DOA5LR Tina Breakdown - Part Deux


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Table of Contents

2. Basics
II. Summary
III. Pokes/Strings
3. Juggle Breakdown
Guaranteed Setups
II. Stun Combos
III. Post CB
IV. Environmental Combos
4. Attack Breakdown
General Attacks
II. Simultaneous Press
III. Back-Turned Attacks
IV. Side Step Moves/ Tracking
V. Frame Traps
VI. Crushes
VII. Open/ Closed Stance
VIII. Limbo/ Slip Stuns
IX. Untechables/ Holds
5. Throw Breakdown
7. Anti Character Strats

1. Introduction

This is my 2nd go at this this guide is a much uglier and sloppier version of my old one. I unfortunately procrastinate a lot and put this to the side and a lot is missing detail and polish. That makes this guide look like shit but it also effects me too. Since I once again wont be playing as much. So when I refer to my own guide I already know I'm gonna remember what I wrote down here. So the lack of information not only effects you the reader, but me too. Still though there is new and useful information here. Anyway I am a tournament player. I have been to DoA4 tournaments and various other tournaments for different games. I'll be attending more this year so we'll see how that goes. I already been to NCR this year as well as the past 2 for 5U and vanilla.

This guide will contain things I gained from experience, but also some stuff will be on paper. I will point out a lot of things in this guide as is. so I'm not gonna point out what's on paper and what's not. This guide is my baby and I put a lot of work into this. I'm not the kind of person to abandon my work, so if you got questions, comments, concerns later on. Do speak up and I will address them. That being said if any corrections are needed I will update it and will give credit to whoever corrects me. Do note credit will be given in the notes section this is to decrease the amount of clutter. This guide though its not much of one. I would consider it more of a breakdown even though I contradict myself sometimes and call it a guide. I do this cause its easier to type guide cause I'm lazy. I don't necessarily tell you how to play her, but explain her tools and how they can be used. I assure you this breakdown has something for every Tina user amateur to veteran.

2. Basics

This whole section is "basically" gonna be about what the title states general basics. I'm on a roll with the jokes, so yeah this will get you started on creating offense and whatnot. I use some different terms in my guide, so I will put them in the legend.

I. Legend

I use some of my own terms so I feel I gotta do a section for this. These terms I use aren't confusing by the way. Its not my intent to change the wording of already existing terms. Already existing terms I will use, but the terms I made up don't have a term to them yet. So that's why I'm using my own terms here. Remember there is a Wiki for this game on this site. A lot of work was put into it, so look at that for your definitions. This site gives you resources for your disposal use them. The idea of this section is not for me to repeat/replace the Wiki. Just to get an understanding why I'm using certain terms.

789 = ub,u,uf
456 = b,n,f
123 = db,d,df

5 = Neutral

For example: H+P can actually be 5T too, so 5 is just a way to say the lack of a directional input. T on its own looks funky, but once you put a number behind it. It makes sense well to me at least.

For other games the way to describe strings there's NC & NCC that's all that is needed. This game since there is another kind of stun state (HC) it just adds more possibilities of terms to be used. There's natural combos then there's, natural combos on CH only, then there's natural combos in every state (NH, CH, HC). NC and NCC is not good enough to describe strings. If something is a NC in one specific state then I'll just use (NC_CH) or (NC_HC). I doubt I'll have to go this far into detail often but whatever.

NH - Normal Hit
CH - Counter Hit
HCH - High Counter Hit
Oki - Okizeme
Vortex - I explain this in its sub section.
SE - Stagger Escape, Slow Escape.
NC - Natural combo
NC_CH - Natural combo on counter hit only.
NC_HC - Natural combo on high counter hit I don't even know if there are any in this game.
WR - While Rising
FC - Fully Crouched
W! - Wall Splat
OS - Open Stance
CS - Closed Stance
Jails - Something that jails is something you can't get out of basically. There is already NC for strings on hit. Jail is normally used for strings your forced to block. I could use block string, but still 5 letters vs two words I'm going with the lesser of the 2.

II. Summary

Tina she is a low-high risk/ high reward character. I say low-high because she can be played either way. She may not have diversity in the juggle department, but she's diverse in other ways. Until a Tina places in a offline tourney places multiple times with her. I won't be descriptive on her level of risk, or how she is supposed to be played really. Based off her moves and tools Tina is a control character. She thrives off gaining control and maintaining it. She got good force techs, great untechables, tracking moves up the ass even BT P tracks, and an amazing vortex. This tells me that she is meant to control space based off what she has. Her range is shit, so the idea with her. Is to keep the opponent in close and mid range and work off of that. She also may have the best punishment in the game. That's up for debate so I won't say for sure. I would say that she's top 3 for punishment and grabs in general. Overall she's a well balanced character with less than a handful of (useless) moves too.

III. Pokes/Strings
I will just detail her basic pokes and strings. Tina's pokes are meh not really much to say about them. They're not great, but they're also not terrible just in between really.

01. K~T/KK (14i -4, -5/ -4, -5)
Not the fastest K as you can tell, but a good move/string nevertheless. What's great about her attack throw off K and PK is that you can buffer in the throw and still block in time. Her K I don't really ever use it that often cause the payoff from finishing her K strings is so great, but sometimes I don't like to guess. There are some people that fear this string and will either high hold, or low hold. That's the guessing I'm talking about , so sometimes I will just take the damage given and do K~T. KK is kinda slow, but I put it here in pokes because of the 2nd K tracking.

02. 2K
(17i -11)
I know this is pretty slow to be a poke and -8 on hit makes it look even less appealing. The thing is 2K and every other follow up tracks. The 2nd K leaves you at +11, +5 on fastest SE and is fairly long range. The P is unsafe, but on hit puts the opponent in a deep stun. It knockdowns on CH and to reiterate tracks. Her 2K is also a instant high crush.

03. 3K/3KK
(15i -3/-10)
This is a decent range poke with a delayable follow up. The 3KK gives +17 on hit in all states by the way, so not a good move to use for stun combos. Good to setup her OH though that 66T.

04. P (11i -1)
Not much to say about a jab its her fastest attack leaves her at 0 on hit. Of course the P is what you use to start the good ol' P grab technique.

05. PP (-2)
For the people who are fearless and that P grab is the last thing on their mind. You gotta discourage that mash with a delayed P to the face into 426T. When not delayed this jails on block and NH.

06. PK~T
There's now a reason to do PK its only a NC_CH doesn't leave you at advantage on hit so, its useless without the throw. Fun fact this also does the most damage on CH. Its actually weaker on NH & HC and all hits are not guaranteed either. I like PK~T cause its hard to react to and you get some nice damage off of it.

07. PPK
A nice string to use if you think the opponent will continue to attack. There are some people that even PP won't stop them from mashing. +2 isn't that much on advantage, her jab will clash with the 9i jabbers. Still though a good string regardless. The K is just her 3K, so yeah don't need to say much else about this string.

08. 1P (15i -10)
This is -4 on hit I suggest using this sparingly and honestly now that I think about it. I don't even know why I put this in pokes. Its not really much of one oh well though. This is a nice tracking instant high crush. This is her best slip stun in water and on ice. The stun this gives outside of slip on CH is weak. If the opponent SE's upon fastest SE this just becomes a frame trap at +12.

09. 4K
(14i -5)
This was a shitty nerf it effected her in more ways than simply, but muh NH stun. Being negative frames in other games means you're fucked and its gonna land on CH. In this game it means nothing and you will land an attack on NH. She has specific moves in this game that she can punish with 4K and I mean 4K alone. This move is +6 on NH now so keep that in mind. I finally decided to add this into pokes after using her more and testing this move more. This move is definitely viable and a good poke to use cause of its speed, safety, and range. You'll see a lot more of this move throughout the guide.

