Rise of the Ronin Releases March 22nd, 2024

Team NINJA's latest Action-Adventure RPG, Rise of the Ronin is set to release early next year, which is many months earlier than expected due to the lack of general information provided for the game over 2023. This new trailer provides us with a lot of information, gives us a sense of what the level scale will look like and shows off Team NINJA's masterful execution of in game animation. The storytelling and narration from the main character was perhaps the most intriguing factor, and the main character is not only strong; but perceptive as well.

"It is said that time marches to the beat of a drum. A fleeting moment can feel like a lifetime for those caught in its deadly rhythm, and a lifetime can pass in the blink of an eye for anyone embracing its bitter end. The only thing we know for sure is that time marches forward.

Without hesitation. Without remorse. If the drum drives the rhythm than the river directs the flow. How many mountains must you move to alter the river below?"

Even if the game is titled Rise of the Ronin, it does not mean a decisive win as the Ronin believe that their victory can be won with defeat. "As the smoke rises; so, shall we!" This quote from the trailer makes sense as there are scenes of wreckage and siege on their lands. The explosive combat and move animation are showcased perfectly in the siege. Details are impressive with gallons of blood plastering the snowy battlefield, and if you block an arrow on fire your weapon will catch a blaze in the process. Expect a parry system that is similar to Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

This game will have scale similar to Ghosts of Tsushima and you will be able to traverse by horse and hand-gliders. The hand-glider will also allow you combat opportunities from above similar to something you would see in Assassin's Creed. This PS5 timed exclusive is also the biggest Team NINJA game ever made.

Ronin DD Content.jpeg

The digital deluxe is one of the first games in years that Team NINJA is releasing without a mentioned season pass. We will update you if there is a season pass announced, but this could mean that the base game is also the final game with the obvious implementation of a few patches to fix any potential bugs or game breaking elements. With Wo Long's third and final DLC approaching next week; this is the time to start requesting the next Team NINJA title so that the developer can firmly hear your voice. We are the strong majority of people that are buying the Nioh & Wo Long titles so are voices should be considered to say the very least, and I think Dead or Alive & NINJA Gaiden are long overdue.
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Rise of the Ronin story updated with Impressions, Digital Deluxe Content and Pre-Order Bonuses

I should reiterate that due to the current lack of Season Pass and the earlier than expected release date for Rise of Ronin players that want Dead or Alive or even NINJA Gaiden should start showing Koei Tecmo and Team NINJA how badly you need and want them by communicating with their social media accounts and taking part of surveys.
Game looks like dogshit. Is this a PS3 title? What's with the animations?

I hope this is the last TN soulslike game. Aren't people tired of this shit?
this close to sekiro than soul but i agreed the graphic doesn't look next gen, probably made for ps4
Game looks like dogshit. Is this a PS3 title? What's with the animations?

I hope this is the last TN soulslike game. Aren't people tired of this shit?

The answer is no. People still play them. I tend to prefer the TN soulslike over others, but this is a rough build.

Combat looks satisfying and animation doesn’t disappoint. Hopefully they showed a rough build like they did with Wo Long, and I agree. We don’t need another souls after Ronin.