'Power of Jade' Becomes the Rarest Team NINJA Collectible in Existence

Microsoft & Team NINJA are celebrating the launch of the first Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty DLC by summoning craftsman, Andy Chi to create the first ever jade Xbox controller. This unique controller casing is made of real jade and is the first controller to ever be made of the mineral. To commemorate this special event a mini documentary was made to highlight the craftsmanship posted on Xbox's Official YouTube.

I've reached out to Xbox PR team pertaining to availability of this controller and they responded by telling me that the 'Power of Jade' along with its treasure box is not for sale and that there is currently only one in existence making it the rarest Team NINJA collectible of all time. I responded by asking if they would make a knock-off controller to no response.

Microsoft has remained very loyal and faithful to the relationship of Koei Tecmo & Team NINJA and we see that with their Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty sneak peek on Twitch! This DLC sneak peek could be seen as a general overview of what to expect from Battle of Zhongyuan without spoiling everything with Master from Team NINJA as the guest on XBOX's exclusive show. The first Wo Long DLC is coming out on all platforms today. Enjoy!

Please stay posted for more Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty news and Dead or Alive 5: Last Round tournament news coming soon. We've also got some special technical DOA5 stuff from Destruction Bomb coming! I apologize for the slow news drip this month. Work and family life has been extremely demanding!
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