10. 2P
(14i -4)
Alright this is a awesome poke. You may be thinking why the hell is a 14i low anything to brag about? Especially with Akira & Sarahs being 12i. The fact 2P puts you in crouch and leaves you at 0 is awesome. Her neutral game may be average, but her crouch and BT game is fantastic. For starters its an instant high crush and 4th fastest attack. Since it puts you in crouch it sets you up for her fully crouch 3P. Which that FC 3P beats all 12i 6P's, so she got an answer for 12i punchers & slower. Now for those characters with 12i highs, or faster I.E. Fang with her 10i jab and 11i kick. Remember 2P is a high crush so it will crush those highs, it will leave you at 0, or because of mashers +4 on CH. About that +4 it pushes back a lot actually which is still okay. +4 gives Tina some things to work with not much.

4K is basically the only viable move go for after a CH now. There are now 10i mids so another 2P is an option. Due to her extended grab range you can also sometimes land WR 64T. You also can do 66T as an answer to stepping, blocking, and attacking watch out for 11i attacks, and faster now. For the 12i mid punchers and slower. Tina beats them she still gotta worry about those 7K's like Hayate & Alpha. Now even though her FC 3P is 12i it doesn't mean she's helpless against the faster characters. For those pesky 11i punchers use that 2P to bait those mid punches and hold or crush with

33P. Although there are some people like Jann Lee with a quick jab, 11i mid punch, and 12i mid kick too many possibilities. Needles to say I would forget about using 2P on him. Saved the best for last I didn't forget about WR 64T J.O.C. Since 2P puts you in crouch that sets you up for an easy 64T for a J.O.C. Use that for the steppers, people you got holding afterwards, and for the defensive types who block. As you can see just from 2 moves there are a ton of possibilities and a lot of options. Talking about her FC 3P & J.O.Cyclone.

3. Juggle Breakdown

This section took me the longest not because finding these things was difficult. Its just that there is sooo many possibilities in combos because of move recovery, weight, threshold. Even wall splat combos vary because of this. I put this to the side for, so long because of this I tried to find that happy medium of putting in enough info without leaving out too much. This juggle shit is just a major pain in the fuckin ass. I should of put this after Attack Breakdown, but I wanted to break the flow of a bunch of reading cause the Attack Breakdown is huge. I will touch briefly on open/ closed stance. Stance plays a huge role in Tina's combos, so I will just list below what things are stance specific.

Stance Specific:
KP (Limbo) closed only. You can get it in open too I explain that later.

6PPP+K in juggle for better wall damage than PPK. Also something to note about this section this is the combo section, so I would like it to keep it that way. These sections will entail a combo dump, and that's it. But at the end of each section there will be the note/credit section. Also don't worry everything will be numbered so it will be easy to match the combos with combo notes. As you can tell I don't like clutter. I also don't know the weight classes never have never will. Just saying I will be using character names to describe the classes, so yeah.

Air Throws - All air throws can be stance specific at times.

6PPP - That too is also stance specific at times

I. Guaranteed Setups

I admit a lot of "ifs" are in this section. Even though they require the opponent to be "X" or do "X". Still these setups are reliable, so I thought I would give them a honorable mention in this section. Think of them as something that is nearly guaranteed. Some of these are just setups not full combos.

01. 44P, K, H+K, 6PPP 2T Fastest SE (all)
02. 4K/44P, K, H+K, 6PP6K, PPK, 2T (Alpha)
03. 4K/44P, K, H+K, 6PP6K 5T (Hitomi-mids)
04. 4K/44P, K, H+K, 6PPP (Helena-Bass)
05. 67H (Ropes) 8P, 3K, 6PPP
06. 46H/67H/44T (invisible Wall) 6PPK, 6PP6K PPK 2T (Alpha)
07. 46H/67H/44T (invisible Wall) 6PPK, 6PPP 2T (Hitomi-Fu)
08. 46H/67H/44T (invisible Wall) 6PPK, 6PPP+K 2T (Bass)
09. 46H/67H/44T (Wall) 6PPK, 6PPP+K (all)
10. (BT Opponent) 44P, BT 7K, 2P, 2T (Bass)
11. (BT Opponent) 44P, BT 7K, PPK 2T (Mid-Fu)
12. (BT Opponent) 44P, BT 7K, 7K, 7K, 4PP (Light)
13. (BT Opponent) 44P, BT 7PP
14. (BT Opponent) K(P) 66PPP
15. 8P on CH 33K 426H+P Lights-Fu/ 8P 2H+P Heavies
16. 1P Slip Stun 33K 426H+P Feather/ 8P 2H+P Light-Fu/ H+P Heavies
17. (BT Opponent) K(P) 9PPP


01. It doesn't take much to SE this. If they SE you actually can get more damage. First 2 hits of course not guaranteed and the launcher is not guaranteed either. Its not because it can be SE'd and blocked, but because it can be ducked. The opponent ducking will most likely be the last thing on the opponents mind. I think the person would be more worried about SE'ing and blocking in order to turn around as soon as possible. Rather than just ducking right away. 02-04. These are with no SE

05. 3K actually does more damage than 33K, but when in a combo seems to do the same amount of damage. This combo you need to be aligned properly with the ropes, so the opponent hits the wall twice for max dmg.

6-9. These setup up her vortex remember to also use these to setup combos with partitions too.

10-13. About this 44P I'm fairly certain in vanilla I found this out already that 44P gives guaranteed BT hits. Thing is, my online play was minimal and so my matchups were lacking. Not only that she had far superior moves that were guaranteed. So 44P was kind of a niche thing to use, not anymore. Considering a lot of guarantees are gone I'll take what I can get. I do hit this move when the opponent exposes their back. Granted its rare but it does happen and so its good to be prepared for all situations. I did test this on fastest SE and fastest hold.

10-11. These setup her vortex.

12. Instead of ending with 4PP. PPK does hit with invisible walls but thats it.

13. These are also guaranteed gives you nothing but a CB setup.

14. This too is guaranteed I pointed this out in my vanilla guide. I just never listed it in this section till now. Considering her guarantees are small in number now. Id thought this would be a good thing to point out once more.

15. You can 6PPP only works in closed stance??? On Fu and Helena to be exact. I made these notes later so anyway you can opt for 6PPP light through mid. Then PPK Helena-Bass

17. So I swear I looked into this in vanilla and considering all the shit that was out at the time in vanilla this was a niche kinda thing til now. So gotta gives thanks to GLENNCOUCH for reminding me of using this string on BT.

II. Stun Combos

She may not have much variety as far as juggles go, but she can mix up her stun combos. She has a deep stun for every level of attack except for low. Her deep stuns are P, 3P 4K. Unfortunately you can't sit there and wait for a hold like you can with a crumple. They give deep stuns yeah, but if the person is SE'ing they will get out of the stun if your not fast enough.

Deep Stuns:
66K, 3P, 3PP, FC 3P, 44P, 7P, P/PP, BT 7P/PP, BT 7K, BT 4P.

Recommended Stun Combo mixups:
3P, 7P, P/PP, FC 3P, 4K, BT 7K, BT 4P, BT 7P/7PP

Stun to Launch/ 2 hit Stun to Launch:
Generally I found that these combos have the same launch height whether its 1 or 2 hits, so yeah.

6PP6K H+P Light-Fu
426 H+P Heavies

8P 2H+P Light-Fu
H+P Heavies

6PP6K H+P Lights
426 H+P Mid-Fu
8P Heavies

CB Setups NH/CH:
I'm not saying all these work on NH and CH, but if you play Tina. Then you should already know what can

and can't be done on NH and CH. These are all tested on fastest SE by the way.

66K/ 6K PP CB, PP 6K CB, PP 3P CB
6K/ PP 3P CB, 3P PP CB
4K, 44P/ 7P PP CB, 4P 6K CB, 7K 4P CB

III. Post CB's

6PP6K 426 H+P Lights
6PP6K 8P 2H+P Mid-Fu
426 H+P Heavies

Against Walls:
6PP6K 426H+P Lights
6PP6K PPK Mid-Fu
426H+P Heavies

01. That P+K your not just gonna block something and throw that out there. The only reason that move

should be used is to catch step from a FT. That's how you land a CH with that move.
02. This does not work on Bayman neither stance its gotta be a hitbox issue.
03. This does not work on Pai or Fang.

