DOA6 Team Spooky's Weekly NLBC Results

Weekly NLBC Reports & Results

Dead or Alive 6 is currently in a good place offline with plenty of tournaments, a world championship and these awesome NLBC events hosted weekly by Team Sp00ky in Brooklyn, New York! These regular offline tournaments give fighters in the area a chance to play professionally, practice on commentary and earn money plus screen-time for themselves. @XcaliburBladeZ has currently won five times in a row since the release of DOA6, @Rikuto took 1st place at NLBC 160, with competitors like @Jager @BlackBerry and @Rabies also coming close to winning events.

:hitomi::eliot:XcaliburBladeZ def. Rikuto:bayman:

BladeZ has now won all five of the NLBC events he has attended using a mixture of characters throughout. He brought out Hitomi to start things off against Rikuto this week, and while he was able to utilize her well, Rikuto knew what to scout and defeated her as he has a pocket Hitomi of his own. The "use their character against them" mind game didn't appear to work on Rikuto if it was one, and BladeZ switched to his infamous Eliot.

Eliot is a hard character to build offense against and Rikuto just couldn't do it. Bayman was being juggled like any other weight class, and all it takes is a simple wall-splat or bounce for Eliot to keep getting damage almost infinitely. BladeZ may have won, but it's only a matter of time before Riktuo catches on to those games so upon that happening will BladeZ simply just change to another character?

:bayman:Rikuto def. Jager:rig:

These two had some calculated games in Grand Finals with Jager pulling off some of the longest and coolest combos we have ever seen for Rig. Jager looked very good like he did at Winter Brawl: 3D Edition, but Rikuto was pulling off some amazing advanced holds and got the best of Rig with insane back-breaking damage. Rikuto is now the second player in the community to win an NLBC event and is looking very strong going into 161 next week!

:bradwong:XcaliburBladeZ def. Rikuto:hitomi:

BladeZ has now won 4 NLBC events straight, and he represented Brad Wong in Finals this time around! This character seems perfect for BladeZ because he is incredible at nailing those close hits for continued damage after an environment break, or by just finishing a round when he's got his opponent close to the wall. Brad's evasive attributes also make him perfect for BladeZ because like a tiger in the jungle he knows when to wait and strike.

Not to say that Rikuto isn't on to something because he's significantly improved his game against BladeZ in this week's NLBC. Hitomi was a good selection against Brad because of her tracking options and poking range. Not to mention her extra advanced holds mesh well with Rikuto's ability to read like a god.

:bass:Xcalibur BladeZ def. Rikuto:bayman:

BladeZ chose Bass to conclude this week's edition of NLBC! A character that is rarely seen in Top 8, let alone a final! Bladez was getting great damage from his new air throw, with great BB cancel follow ups and astounding throw damage when he could get it. Rikuto is familiar with Bass, so he was fairly cautious about using advanced and break holds in this match-up.

NLBC has showcased a lot of characters that weren't used regularly in DOA5, and it's great to see characters like Bass picking up wins this early on in DOA6s tournament life.

:eliot:XcaliburBladeZ def. Rikuto:bayman:

BladeZ switched to Eliot for week 2 and put on a dominating performance through this NLBC. Rikuto had some great rounds, but he was struggling to catch Eliot in a bad place so it was challenging for him to get a good offense going. It's hard to open up Eliot because of all the ways he can suck you into a stunning and damaging vacuum cleaner. One minute he's using an air throw to combo, the next he's smashing you through environments to combo and then he gets another combo from a BB cancel or a perfect ground bounce.

Eliot was already an extreme smasher, but now he's even more effective with his added 'Bear Stance.' This stance adds needed versatility to Eliot's move-pool and it gives him an extra layer of mind games played off by patience and delay. Since Eliot can swap from aggressive to defensive play so easily there really isn't a bad way to play him, especially in the hands of master BladeZ.

:nico:XcaliburBladeZ def. Rabies:eliot:

In this Grand Final it was clear that XcaliburBladeZ wanted the win with a new character, and this time it was NiCO! While his move-pool in these fights wasn't exactly inventive he displayed the importance of utilizing that electrifying, guard breaking launcher over and over again. Not only can it mean great damage by itself, but great advantage as well; especially considering this was a week 1 fight!

While NiCO is proving to be a pesky character, Rabies still showed plenty of skill and flare with his Eliot throughout this NLBC event. It was also a very risky choice considering Bladez' familiarity with Eliot. BladeZ revolutionized the character in DOA5 when almost everyone thought he was awful, and was able to read everything Rabies threw at him to get the win.
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