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The Southern California Dead or Alive community has been very active since the March 1st release of DOA 6. There has been a strong showing from long time veterans of the game as well as newcomers. @iHajinShinobi and his slippery Ayane has taken the top spot in all 3 of the SoCal tourneys thus far. I for one am eagerly awaiting Crazy Steady vs @iHajinShinobi whenever the planets align. The SoCal scene is dedicated to growing in numbers and in skill and has regularly scheduled tournaments and casual play.

Wednesday Night Fights
Esports Arena

120 W. 5th Street
Santa Ana, CA

WNF tourneys are currently held on a bi-weekly basis with casuals held in the off weeks. The next WNF tourney will be on 04/03/2019

Super Arcade
123 E. Foothill Blvd. Azusa, CA 91702

Super Arcade Tournaments are held monthly and the next tourney will be held on 04/20/2019.

If you are interested in entering a SoCal tournament or joining for casuals and have questions contact @coffeedad @iThe Apprentice or @iHajinShinobi for more information.

Recent Results and Archives

Socal DOA 6 Super Arcade monthly #1

Full Results:
1st @iHajinShinobi (Ayane)
2nd BlazeYoshi (Kokoro/ Nico)
3rd Jared (Ayane)
4th @coffeedad (Hayate)
5th @VIRGINKNIGHT (Bayman)
5th @Vincent Rayne (Honoka)
7th Mech
7th @iThe Apprentice (Eliot)
9th POSIndustries
9th CFG


Stream Archive:

Wednesday Night Fights DOA 6

Top 8 Results:
1st @iHajinShinobi (Ayane)
2nd @iThe Apprentice (Eliot)
3rd BlazeYoshi (Nico/ Kokoro)
4th Filipinoman (Leifang)
5th @Vincent Rayne (Honoka)
5th Jared (Ayane)
7th Snowcow
7th Tummywub

Full results and bracket:

Stream Archive:

Wednesday Night Fights DOA 6

Top 8 Results:
1st @iHajinShinobi (Ayane)
2nd Domo
3rd @iThe Apprentice (Eliot)
4th Jared (Ayane)
5th Tummywub
5th Snowcow
7th Mysticnamja
7th Signia

Full results and bracket:

Stream Archive

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