Notes for Post CB*
9K/33P - The 9K launch is the one that works on Fu 33P does not.
33K/P+K - P+K needed for Fu
H+K - CB needed to hit mids.

IV. Environmental Combos

I chopped up this section a lot this game has been long enough I dont need to tell people what to do with Partitions now. So really all this now is what you can do after you an interactive partition. Things that activate via PB or knocking them into something and causing an explosion or something. She has an oppurtunity to hit 66PPK most of the time. Theres problem with that some allow movement during animations others do not. So you gotta learn the timing of when to dash into 66PPK. Which I dont got time for that crap. So I found a solution for (easy) timing combos which all it is 236P really. It got buffed in damage so its worth a damn now somewhat.

The Ends of the Earth, Flow, Lost World
6PP6K 46P (Mids) (for ledges)

6PP6K 426H+P - Into Generators - 8P 2H+P

Scramble Ground
PB Into Flying Car - 66P+K - Into Car Hood - 236P

Hot Zone 1st Area
Rocket - 66PPK or 236P
Heli - Hold 6 8P 2H+P

Hot Zone -2nd Area
Tank - 6PPP

The Show

The Clowns on Trampolines Either Side 66PPK or 236P.

Tiger Show
Knocked Into Tiger Hoop
6PP6K H+P Light-Fu
9PPP Heavies

Fuel Tanks - 426H+P, 6PPK, H+P
Post CB H+P/ PPK.

PB - Into Rolling Ball - 66P+K

The Crimson
Lower level food stand - Dash 66PPK or 236P

PB interactable - Dash 66PPK or P+K

The Ends of the Earth, Flow, Lost World - So this for characters you cant get Giant Swing on. If you can get it go for it otherwise. That appears the best she can do for blowback to get that fall damage.

Sanctuary - She can run and actually do other things, but for ease of use. I stick with her flying ass as a combo. Also if you delay it at the right time this will become an ass tech at +7. Oh and about the fire posts in that level. I was dicking around one day and would sometimes Limbo stun after I 66K the opponent into the posts. I just wanted to finish this guide, so I didn't dig deeper on how or if it can be done consistently.

4. Attack Breakdown

Okay in this section its pretty obvious what it entails. In order to decrease the amount of repetition and boredom. I will list moves I have already listed last. I'm also gonna put in the description see above in "pokes/strings" or what have you. It will prevent any confusion on my part, so I know what moves I already listed. I will also list her top 20 best moves (in no order). That way it will cut down on scrounging around trying to find her good moves. This will also be the biggest section yet too. Don't worry the next section is smaller won't take as long.

I. General Attacks

This is gonna be the beefiest section. I'm gonna give a brief description of all her moves some huge others not. As I said in the summary all her moves have use. Mind you when I realized this I was quite surprised. I did not think her whole movelist would have use okay all but a couple is useful. I'll be sure to make those last.

Top 20 Attacks
01. {H+K} (16i -9)
I put this first as a surprise, so people use it more. This despite being her weakest launch so much to
say about it. This may be her weakest launch, but I would put this as her best whiff punisher. You can
dispute this and say no no 46P is better, or 6H+K is better. In some cases yes 6H+K is better, but
that's more for long range. H+K reaches pretty far and got deceptive range. This is under-used for

sure. So 46P 3 frames slower 30dmg, H+K yes only 26dmg. This move is to be used at distance which again this is for whiff punishing, so its only gonna be used at a range. They whiff, you punish, and get a FT sounds like a fair trade to me. Last thing to note is know your range and patience is of virtue. I have got antsy during a match and used this too soon and got CH'ed when waiting on a wake-up kick.

02. {44P} {44PK/2K}
(19i -9) (-6/-1)
This is definitely one of her better moves. A mid/high crush stun on hit a deep stun at that. Leaves her BT, so she can follow up with all her amazing moves from BT. Has approximately the same amount of range as 4K. What I'm getting at is if I'm gonna expose my back to the enemy do it with a crush. Also yeah 4K is a crush, but it hardly works so go with 44P. Remember what Tatsu said in the original TMNT film. To the new foot clan he sparred with "Never bow your head to the enemy". Same concept don't be exposing your back unless your doing it for a good reason, or using a good move like 44P.

03. {33P} (21i -9)
This is one of her launchers that does not W!. Its good in that regard, but 21i sucks as far as speed goes unfortunately. This is her 2nd best launcher and it crushes a lot of things. This is probably her best crush too. Look in the crushing section to see what it crushes.

04. {46P} (19i +1)
This is a long range frame trap. Can't really say anything bad about this move really, but I also can't say much about it in general either. I mean its pretty self explanatory what this move is about and how to use it. You use this for whiff punishing if you miss out on it hey no big deal frame trap bitch. You can also use this to try and get in cause again long range frame trap.

05. {9K} (18i -8)
Her best launcher that also does not W!. There is not much to say about launchers they been in fighters for a while now. This gives you the best combos there ya go that's my breakdown of this move.

06. {66K}
(21i -7)
This is a semi-safe mid kick crumple stun. Due to this move being semi safe this is another one of her get in attacks. It puts the opponent in a crumple stun, so they need to hold, or get hit by the next attack. This also stuns on NH so all around good move.

07. {1K}
(21i -21)
Her longest range low that's a single hit. This is actually a fairly effective way of getting in on people due to its range. It's positive on hit +7 I'm fairly certain, so your free to a decent amount of things. You can actually land this far enough away that you are out of range of grabbing, but that's where dash J.O.C. comes into play. It is +7 so that means you can OH 9i jabbers. 44P is also a option I don't know if its fool proof or not though. It does come out at 12i with that much advantage. Problem is I need to do crushing frames and I don't know when it mid crushes. 21i is the iffy area of where things become see-able, so I wouldn't abuse this too much keep it random.

08. {7K} (27i +9)
A high tracking frame trap that is one frame faster than 8K. Getting this on block means you can get 6H+K on 10i jabbers. One thing to note the game also says on Knock down you get +9 when the person techs right away this is not the case its more. How much more? Not sure haven't fully tested it just yet, but it is more. This is pretty long range and she does a little twist in the air when she does this. What I'm getting at is you would think this steps a little, but it does not. I would use this not to kill step since some things also tech chrouch while stepping, but I would use this when I know the person won't attack. But if I think they may step or block. If I'm not sure on this matter that's when I use 7K. Kill both options with that 7K.

09. {6K}
(18i -5)
A slow but safe and amazing mid kick. This also is a attack throw one of the other things that make this amazing is that. The attack throw can be buffered in and you still got time to block. It got decent range. This not only stuns on CH, but NH too. Since it does stun on NH it does not offer anymore stun frames on CH though. Considering this does have a attack throw connected to it. This is a good move to close the match with if you need a little extra guaranteed damage from that attack throw. If you need to come in with a move at mid range this is one of your moves.

10. {FC 3P} {FC3PP}
(12i -11/-12)
Great move very few hold both hits it usually comes out too fast. If I mid punch at the beginning of the match this is the move I use. I will do a quick crouch, so its not as obvious. This move though is a 12i untechable the downside? Yeah FC required, but luckily there are moves that put her in crouch 8K, 7K, 2K+G, 66P+K, 2P, yeah you get the picture. Due to slow crouch frames and not stunning on NH defiinitely not worth buffering in a crouch to do this. I just stick with moves that put me in FC. Its not like you can't crouch while someone is approaching and do something else to mix it up but eh. Also do note this is stronger than your typical 6P. so it will beat out all mid punches 12i and slower. On CH this also puts the opponent in a deep stun, so its also good for stunning.

