Official Dead or Alive Xtreme Thread


This is the new thread for DOAX related discussion.

I deemed the old thread to have degenerated into nothing but ugly mods and fap material, and I'm not going through 500+ pages to cherry pick what should and shouldn't be there. Try to remember where you are, and what kind of people visit this site. The focus of FSD is for competitive DOA not for the spin-off DOAX series and it's more adult-focused content. This thread is for discussing the game. Posting pictures and gameplay within sensible reason is fine.

However, this thread is not for creating your own personal red light district. There are plenty of other places on the internet to find adult content. Please abide by those guidelines or I'll just have to wipe everything again.
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That wipe alone just made me realize that about 400+ of my wiped messages came from this thread alone XD

Here's some pics I've gotten from Lotr so I won't be off topic, the Pistachio~



Best bikini in the game ♡.♡


This is from Gamefaqs from the link Yuffie shared, I'm still amazed shoe color was changed too! 0_o (I hope this is OK Rikuto)


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So it appears the VR may be the reason we dropped from 2 swimsuits to 1 recycled costume every word weeks. Perhaps now that that's out, we can get actual swimsuits again instead of fetishes costumes. I'd be happy with just one swimsuit every two weeks, as long as it's stylish, cute, and/or an actual swimsuit... I even give lingerie a pass over these random fetishes based costumes... haha.


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So in otherwords, instead of interactions with the girl you just have them look at you as they play out their gravure scene?

Thats kinda low-tier.... atleast make photo mode VR or the poledances just the normal gravures would be so trash lol


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It still would have been wise for TN to (somehow) input the boat racing and sliding mini-games for the sake of offering a little more variations. I wonder if TN would allow for character-specific gravure sequence (i.e. Ayane and Nyotengu frolicking and taking pictures). All the above is wishful thinking and is not likely to happen.


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Sad news [all from GameFAQs]:

.) VR-Mode is only for the Japanese version right now
.) VR-Mode will only work in the Event, Gravure and Photo modes
.) You also can't take any photos, only screencaps with the share button
.) Wind/Malfunction Fans cannot be used
.) Tilt-Camera item that you could transfer from the Vita version cannot be used

and the worst:
.) Wave 22 will be the LAST swimsuits released for DoAX3


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Welp theres literally zero reason to play X3 anymore lmao or in my case go back to it.

Atleast that means VR pole dances and photo mode, I'll never buy into the VR gimmick but atleast that is something for those that have.


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Yup. It's OK, though. You can go back to your "murder simulators" now.
TBH I didn't like the mode when I realized it was gonna be akin to a chikan groping on a subway train in Japan, if they would've executed the VR mode in a way where I didn't feel like a rapist making his victim squeal like a little piggy, it could've been fine. I guess it was too controversial for even Japan. xD


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I was just making a point that usually people who complain about lewd games will gladly play games where you kill or torture endless amounts of other people.

Point is, they're all games and should not be taken seriously.

1) That's not a point, that's deflection.

2) How exactly does one f***** up thing justify another f***** up thing?

3) Also, nice generalization. You don't know what kind of games I play and how I play them.