Battle Royal Siologica Wins NEC 18

Can't wait for the event to start? This Team Battle should help!
4pm - 6pm EST Sunday Top 8 via Bifuteki
As if pools were not crazy enough we are doing all of Top 8 with FT3 format. So are you ready for the biggest, grandest show at NEC 18?

Kwiggle def. Teru Rock - Great FT3 with two games going into last round. Both players zoned looking for jabs and reversals, but Kwiggle was able to get the upper hand with Phase 4, sending Teru to losers.

Siologica def. Sonic Fox - This FT3 was insane because Sonic Fox had his greatest strengths play against him. Siologica read almost all of Phase 4's jabs and retorted with his own. If you also include that strong environmental damage and adaptability, Sonic Fox simply ran out of options before he could build enough momentum.

Hoodless def. Rikuto - Watching these two is like watching a UFC fight, or an epic fight in DBZ. When you watch these two fight, you are seeing exchanges that are perfectly executed, reads that only they can time and brutality. Hoodless' Zack is on fire and ends up winning because of a serious momentum shift in the wrestling ring.

XcaliburBladez def. South Killy - Rachel vs Tina is a great matchup because they utilize all of the fun mechanics in the game, and it shows in these fights. We see a lot of throws, air grabs, patience and lots of wall damage. Calibur has South Killy downloaded this time and wins it 3-1.

Sonic Fox def. XcaliburBladez - Most people probably expected Bladez to take the win after the first two matches, but Sonic Fox finally found the right character to go against Eliot -- his Marie Rose. Sonic Fox is the BT/Mixup god of this character and he shuffles past Bladez in what some may call a huge upset.

Hoodless def. Teru Rock - The adaptive skills of Teru Rock could have bested Hoodless easily, but jeez Hoodless has a PERFECT force tech plan, ground game... and the resets. Teru Rock really held his own against Hoodless with that patience but this year just might be the year of Hoodless.

Siologica def. Kwiggle - Siologica is looking like a legend killer at this tournament, and you see a Genfu you haven't seen since the reign of Sweet Revenge in DOA5: Ultimate. The first match is the wall combo match you've been waiting for with exchanges between Phase 4 and Genfu. While Kwiggle put up a great fight; like Sonic Fox -- Siologica adapted to both of the brothers and maximized his damage accordingly.

At this point, I want to proudly say we have surpassed the newer Tekken 7 in tournament views on Bifuteki. DOA is the new king of 3D fighters... and in my opinion, that's the way it's always been.

Hoodless def. Sonic Fox
- This match is where things really start to get dirty; Sonic and Hoodless doing whatever they have to do. Christie vs. Rig. Some dirty low sweeps from Hoodless and incredible combos and punishments are served. Excellent work from Sonic Fox, but it wasn't enough to take out the fire in Hoodless.

Loser Finals - Kwiggle def. Hoodless - I have been asked a few times, What determines a top tier/ high level player. I now have answer for this question: when two fighters go into last round 5/6 matches in a FT3. This set was insane and MUST be viewed as my text can't do stuff like this justice.

Grand Finals - Kwiggle vs Siologica - The first game Kwiggle selects Phase 4 to fight Siologica's Genfu at the jungle. Kwiggle uses his patience for long periods of time to punish unsafe moves to secure the first match in the FT3. In the second fight, Siologica is a lot more aggressive and wins by not allowing Kwiggle any zoning opportunities.

In the third match, they fight for electric ring rope damage in the DWA wrestling ring. Kwiggle's superior reads grant him his second win in his quest to reset the bracket. They fight at Scramble and Kwiggle is able to completely download all of Genfu's aggression and takes the win for the reset. Siologica wins at Ends of the Earth with environmental damage, power-blows and an amazing guaranteed slip stun combo.

The next match is at Crimson and the rounds are coming out slower and the match gets more close and personal than previous matches. Both players maximize their combo damage to earn their rounds into last round finally favoring the aggressive Siologica. At the ninja hide-out, Siologica's download is complete and defeats Kwiggle all three rounds in the match to be crowned NEC 18 Champion.

Battle Royal Winner: Siologica

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