11. {3P} {3PP}
(17i -10/-4)
Ugh this string I want it to be good. Don't get me wrong its not all that bad, but I've had problems with this string. Its slow 17i is nothing to brag about. Due to it being slow and the first move not tracking I've actually had the 2nd P get stepped. Also yes the 2nd P does track, but the initial hit is, so slow by the time the 2nd one comes out the opponent is already around you. The good things about this is on CH this does stun and cannot be SE'ed. Both hits need to land in order for a crumple stun to come out. The 3P alone puts the opponent in a deep stun to follow up with her other deeps stuns. Due to this being a deep stun this is one of the moves I use in her arsenal.

12. {6P} {6PP/PPP} (13i -11/-10/-11)
This is her best string without a doubt. Her 3rd fastest attack the 2nd P tracks. I'm sure not much know that. This string is the jack of all trades. Its fast, it tracks, it can end safely, it frame traps, it can be used in juggles, is used for guaranteed damage. The only downside is 6PP the 2nd P can be held. Funny enough though this string hardly gets held. I think its just unfamiliarity not enough Tina's out there which is a good thing. Onto P at the end, so yeah the last P is just P+K, but since its in a string it comes out faster than her P+K. This I hardly use to end cause the weak launch and I mean c'mon 3 mid punches. Not many will let you get away with that many of the same punch. But when your sitting there doing 6PP6K all day. You will land the P if you don't use it often.

13. {6PP6K}
Her best ender to 6P and the least negative option she has. This is just her 6K, so I'll cover most of what's good in that breakdown. Even though I use this string more than the 6K itself. This is the string to use in her juggles. This does put the opponent in a deep stun, so you are free to do her other deep stuns if you land this move. You wanna train your opponent to block low to land this through using the 2K ender or free cancel 6PP to open up the opponents defense to land this.

14. {6PP2K}
This is ender is her 2K+G this is her only frame trap out of 6P. This ender would be to change things up and score a knockdown if it hits. Its funny cause I hit this a lot. Its like no one cares about petty damage. I mean yeah its petty, but it appears people rather stand and block rather than block this. Its too bad cause this is a frame trap and puts her in crouch to follow up with her FC 3P.

15. {6PPP+K}
A safe mid punch variant of 6P. This is a feint stun mid punch this stun is a lot like her CB without the burst. So its either punish a hold, or land a combo. This can also be used to add more damage to her combos such as using this for wall damage instead of PPK. That doesn't hit as consistently like PPK does though its stance specific. Lastly her 46H against a wall you want to use this string for a W! into wall combo.

16. {6PP2P} (-10)
This variant ends with 1P so not much to say about this that won't be said about 1P. If your opponent starts stepping your enders I would sooner use this to track rather than the elbow. Upon fastest SE you won't be able to do shit off this literally nothing. While you won't be able to continue stun it does become a frame trap. So a J.O.C is already buffered for you or you can attack with FC 3P.

17. {PKP}
SCS [KP] SE'ble (-8)
This string sets up her limbo stun and her options from limbo are amazing. If I do land PK and I actually decide not to use the throw from it. I will take the time from the PK to check my stance. In open stance use the PKK if your in closed use PKP. Using that slow ass punch is well worth for the options she gets off limbo.

18. {4P}
Series {4P/PP/PPP} all variants (-10/-11)
This very meh string here. I know its silly for me to call a all tracking string meh. There is down sides though its slow and got crap range. I mean yeah 15i ain't very slow, but using something like that against a fast character is hard to land. Especially with that lack of range this string suffers from. It is a tracking mid after all, so it isn't terrible. The last hit does put the opponent in a crumple stun. I've actually hit more peope with this than expected the reasons are unknown. Maybe cause they try to step, or maybe they're not use to Tina having this string.

19. {PKK}
SCS [KK] Tracks "3rd hit" (-5)
This string its meh from my experience this takes too damn long. Before the 3 hits connects the opponent is already holding by the time you land PK. Usually its a low hold some hold high though, so I guess you could use this to bait holds. If it didn't take Tina, so long to swing those thunder thighs around. This probably would be a viable way to connect that KK quicker.

20. {4K} (14i -5)
This move oh this move. This use to what was a fantastic low crushing mid kick. Now turned into a half ass low crush. Where to begin this is not a terrible move, but when you compare it to what it use to be. It then becomes a terrible move anyway enough crying. Okay my thoughts have changed on this. I find myself using this a lot more now even with the nerf. 14i isn't great as far as speed goes but I feel its all I got at times. Since my character is so flipping slow I sometimes need a mid. That's not a mid P this is what I go for.
Moves Continued

21. {PPP} (-10)
This string is for those pesky steppers. If you use a lot of PPK and the opponent catches on that its linear. That's when you throw this string out catch that step. Considering this string has one follow up its predictable. That's where yomi comes into play your opponent will either let you launch or hold in fear of the last hit. Honestly though if someones stepping after PP. I'm just gonna PP grab get that 426T off for CH damage.

22. {PPPK}
SCS [PK] (-14)
Pretty much read whats stated above one last thing to note though. The PK is just 9PK Tina has a lot of the same moves. There are some moves that can look similar, but are actually different. I know PP(P) and 9P are the same cause I stunned with the 3rd P hit the 9P to continue the stun opponent gets knocked down. If they were truly different that wouldn't happen the stun would continue. These moves also have the properties and frames.

23. {PPKP}
Another string not all that useful one follow up and has a see-able ender. I've delayed it and not delayed it enough times and the crap gets held. Its not like I haven't landed this before the stun is nice on CH and it is safe. Its just too risky to land against the more experienced players. I'm also including 3KP in this too I've had 3KP held on reaction while 3KK never does.

24. {PP6P}
This is somewhat useful I still get some people with this and launch for a combo. From my experience its a less obvious version of her 33P. I actually connect this most of the time, but then again I hardly use this. So use this at your own discretion.

25. {4PP(P)}
A guard crush that gives +19 hold on there you may be thinking OMFG! +19 that's sooooo good. +19 ain't much with Tina, so yeah. Her "fastest best" launch is at 18i, 33K is 15i, but sometimes doesn't even reach, so that leaves her with that "ass launcher" H+K. I quoted ass and LCH there cause its a good move not as a launcher though anywho. Considering this is a GC IT SHOULD put the opponent in a CH state, but alas it does not. It would be really nice to land her PKT after this cause that is a NCC after all. Then they would have solve the problem of letting PK to land in the first place. If 33K won't hit sometimes PK sure as hell won't. To sum this up in open space H+K against the wall same for W! into her 66PPK.

26. {7P}
This move is terribly slow yes, but if you go against someone who bloacks a lot. This would be a less advantageous yes but, safer option to 8K. 8K that +6 is nice and all, but using that against someone who tends to step also. Doing 7P would be a safer option less likely to get punished hard like 8K. This is also good for people who instantly hold and punish the recovery of the quick hold to continue stun.

27. {7PP/PPP} SCS (-1/0)
This is not one of the useless strings wanna know why? Great for post CB training yeah that's right training. Yeah its a 3 hit CB, but its slow as fuck and none of it tracks. Unless training gets changed where you can turn on CB and you CB right away then this move will become useless.

28. {9P} {9PK} (15i/-10~-14)
Not the fastest move but at least it got range. From time to time I may use this to catch step to change things up. I don't wanna be too reliant on grabs to catch everything. If you go against someone who SE's. Don't expect to continue the stun using this. All you can get off is her P against fastest SE. I doubt anybody who doesn't use her would know this, but still its not much of a stun mixup if you 9P into PP. Onto 9PK this I will hardly throw out -14 is pretty serrious stuff. I will hit comfirm this first before I try to launch. If the launch wasn't so crappy I would actually use this more.

29. {8K}
(28i +6)
A slow ass mid drop kick. This is 2nd most advantageous frame trap. It is an extremely slow linear frame trap, so it can be stepped. While its hard to get someone to stand around for a 28i move to come out. Some will stand around for it people see movement and some just freeze up its kind of funny. This puts Tina in crouch also, so that means you got FC 3P at your disposal. Which would make it come out at 6i pretty spiffy if I do say so myself. Also means her 66T will come out at 10i and will beat all jabs of 10i and slower. Depending on the range sometimes J.O.C. will be in range. This is also unholdable, but if you pay attention to this move. The animation looks similar to 8T, so if people just step punish these options they both would be useless. Since that is not the case this move still has use.

