Three Main DOA Games to Play at Winter Brawl 3D 2023 Tournament

Winter Brawl 3D is less than two weeks away, and now is the time to plan your trip to Cherry Hill, New Jersey for a chance to compete in a tournament that is hosting three Dead or Alive main games on its roster. Big E Gaming has gone all out for DOA, and we appreciate just how much Big E has done for this franchise. If Dead or Alive 6 is not your favorite title you also have Dead or Alive 5: Last Round & Dead or Alive 3++ to choose from which has never been done before in our community history!

This is an intimate event with a COVID Policy attached, giving us a player capacity of 250 fighters. Big E isn't looking to create record numbers for this event, but he is honoring the offline scene and he is remembering DOA in the process. If you want to fight and showcase your skills, please consider registering today at Big E's organized and well-structured Start.GG. Some members from FSD plan to be in attendance and we hope to see you there!

To our readers here at FSD you can expect top of the line writeups for each individual game, streams & VODS will always be available to players that cannot attend the tournament. For competitors that want to play all three games, there is a reasonable schedule window at the tournament for that to be possible as well.
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Will you be posting a new article with the streaming links for the DOA tournaments?
Will you be posting a new article with the streaming links for the DOA tournaments?

It's expected to be Bifuteki, but yes, we will have stream links (hopefully) available soon. Here are the times:

  • Pokken : 11am
  • Tekken 5DR : 11am
  • Soul Calibur 2HD : 11am
  • Dead or Alive 6 : 11am
  • My Hero One's Justice : 12pm
  • Rival Schools Project Justice : 12pm
  • Tekken Tag Tournament 2 : 1pm
  • Soul Calibur 4 : 1pm
  • Virtual Fighter 5US : 1pm
  • Dead or Alive 3 ++ : 1pm
  • Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 : 2pm
  • Soul Calibur 5 : 3pm
  • Dead or Alive 5LR : 4pm
  • Tekken 7 : 4pm
  • Bloody Roar Extreme - 4pm
  • Soul Calibur 6 : 5pm
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