DOA5LR "Take That!!!" Rachel's Throw Traps.


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So this is the first of my "Throw Trap" series...
And I chose Rachel for this because she has what I like to call good "Utility Throws" these are throws that serve a purpose other than damage like launching... position switching and advantage.

So how does it it work.... well the idea is that you can give up the stun game for the throw and being comfortable with not getting it on High Counter. What this guide focuses on is a "No Timing" throw set up.... meaning that you can go for the throw immediately after using the following strikes and the throw goes active on the first frame that your opponent recovers..... its important to note that this isn't a new idea..... I've seen high level players pull this off since 2013 which is when I first started playing. High level players also set up their throws using which ever stun they want because the "No Timing" method is Telegraphed and can be blown up by a player who eventually realises whats happening to them.

And last but not least... for the sake of consistency, I got all these traps put together while the Stagger Escaping was Completely off so as not to use any move that would cause a throw to go active before an opponent can recover from a stunned state.

So....:rachel: "Come and Fight".

Rachels Throws

Tiamat's Strike/Wrath of Vigoor
:6::H+P: i7 : This is the best Punish Throw in the Game (along side Mila and Hayabusa's :6::H+P:) because the damage is somewhat excessive for a basic forward throw. Not to mention the animation and sound effect is so brutal. Tiamat's Strike is what you get in open space but if theres a wall behind the opponent you get the Wrath of Vigoor version of the throw..... you don't get a wall slump but like I said.... the damage is excessively satisfying.

Breaking Wheel
:4::H+P: i10 : Just like every other character in the game Rachel's Back Throw has good damage but Awful Reach.... I use to punish using Back Throws in My Tina days because hers is 2 Frames faster.... ofcourse I didn't know that at the time until I tried Punishing using other characters. I don't like this throw.

Tiamat's Rebuke
:41236::H+P: i12 : For a Throw that has a pretty crappy launch height its pretty fantastic.... Dare I say its even better than Ceiling Throws because Rachel doesn't throw her opponent upwards.... she throws them down so hard that the Shear Force bounces them off the ground and into the air again which is cool in the right stage with Floor Dangerzones..... this Throw also has a very special property.... it has Three active frames..... THREE ACTIVE FRAMES. That type of property is normally found in Offensive Holds. This is excellent for setting up throws traps and dealing with Fuzzy Guarding.

Reverse Flank
:6::6::H+P: i17 : In my oppinion this is the Best Offensive Hold in the game (Along side Dragon Gunner and Bayman's OH's)...... so in terms of throw trapping, having an offensive hold is a serious Mind F$@# for your opponent because if they dare try to beat the Throw with a strike then next time you can use the same set up but Trap them with an Offensive Hold instead..... granting you a sweet Hi Counter revenge bonus. So use this Offensive Hold to reinforce a Point.

Strikes and Strings
(Critical Stun)

(Side Step) Stinger
:6::K: (:6::P::K:, SS:K:) +15 : So the Stinger is the only Strike that Rachel can use mid Stun to set up a no timing throw...... and with such a high advantage you'd think your only option would be to use her Reverse Flank Offensive Hold (:6::6::H+P:).... but no.... you're in luck. Remember what I said about Rachel's :41236::H+P: having Three Active Frames ?...... Well it just so Happens that the Very last Active Frame in Tiamat's Rebuke can catch the opponent in their final Frame of recovery..... just barely landing the throw.... assuming I tested it properly.

What really makes the Stinger so good is that it is part of a Telegraphed string that is holdable on reaction..... the string is really good so if you're opponent is anticipating a trap or a Hold Punish then Rachel can just complete the string..... take your critical level into consideration since completing the string can Bound the opponent higher depending on your critical level......

(Normal Hit)

(Side Step) Fang
*:4::P: (SS:P:) +7

:K: +8 : Who wants to name this move ?

Front Kick
:4::K: +7

Middle Kick
:3::K: (:P::K:) +7


High Spin Kick
:H+K: (:P::P::K:) +11

Shin Breaker
:2::H+K: (:P::P::2::K:) +5

Roll/Tail Sweep
Roll Through :K: (BT :K:) +15

There really isn't much to say about Any of these Strikes.... its highly impractical to catch someone on normal hit in DoA unless you caught them doing a poorly Timed parry or Offensive Hold.

However.... the Low attacks such as the Shin Breaker and the Sweep are alot more practical since most players rely on Standing Guard. The tiny advantage pretty much means you can use almost any of her throws.

Reverse Flank
:6::6::H+P: +7~+11

(Back Turned)

:P: +11

Who wants to name this Mid Punch ?
:6::P: +18

:6::K: +15

:4::P: +18

Low Punch
:2::P: +9

:1::P: +7

Shin Breaker
:2::H+K: +5

Now I didn't initially plan on doing Back Turned stuns but seeing as Rachel's Reverse flank will have her behind her opponent's more often than usual I figured "Hey.... why not".


And I believe thats just about it..... Rachel isn't really a full on Grappler because her Strikes are really quick compared to someone like Bayman and Leon.... but should you ever want to play her Grappling Style then this is one way among many others of doing it. ;)
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Now this is still a work in progress but all that important bits are in there

BTW... if you're wondering what those asterisks on sone of those moves are for..... well..... I don't remember why I put those there but they are important. :) don't worry.... all will be clear soon enough.

Edit: LoL.... I remember why I put those asterisks there. Those specific strikes will grant Rachel a much higher advantage should she happen to catch them crouching.

Told ya I would figure it out ;)
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Also something you can add

WS :6::P::K::P:,:2::F: gives Rachel up too +4 or +5 (I don't remember but I know she has FA)
Don't you mean :2::K: (the Force Tech of Death as I like to call it).
Also if you ever wanna talk about Rachel tech I have a bunch of set ups that I wouldnt mind sharing
Yeah I'l be asking some questions in her General Discusions Thread, is it cool if I tag you when I have a question ?
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