30. {33K} {33KP} (15i -15/12)
Her fastest launcher but 2nd worst one, so not that cool that its 15i. This would be the only launch guaranteed after her 8P on CH facing front. This also W! so that sucks. The P in this move is an untechable basically her 214P. All the Tina's out there just use the 33K, so to fake out the opponent you could always delay the P. Doing this has got me to land it the couple times I've tried. Other than that not really anything else to know about this.

31. {9PP/PPP} (-8/-11)
First and 3rd hit tracks. There is not much to say about this string can't use it in combos well you can, but it would be a waste. If I hit this then I'll change things up and do 9PP instead of 9PK. Again off 9PP you aint gonna get shit for stun mixup. So it would be good for a stun and OH or if you know a holds coming. Then go right ahead and use that 426T.

32. {6PK} (-5)
The K is just her 4K, but if I'm gonna do her 4K most cases its gonna be from this string. I sometimes will crouch dash away on block cause using that 7K on block is not an option. -5 add that to an already 11i attack yeah if you CH someone its most likely cause its online, or they tried to grab. I can sometimes get off 7K cause sometimes the person will grab. This is a decent string to use.

33. {6PPK} (-15)
This ender is just her 33K really. I use her 6PP6K a lot so to decrease the chances of getting held I hardly use this. This is used to get a guaranteed launch off her hold 46H opponent against a invisible wall. I have used this and do get this as a launch though. Considering she has the elbow to launch also. The opponent ends up holding M. Punch and gets launched for it.

34. {66P} {66PP/PPP} (19i -12/-11/-9) Last 2P's:
Another slow all mid string, but at least this got better follows up unlike the 7P series. There is also something secretly good about this string. The 2nd P usually gets held before I can change this up. That also doesn't mean I can't free cancel and grab instead. Problem is there is a lot of recovery in each string. It can be delayed like crazy but I don't see whats so great about that if its linear. The good thing about this if you get a limbo but the opponent is near a wall. You can use this to combo for guaranteed damage into launch. 66PP 9K all guaranteed while opponent BT.

35. {8P} (18i -5)
A safe short-mid range move. This is used for juggles into untechables, sit down stun, force techs. This is another one of her moves thats a jack of all trades move.

36. {66PPK} (-6) SCS last 2 Hits
I would of grouped this with the other 2 useless enders P+K and 2K, but this still got some use. I actually never get punished for this which is weird I think. If I land the 2nd hit I will usually end it with this. A lot fear that M. punch more because the launch you get. This string is alright til people start punishing this. Then it will go in the crap list.

37. {66PPP+K} {66PP2K} (-21)
These enders are poop. Both are see-able and are extremely negative. Yeah ones unblockable, but it gets ducked so negative. The 2K it tracks oooh too bad its slow as fuck. To sum this up unless you like getting shit on don't use these.

38. {236P} (19i -10)
A long range mid that is still negative as fuck. This move despite being, so damn negative got some use to it. More use than it did in 4 that's for sure. Fun fact Bass got this same move his is 66P+K. That gives TN the green light to shit all over the recovery of this move. The good thing about this is it is fairly damaging 36 is good damage for a move at 19i. Another thing is good is the accidental times I used this move it has come in handy. Found out its good at stopping come in attacks. This move has stopped a lot of moves that get the opponent in. If it wasn't so negative this would be way way more useful.

39. {7PPT}
This move I don't know the point of this move at all. If your opponent let you get this far without holding. They're either really bad, or your playing a blind person. At that point I would question why you're doing either of those things.

40. {7PP6P}
Another variant of 7P and yet also useless. Hey, but her elbow tracks oooooh scary too bad its also a M. Punch. Funny enough this actually works after limbo, but it gives a shit launch due to the elbow being crap now.

41. {214P} (18i -12)
A good low crush not necessarily a good move overall, but its a good crush. It actually works unlike 4K, but then they make what was already a crush. In the previous game and was already unsafe still unsafe and harder to do. A quarter circle isn't hard to do or anything, but when you wanna crush on reaction putting in a quarter circle is not ideal. It is an UT on hit so, thats the other plus to it and a good crush.

42. {3KP} (-5)
I already broke this down look for {PPKP} for info on this.

43. {2KKK} (-21)
A all tracking low string. I broke down the first 2 hits already. Once you get passed the 2 hits there is not much good to say about this string. The 3rd hit is see-able and only can end in a low so yeah.

44. {236K} (22i -4)
This move I don't even know what the point of this move is. Its slow not even sure if it low crushes. It certainly feels slower than just 22i. It's also linear, so yeah I don't why this move is in. I guess it's the token useless move.

(P) See above in III. Pokes/Strings

(PP) See above in III. Pokes/Strings

(PK) See above in III. Pokes/Strings

(6P) See above in III. Pokes/Strings

(PPK) See above in III. Pokes/Strings

(K/KK) See above in III. Pokes/Strings

(1P) See above in III. Pokes/Strings

(3K/KK) See above in III. Pokes/Strings

(2P) See above in III. Pokes/Strings
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II. Simultaneous Press

01. {P+K} (27i -11)
Oh this launcher how I miss it I miss its glory days of complete safety. This probably would be a good launch if it was still completely safe. Considering its not this is only good for tracking in rare instances.

02. {6P+K} (19i -7)
Her CB that's semi safe you CB people with this and stuff. I guess you could use this to fake out people too. I just realized it was semi safe not all CB's are safe so this is good news. You can also use this to try and score a feint stun.

03. {4P+K} (38i -1/+1)
Love this move its fantastic a low/mid crush. The rule of frame data I already mentioned this, but depending how far away you land this will determine your advantage. Most of the time it will be +1 at most. Been a while since I tested this, but I think it can go to +6. The opponents gotta block the tip of her boots for that reach +6 though. If timed right this will beat both wake up options. The opponent needs to be ready to tech this or else you get a free ground grab.

04. {4P+KH}
(30i -16)
This move here I thought this cancel would be utterly useless. This got use for a couple setups as far as I can tell. Which a couple is better than none right? Not like that 236K. Her BT K+G on hit if the opponent kicks right away you will get the opponents back with this move. The opponent needs to be really close for this to happen and BT K+G plants the opponent on the ground close to you. Another thing that makes this situational is the recovery of the Knockdown. In all setups I seen thus far you can't get both those things I mentioned. The opponent is either not close enough and you just expose your ass, or you do it close enough, but lose a whole lot of damage guaranteed at that. For what? The possibility of the opponent doing a wake up kick right away to get their back. If you need those two requirements down for this to be a viable option.

05. {2P+KP} {2P+KK} (46i -11) (40i -4)
Off of 6PPP+K from BT K+G you can roll into doing a safe verion. Of her 6H+K or if you they try to step do her elbow and launch. Sometimes Ive even gotten a coungter M.D.T. The roll into K is alsosometimes good to beat WUK's.

06. {1P+K}
(28-48i -11)
Her PB you peanut butter people with this. Actually despite not GB'ing at all with 51% or more and being unsafe. There does look to be a use to this. It got evasive properties she takes a step back to do this. I keep forgetting to test this, but I'm thinking. This would be good for push back moves. Moves that push back a lot or you can poke at a distance with. Then do this this PB to evade the incoming attack.

07. {66P+K} (32i -2/+8)
Slow as hell, but good move nonetheless. Tina reallys knows how to back dat ass up. To get + out of this you wanna hit this max range. This is good if you don't use it a lot, so people forget you have this in your arsenal. When the space is right whip this out. Not many people know this is a Frame trap. Hell I would go as far as to say no one knows only the people who play her. The thing to remember when preparing to use this move though is know your opponents movements. For the people that can stand still at distance and always moving back and forth make this hard to land max distance. So just watch out for that when attempting to use this. Another good thing about this move. Is when the active frames are active not much will beat this. This does a lot of damage so yeah. Its gonna beat most other attacks when active. Oh right lastly this is an ass tech off one setup from a

PB on Sanctuary.

