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Rachel's air throw is quite unique as it allows you to continue with more follow ups instead of just slamming an airborne opponent into the floor. The only downside to it is you can't control the direction of the throw like Leon.
We all know there are some walls that allow the opponent to ricochet off of them. Such walls include the Balls in The Show and the fireworks wall in Fireworks. However, you can rebound your opponent from regular walls in virtually any stage (except for Dojo of course). The requisites behind this mechanic are:

1. Opponent's back is facing a full or half wall.
2. The opponent is in Critical Stun

-Wall Types-
As I've said, all full walls and half walls can be used. Even objects such as the dumpster in Street pulls this off because it is technically a half wall. Obviously, this will not work with Invisible Walls due to a .... lack of wall.

-Critical Stun-
The opponent must be in Critical Stun with Crit Level 1 as the minimum. However, the maximum threshold for the Critical Stun is subject to the wall splatting move.
I've tested her wall splatting moves and so far I found:

A) :3::K:- Max critical level is Level 3
B) :P::K: - Max critical level is Level 2

Alternatively, the :4::P::P::P: string wall splats enough for you to air grab the opponent

When dealing with opponents that are backed into a wall,a Critical Burst, :214::P: then an air throw seems like less of a hassle.
However, the wall rebound allows for more follow ups instead of just ending it at a CB. In addition, you get some wall splatting damage before the air throw. This goes nicely with electric fences and the laser walls in Lab or Depth. :214::P: doesn't wall splat so you won't be getting any extra wall damage. This mechanic is also not influenced by character weight!

Alternatively, while applying pressure at the wall, you can mix it up by throw punishing a baited opponent. Just be careful not to get held in your attempts

Feel free to discuss or add anything! :rachel:
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