News New Details Emerge for Team NINJA's Beautiful Nioh 2

Team NINJA has finally permitted video game industry journalists to show more of their gameplay footage from upcoming mega prequel Nioh 2 showcasing a new location & stunning new boss fights while revealing more details themselves in the process through interviews. This epic adventure is being hailed as one of the best games they have produced since Ninja Gaiden: Black a separate Team NINJA series that also might see the light of day again soon. With gorgeous Nioh 2 coming March 13th, future adjustments to DOA6 & the success of Venus Vacation - 2020 could be the greatest year Team NINJA has ever had.

There are plenty of great interviews to read for Nioh 2 this week, and many of them feature Team NINJA's lead man, Yosuke Hayashi. He stated in the most recent Eurogamer interview that Nioh 2 doesn't make absurd changes to its formula, and instead perfects it and improves it. This interview expressed how important the ownership of your created character is, and how it complements mastering abilities in the increasingly difficult, but fair game.

"It's hard to say if it's easier or harder... we wanted to provide players with a higher level of satisfaction - that was our priority." - Yosuke Hayashi
A universal statement from journalists has been that the creature variety is insane compared to the first game, and that the player will constantly be engaged with new Yokai to kill & collect, detailed boss fights and of course memorable sub-bosses. When you have this kind of creature creativity coupled with beautiful environments you will be happy to know that this experience is at least 55 hours of gameplay for the average player and 80 plus for veterans looking to get everything the game has to offer.

Throughout this hands on video by Playstation Access you not only get to see the expected, but beautiful hideout location, but you also get a sampling of new human sub-boss, Maeda Toshiie & Yokai boss, Shibata Katsuie. Toshiie uses his ranged lance and guardian spirit to attempt taking your character out, and even this mere sub-boss has his own music and glorious move-set. The Yokai boss, Katsui uses his move pool to fill the space of the hideout and sometimes utilizes the corners so you can't simply go behind him unloading free attacks in the middle of his animations.

So far the boss selection has also been varied. You don't get the same boss concepts each level, what you get overall is a lengthy game; individualism each and every time you have a new encounter. Everyone will have their own way of defeating each of these sweet looking bosses, and it will be cool to see what you guys come up with. You are strongly encouraged to post your strategies in our sub-forum, and pre-order the game before its release date of March 13th.

This is an exciting and wondrous time to be a fan of Team NINJA's games. We take pride in being the leading Dead or Alive website, but we also want to support Team NINJA's other brilliant projects at FSD.
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