08. {2K+G} (25i +1)
There is 2 versions of this other one the most useless PoS ever. Anyway this is a low frame trap that would be something to worry about. That is if it gave her +2, so yeah this move ain't as great as it seems. Still not terrible at least its a frame trap in this game. Never use this move at a distance it becomes punishable on hit at distance. As you can imagine even worse on block. There's not really anything to say about this move its an average move.

09. {2K+G} (25i -19) Max Distance:
This move is -9 on hit, so yeah technically this is her worst move. Never ever use this at a distance nuff said.

III. Back Turned Attacks

I thought about not making this its own sub section, but she just got too many moves from BT. Also it's kinda hard to compare these moves to her neutral facing attacks. While some are super good how can you gauge something that is so situational. I won't do a list for this section I will just list the useful ones. There is no way to turn her around manually so knowing the useless moves aren't really necessary like they are when facing front.

01. {BT P/PP} (12i -5/ -2)
This may be more negative and slower but oddly enough the first P tracks which is rather silly, but hey I'm not complaining. This is really useful despite it tracking cause these are jabs. Jabs are NC yes, but leave you negative and dont stun only on HCH. So really what makes this useful is using these while the opponent is stunned as a subsitute for her BT 7P/PP. The jabs turn you around while the 7P's do not. Just like facing front these are deep stuns when stunned.

02. {BT 7P/PP} (12i -2/-6)
Fairly quick high elbows really all her useful moves from BT are quick. These are deep stuns cannot be SE'ed out of. Although when 7PP hits and the opponent SE's really the only launch you will hit is 33P. The 7P can be followed up of course, but due to the follow up. Her being left at -2 leaves her at a good mix up cause her other BT moves are fast and she can grab from BT.

03. {BT 4P/PP}
(15i -10/-12)
First hit tracks this is just a BT version of her neutral FC 3P really. Not much to say about this cause like her other moves from BT its for BT mix ups and stun mix ups. Nothing really to note about this move other than the 4P alone will have you face front.

04. {BT K}
(14i -8)
Figure I'd give this an honorable mention since it does semi guarantee her a free launch with H+K. This is good for combo mix up and yeah thats pretty much it.

05. {BT 7K}
(11i -7)
This is her fastest BT move and crumples during stun. This is a good refloat, but she can't do shit when it comes to BT combos. She really needs a BT air grab like some kind of neckbreaker or something. That way she could combo while BT kinda.

06. {BT 4K} (15i -11)
I wasn't gonna mention this cause its kinda slow compared to her other BT options. Its unsafe, negative on hit and +13 fastest SE. The reason I mentioned this though I could've sworn I got a sit down stun from this. I think I may be crazy cause I have yet to recreate the sit down stun.

07. {P+K}
(35i +2/+6)
This is just a slightly faster version of her 4P+K, so needless to say it got the same properties as 4P+K. Its still a mid/high crush will give advantage everytime BT though mainly stays around the +3 range. Sometimes I will stun with 44P and mix it up between 8T and P+K. I do that because 8T and P+K BT kinda look alike. Depending on the timing of the opponents hold P+K will sometimes punish it.

08. {H+K}
(16i -6)
This is now is the same version of the K from 44PK. Good move gives 6PPP+K on all weights and leads into a safe roll or ground for folks who dont tech.

IV. Side Step Moves/ Tracking
Neither of these need a description really both self explanatory. I will describe her SS moves like I did with the rest of her moves. I don't know why I didn't put her SS moves in with her move description dump. Its kind of hard to rank SS moves, so yeah her 3 SS moves track so I put them in here and will describe them.

Side Step Moves

01. {SS P} (27i -6)
This move got crap range, but it gives +3 on NH, so 6P can be used afterwards and beat out 10i jabs. There are a lot of things that leave you at a disadvantage on NH, so you most likely gotta train your opponent not to attack after SS P on NH. Once you train them to block then you can start mixing in grabs. Since Tina has no 12i moves other than her FC or BT moves she gotta use P mixups after this on 9i jabbers. If this at least gave one more frame on advantage on NH. This would be a great answer for all characters.

02. {SS K}
(34i -21)
So this is her 1K same everything really. This is best used for step crushing those high strings. Due to this being so slow though you ain't gonna do much crushing if the string leads into a mid or low. Since this is her 1K you would do the same things as you would if a normal 1K hits. 4K, 3KK, KK, H+K things that you know will beat out fast attacks.

03. {SS H+P}
This is her SS T this isn't a OH, so I use this one the least. Some people are mashy, but for the ones who aren't. If you know a string ender doesn't track then this would be the ideal time to use this. You would step the ender it whiffs and you punish with this grab. Not much else to really note about this move.

Tracking Moves

No description is needed these moves track. I already gave a description to these moves, so I'll just list the moves with no description. Some strings track, so in order to easily list what ones do in a string I'll put them in parenthesis.

01. PP(P)
02. PK(P)
03. PK(K)
04. (9P)P(P)
05. 7PP(6P)
06. 6P(PP)
07. 6P(P2P)
08. 4P all
09. 3P(P)
10. 1P
11. 66PP(2K)
12. 44p(K)
13. K(P)
14. 7K
15. 2K all
16. 1K
17. P+K
18. 2P+K(P)
19. BT 4P
20. BT H+K

V. Frame Traps

This is another self explanatory section this will also be just a list of what they are just Ctrl+F if you want to see a description on it. She got a decent amount of them some useful than others. I have yet to count them, so it may surprise to see how many she has. Also I am not gonna be going into extreme detail like there are some things on NH that are frame traps. There are other stuns if the opponent SE's the fastest it doesn't become a stun mixup, but instead becomes a frame trap. This is just gonna be a list of her stuff on block. Since this is only about things that leave you positive I will actually use a hyphen "-" to signify "through" Example: +2-+4 cause range affects frame traps.

01. 7P +2
02. 6PP(2K) 2H+K +1
03. 4PP(P) +19
04. 46P +1 - +2
05. 8K +6
06. 7K +9
07. 4P+K 0-+3
08. BT P+K +2 - +4
09. 66P+K 0 - +8
10. 1P+K +17 (50% or less)

03 - So this is more than just a guard break its a guard crush. This gives a free H+K which is amazing.
07 - Do note that this can be -1, but yeah this all varies on range.
08 - In most cases its gonna vary between +2 - +4 it can reach higher.
09 - Only positive when blocked at max range, so use wisely.
10 - Gives 9PK or free 33K pay attention to distance.

VI. Crushes

Yet again just gonna list moves if I had internet and time. I was in the process of doing her frame data, but I like double checking, so I never finished it. I also wanted to do her crush frames which is why I brought up frame data. If I knew her crush frames I would have a better idea on how to gauge her crushes. That being said I will just generalize what the crushes do. Also lower case "i" in this section is instant. I think its fairly obvious what the other acronyms stand for.

High Crush
01. 44P
02. 1P, 6PP(2P)
03. 33P, PP6P
04. 3P
05. 66P
06. 1K, SS K, 66PP2K
07. BT T
08. 66K
09. 2K

Low Crush
10. 4P+K BT P+K
11. 4K, 6PK
12. 236P
13. 214P
14. 6H+K
15. 236K
16. 8K

Mid Crush

17. 44P
18. 4P+K BT P+K
19. 33P
20. 66P

01/17 - Her best crush by far this is a MC/iHC.
02 - An instant high crush.
03/19 - This is an amazing mid crush one of the better ones in the whole game from my experience. Shuts down some 11i punchers. Pretty much shuts down most of what Zack can do. I dont even guess what hold to use at the start of the match anymore because of this move.
05/20 - This string does duck for a moment, so it is a high crush.
06 - While it may be instant this is slow as hell so yeah.
07 - Not necessarily a high crush since attacks beat throws, but more like a throw that tech crouches.
10/18 - This is a LC/MC great for wake up kicks.
13 - iLC sometimes I wonder if this is better to crush since its only 3 frames slower than 1P and this got follow ups. Sometimes that 1P on NH can be detrimental.

