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Hi everyone,

Before starting this topic i want explain to you who i am shortly and why i choice to pick rig and write this topic.
Im french, i discover DOA with DOA5U wiith french top players at a tournament in Paris (Stun Academy 2) and i fall in love wit this game, mechanics, stage, characters, animation.
I choice to play only rig for understand the character and every day i find something different and interesting with him on defensive and offensive plan its why i like DOA5LR.
Im not very good in english so i apologize for my level in english...

I will show in this topic all things i discover with rigs i find interesting for set ups, reset, match up, punish, whiff punish, juggle optimisation, and more...Comments and critics are welcome

Lets talk about 7KK
Recently i want go in training to understand more and change my use of this string.
I use this string for :
- whiff punish
- force tech
- sitdown stun
- stun game

1/ 7KK is a Natural combo in NH
i watch in my match i dont optimize the juggle after 7kk on NH, i discover tat 7kk can be a natural combo in a special range (far range) because 7k have 3 actve frame.
if you hit opponent in NH at this range you have -1 or +0 advantage, in close range you have -2.
One things to know, if opponent take the 7k in NH he cant hold the follow up but he can make guard to stop him.

So if you find always the good range in NH you have a natural combo 7KK the juggle after the bounce is BT 4K
so you can do 7KK-BT 4K (75 dmg)
7K frame start is slow (24F) but with some training this string can whiff punish some moves with big recovery.
And just imagine the damage in some stage like the lab...You can also use this whiff punish against a rising kick and if you are next a invisible wall you have the juggle KKK TLC

2/ 7KK is a axe keeping force tech
I personnaly like to use this moves to force tec opponent. Because this force keep the same axe, if you choice go to use 1P to force tehc you make a good choice because the follow up are SAFE but if you fish a wall or a corner you can be disapointed because 1P change the axe and make opponenet roll on a side.
7K keep opponent in the same axe so you can continue the pressing in a corner or fishing a wall combo ;)

3/ 7K is a good sitdown stun
All rig player know this, 7K give you a SDS (sitdownstun) in CH / HCH / STUN GAME with 19 frame advantage the first best sitdown stun of rig is 7P because you can do a 66K garanty at the good range.
You can do after the SDS 7K all moves in 17 frames because its garanted.
the most use moves is 33K because its a very good launcher but close to a wall its interesting to try something to fish a wall combo like 4PP, 3K, 66P if you go to a 4PP the follow up can be hold but 3K and 66P will be garanted.
You can choice to use some reset with good frame advantage like 3P but i recommand to choice the garanty because in DOA5LR garanty are too rare.

4/ 7KK wall combo fishing / juggle optimisation
One thing i observe in my match its this, i fish te counter with te follow up of 7K i delay the follow and find counter hit but i miss damage opportunity.
I never see rig player optimize the juggle after te follow up. You have the time to make a turn and do PP4KKK
Or the max damage K2KK-KK6K BS these juggle works on middle weight.

If you want make some fights with me this is my PS4 ID
first accoumpt (i lose the password but maybe one day i will find him) : Dojo-Furinkazan
second and recent accoumpt : l-Toma-San-l
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