The Rise, Fall & Rebirth of Bass Armstrong as told by Awesmic

Awesmic's storytelling ability and lore videos for the Dead or Alive franchise have been a refreshing take on series content and have kept things engaging for players waiting patiently for the possibility of a new game or updated DOA6. One of his more recent videos was all about the incredible professional wrestler, Bass Armstrong, and while some overlook his character; Bass is one of the more complex fighters on the DOA roster. The relationship between father and daughter is something that's often overlooked in games, and the story between Bass & Tina tells it realistically.

To no surprise, Matt Ponton contributed to this story, and when you take a great storyteller like Awesmic and combine it with Ponton's knowledge on the character - it's going to be a complete take. The story of Bass couldn't have been told any better. Though it would be nice to know who won between Bass and Brad Wong in the Dead or Alive 4 tournament right? Any guesses?

At FSD we highly recommend following Awesmic on his extensive Dead or Alive YouTube channel for these essential lore videos on our favorite characters and franchise. It would be a great challenge to find someone releasing better or more knowledgeable DOA lore. Awesmic has been supporting DOA for as long as I can remember and it's great to see him using his talents to inform and maybe introduce people to our game. The memes, and video editing he does for his lore videos will also keep you engaged and amused.

You probably know this already, but his Christie kicks ass, and you can also find some great fights featuring Awesmic on his channel. He recently lost a lot of his data for season 2 of his series so please support his channel and spread some words of encouragement for our friend. Thank you for reading the news on the home page! We have a lot more for you in the future and promise to keep you up to date the with latest and greatest from Team NINJA studio!

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Wanted to mention he does a lot more than just Bass and other DOA characters - but entire DOA games, and how his opinions have changed over the years on characters and games. Thanks, @Awesmic . Might run a few more of your lore videos with some thoughts of my own. :)

I'd normally have something to say on everything, but the bases seem completely covered for Bass.
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