VII. Open/ Closed Stance

You start off in closed stance, so really this should be closed/ open stance, but eh fuck it. I thought about not giving this its own section, but stance plays a very important part with Tina not just for her limbo, but also for her FT's. This section I will list what moves change your stance. Much like the frame trap section to make it easy I will just put in parenthesis what moves in strings change stance. Its fairly simple to detect stance you just look at the center of the screen and look at yours and your opponents lead limb. So look at each lead foot if they are crossed its close if the lead foot matches open simple. You can also detect stance through paying attention to lead arm. The same concept that I just listed applies to the arms too. Stance plays a huge role in VF also. Just like this game you don't usually notice stance related stuff. Only til you dig deep in the game.

01. PP(PK) 9PK
02. PP(6P) 33P
03. PP(KP) 3KK 3KP
04. PK(K) K(K)
05. 6P(P)6K
06. 7PP(P)
07. FC 3(P)P
08. 1P
09. 44P
10. 8K 7K 236K 66P+K 4PP(P)
11. 1K 2KK(K)
12. 33K
13. 2H+K
14. SS K
15. 6P+K
16. 1P+K
17. 2P+KK
18. 66K
19. BT 79
20. BT 7K
21. BT (4P)P
22. BT T

01 - Doing either of these you will be in the same stance.
03 - Since these all change remember finish these strings you'll end up in the same stance.
10 - Doesn't actually change stance, but GB's the opponent in another stance.
13 - Tina is the one to change stance every time. Unlike the GB's from 10.

Miscellaneous Notes*
- One thing I noticed about GB's more specifically Tina's GB's the ones that give good advantage like +3 and up. Make the opponent recover in different stances with the exception of her 4P+K/ BT P+K.

- All her enders to 6P change stance except for one, so that means do any one of them and you'll end up in the same stance. Again all, but 6PP6K.

- Remember P+K changes stance, so that means strings that end with it will change your stance. 9(P)P(P)

6P(PP) 7PP(P)

-About 214P now if you notice 214P doesn't change stance, but its used as a ender for three other strings 33KP and FC 3PP BT 4PP. Since 214P doesn't change stance then why does FC 3PP stay in the same stance if 214P doesn't change? Shouldn't the first P make her change stance in order to end up in a different position each time?

That's the weird thing do FC 3P it changes stance do FC 3PP she doesn't change stance. If you delay the sting long enough you see her mid string change stance then change again when you finish it. Another thing this move at the closest distance may miss. The 2nd P that is I would crouch walk to the opponent get as close as possible. Do FC 3PP delay the first move for a quick second finish it sometimes the 2nd hit completely misses. This was tested on Hitomi only.

VIII. Limbo/ Slip Stuns

This section yeah your gonna have to go back to Guaranteed Juggle section for the juggles. Like the rest of the other sections this will be just a list of the moves. There is only one move that limbo's with tina you can actually get it in both stances which I will explain in further detail next. For slip stuns lows on CH while in water/ice will put the opponent. In a special stun state where the opponent can SE out of only so much. That being said certain moves are guaranteed after this. Also this puts the opponent on their ass, or on their knees. Kinda like a sit down stun, or kinda how it would look like if one slipped. So only mids and lows will hit the opponent for that guaranteed damage.

Limbo Stun

I said what move puts the opponent in limbo K(P). I already stated what open/closed stance is about. Now its time to explain how the hell you get a limbo off both stances not just closed only. I one day decided to hit the opponent with her KP in open then launch with P+K. Well that move is, so slow. When I would delay it a little I noticed that I would get a back launch everytime. I thought originally it was because she does a twist when she does P+K its not. It got nothing to do with that twist. If you hit KP in open stance then step and 9K you get 9K to hit BT. So it turns out the limbo crumple when you wait long enough the opponent falling exposes enough of their back for you to land a back attack. If you step then launch you can skip the process of waiting. Using 9PPP for open stance is ideal starting from a combo count of 1. Starting from the same number in closed use her 66PPP. When starting from 2 you wanna use 9K both stances. I forgot to note you wanna step in the opposite direction of the opponent falling. Which should be common sense, but I thought I would point that out anyway. Also the opponent always falls in the direction of the leading feet.

Slip Stuns

2H+K - This is a terrible waste of a slip stun if you ever use this in a water/ ice environment. On fastest SE this gives +3 pathetic she takes so long to recover from that move its not even worth doing.

2K - This knocks the opponent too far to get anything, but 2KK or KP. There are perks to actually using 2KP.

1P - High crushes much like 2K does, but this is 15i so its 2 frames faster. This also keeps them in range. Unfortunately Tina doesn't have many options from this. The only ones worth a damn is FC 3P for a stun mixup, or 33K for a guaranteed launch.
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IX. Untechables/ Holds

So yeah both these sections are gonna be fairly small. So I decided to bunch them together like I did with the previous sub-section. This section will be a mix of just a list of moves and some descriptions. For her untechables not much to say about those. On hit you can opt for a down attack, ground throw, or force tech. I will now list her untechables.


01. 214P, FC 3PP, BT 4PP, 33KP
02. 8P
03. 6H+K

01 - All give a free ground throw except for 33KP.
02 - Only in a juggle is when it becomes untechable (need +8).
03 - Gives +9 on FT, but in some cases will give +10.

I contemplated where I should put holds cause they are called defensive holds after all. Putting them in Attack Breakdown at first didn't make much sense. I decided to put them in this section because I'm only talking about when they connect. Which when one connects it then puts you on offense. Her holds in general don't need much explanation. They are self explanatory, but there are 3 I gave a description.

67H - You can mash out H to get the follow up afterwards, but the timing is easy enough to do. So its not really necessary to mash it out. This hold is really just a DH version of her 44T. Just like 44T you can land PKP on some people, but its situational and not worth it. This sometimes bounces the opponents off ropes too. This literally her 44T in DH form. This really does more damage than 7H its not just for looks.

67H off the ropes - This was tested on sweat only, but if your near the turnbuckle the throw would most likely be the one to activate. You sometimes will get the bounce back from the turnbuckle though.

Rope Bounce
8P 3K w! 66PPK 63/77/90 no ropes, with ropes 62/77/93


4H - There is a misconception among some that she gets a free ground throw from this after a wall splat. That is not the case, but honestly for the people that believe she gets a free ground throw. Just roll with it don't say otherwise. If that's what they wanna believe just take the free non-guaranteed damage. I had a person argue with me over this stupid shit. I don't know why I was arguing against more damage.

46H - TN knew what they were doing when they gave this +10. They didn't want Tina getting any super good stuff from this bungholes. Why give her any amazing setups against a wall while Leifang can have it anywhere & Tina cannot. 46H Against a Invisible Wall - She gets a guaranteed 6PPK check out the guaranteed juggles to know the possibilities. 46H Against a Wall - Doing this hold near a wall and getting it off is ideal. Again you wanna use 6PPK for W! into 6PPP+K on all weights for her vortex.

Throw Breakdown
This section is dedicated to her throws which play a huge role in her game. Her grabs are very damaging and can lead to massive damage. I was originally gonna make OH's have its own sub section, but there really isn't much to say about them. Overall I would say Tina is definitely top 3 for the character with the best grabs. I also would go as far as to say that goes for her punish grab too.

When this turns into the G.T.S. (CH/HCH) if the person doesn't tech right away you get a free ground throw. The opponent gets knockdowned, so close to you. No dash is needed to compensate for range to pull off the ground throw. The G.T.S. also is hit comfirmable. As for her NH grab no dash is needed and puts the opponent in a ground grab guess. They can WUK in time but still the risk of a WUK some just opt to lay on the ground.

