Site Update: Xbox LIVE, PSN, and 3DS Friend Code fields now available

Matt Ponton

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Glen Burnie, MD
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Mai Shiranui
Along with the new layout released today, which will have its own post coming up to discuss all the features now available, I have just updated the user profiles to allow for a field to enter your Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network, and 3DS Friend Code IDs.

Currently, the Xbox LIVE and 3DS Friend Code will appear under your avatar next to any of your posts. The Xbox LIVE Gamertag displayed is also a link to the member's Xbox LIVE profile page where from there you can send them a message or friend request.

The PlayStation Network ID will only appear on a member's profile page as there is currently no PlayStation Network title that is Dead or Alive related. This will change once Dead or Alive 5 is released.

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