BT p+k and the sort guarantees CH 6p, allowing for easy CB

6p is long enough range to use those tools (see above)

6k+f is +2 on block and has good range. untech(roll)able on hit.

You can also create pseudo frame advantage by applying pressure with her CAR/PB mix up game.

Her splash and jumping OHs are best used here.

Splash - BT p+k and the sort
Don't splash at close range unless your canceling into it's throw and don't use ppp+k because the range for it will pretty much make you whiff

Watchout for splash strings if the opponent is likely to low counter because you will whiff and cross over.

8p+h and BT 8p+h are best used at the same points as splash could be used.

Follow splash up with one of the following moves they will land unless they tech roll. 1k - requires a some timing and for you to be close. If they tech you have the options of (1k)2k or (1k)5k, throw or do nothing. Personally I like to OH. 6k+h +2 on block if they tech it. Either route you take you have a massive frame advantage to give you the option of doing whatever you want afterwards, I like to OH, quick launch or work stun.

7kp is a good bait as they are wake up kicking if you can get the range.

8p+h will often leave you BT if it whiffs. Since you likely crossed over an attack they are doing you have a slight advantage.
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