6T/ 2T/ 44T
If you do 6T and the opponent techs right away you're at -12. If you do this make sure that damage will K.O. the opponent. Not that it's punishable, or anything. I have done this when the opponent is against a invisible wall, so the opponent would be as close ass possible on wake up. When I did that it pushed back regardless, so it can't be punished luckily. Still though fuck 6T on its own. It can knock of ledges though, so its good for when you need to punish with your opponents back to the wall. 2T does not do this I guess they felt it would be too good if 2T knocked off also. For the 2T variant I don't really know the point of this grab. Its a pile driver that does 62 damage, but doesn't leave her negative, so it does have more use than 6T. I guess this could be used for placement like if you want to stay in the direction your headed then use this. I didn't check thoroughly, but I do believe this is the most damaging punish grab that's practical.

With Wall
This interacts with walls when the opponents back is against the wall. This in 4 use to be the wall version of J.O.C. Unfortunately they saw that as being too easy of an input for big damage, so they gave this a new animation. The game says the opponent is at 0 if the opponent techs right away that is not the case. You can do 46T when the opponent techs and this will beat 11i mids. Considering the grab is 23i and you can beat a 11i attack I say your definitely positive.

This does 68 damage and is a good substitute for her 6T punish. That is because this is 8i and many things can still be punished by an 8i throw. These got nerfed so the opponent can quick recover now. This can knock people off ledges now so it did get buffed too.

With wall
This grab interacts with the wall when Tina's back is against the wall. This is a good wall throw shit this use to be the only guarantee in 4 cause it did give you a free ground throw afterwards in 4 not anymore though. Despite this not giving a free ground throw afterwards it still does a nice amount of damage I believe.

This doesn't guarantee anything only gives +9. This grab I never use.


A grab worth doing to get that muscle memory down. It tops off at 135 while J.O.C. is 132. You do the math 120 damage with no chance of break compared to 132 with a chance of break yeah no thanks. This grab though it is the ideal grab for really negative big damage punishing. The possibility of 110 on NH is definitely worth it in my eyes. This really has been the grab of choice when punishing really unsafe strings.

214T~236T/ 6T~8T

This I do on accident when attempting to buffer her J.O.C. I actually connect this a lot despite doing it accidentally


I hardly use this grab and its not even because this grab is weak or hard to do. Its just her other grabs trump this one. Although this is good for hitting people into partitions and into walls and for invisible walls.

While Running T
Whenever I get this off I'm so used to standing there, or blocking, but this is another one. If they don't tech right away free ground throw. The 2T takes 30 damage, so if they don't tech you got a lot of damage to look forward to. This is also highly negative on tech.


This is her 2nd strongest grab at 75 damage. There isn't much to cover when it comes to this grab. I will P grab with this I will also use this if the opponent doesn't have much health left and finish with this to change things up. If someone decides to be a lazy then yeah I would recommend backing up slightly. To get away from wake up kicks and prepare to whiff punish if need be. Whiff punish M. Kicks with her H+K and lows with her 6H+K.

WR 64T

J.O.Cyclone. NH 78 HCH 120 dmg fuckin sexy if I do say so myself. Alright, so theres an easy way to do this. The grab is WR 64 H+P. So in 4 people did 33, 46T in DoAU2 Bass his best grab is the same input. You could buffer 33 as he's doing 4PP not finish the string do 64T. Bam strongest grab pretty silly stuff. He didnt duck, but simply inputting a ducking motion the game recognized it as a duck. Okay, so the buffering in DoA5 is awesome and a headache at times. To do Tina's J.O.C 33, 64T translates to 236 4T. I'm sure there are plenty of other ways to do it this is just how I do it. Now the good ol' technique of punch grabbing. To P,T with J.O.C. it can work, but people with quick reflexes see this coming. Even with the quick way to do this grab cause the grab unlike DoAU2 actually requires her to duck. So even if all you do is a twitch duck that alone alerts people especially offline. If you decide to P, T or PP, T use her 426T. No duck required and does a hefty 68 on NH. Only time I do J.O.C. is to punish holds, a force tech, or after a crouching move of hers. Now lets move onto crouching moves and the J.O.C. Something like 1P is, so short ranged you can follow up with a 64T and the J.O.C will always connect. But something like a 1K 64T may not always connect because of its long range. 1K and J.O.C. so when your out of range from throwing and wanna go for one. This is where the buffer system gets ridiculous. 1K puts you in crouch right, so when do 66 to get close. You already went in Crouch. Simply hit 4T J.O.C comes out. So in short 1K, 66, 4T J.O.C. comes out. Same applies to her 6H+K when it FT's. Now force techs and J.O.C. unfortunately her force techs are meh. This is only because Tina her force techs knock back really far. when presented with an opportunity to do a force tech. So after 8P to force tech 66, 214T works. Also the duck when you do 214T after 66. The twitch duck is less noticeable after 66 rather than 6 for whatever reason. Also for the record Run full screen 214T does not give you a J.O.C. The buffer system is really lenient, but not that damn lenient. As stated above 6H+K puts you in crouch so only 64T is needed for J.O.C.

Low throws

Her ideal low punish grab. It is easy to do and is a single part grab. Which does a decent amount of damage too. It is also 4i much like her 5T. Not much to say about this other than its alright. When the 236T version W! the opponent can't do a wake up kick so thats good.

2T ~ T

This is a grab I don't use often because its a multi part grab. Even if I used it everytime to get the timing down. I still wouldn't get it down if it was my only grab I used. This is because low grabs in general aren't used often. There is not many situations where you can use them. Its hard for me at least to get that muscle memory down with such little use.

33T/ 2T
This is her most damaging grab on CH/HCH. On CH/HCH you can choose to do the slam "2T" or the suplex 33T where she throws the opponent behind her. 33T 2T should always be used cause it is unbreakable and does the most damage. The only time the other grab should be used is for placement. For example your back is against the wall you land this on CH you do 33T and you get a W! and now you can apply the wall pressure.

Offensive Holds

I thought this move was absolute crap at first. It also looks incomplete which technically it is supposedly her grab from 1 which was a multi part grab. Anyway enough about that, so yeah at first thought this was crap. Which this is 16i, so it got that going for it. Only one person currently got a OH faster and that's alpha with her 10i OH. 16i seems to be the average for OH's Leifang is 16i Bass is 16i also. So it got speed going for it. The range is also decent, so that's another good thing. The damage is nothing to brag about either but when you do this against the wall you get a free ground throw. Which also doesn't scale so the ground throw always does 30 damage. Which brings this throw up to 70+ damage on NH & up. This throw when done in the open gives good oki.

Her strongest OH based off straight damage without any special setups needed for more damage. This looks a lot like 8K which is 28i and this is 30i. Since this is 30i there is not many situations where this can be used. There are not many Tina's out there so people get hit by this quite a bit when they shouldn't.

A TC'ing OH a very good OH. I tend to use this mainly when a score a knockdown where I know a wake up kick wont be used. If both of the opponent and I are standing I usually opt for 66T just because its faster and cant react to it like you can with 46T. An example of where I use this is after 6T with a wall. There is another plus to this grab its evasive. Tina she takes a step back then charges forward and it TC's the whole time. So do 6H+K max distance into this grab, or say the person breaks the first part just do it again. I don't use this much because of its speed. I try to use it sparingly cause it is reactable. Do experiment with this though it is worth using.

This is a low OH one the Tina is one of the few characters that has one. Not much to say about this. You can use this to stop high crushes in the crushing frames. Also a great tool against Helena and that's all I can really say about this grab.

Ground Grabs
I'm just gonna list the damage of these grabs that's it cause that's all there is to say about them cause everyone knows they exist already.

facing down - Head 20/ Leg 30
Facing up - Head 30/ Leg 20
Sides all - 30


So pretty much every character with a ground grab got a vortex. So a vortex is something that keeps your opponent in your range. That's what it is in a nutshell basically. A vortex also makes it so the fight is in your favor. To give an example of how it works goes as follows. In open space I do a juggle it knocks the opponent near me. I ground grab if they don't tech I get a ground grab of course. If they do tech I still try for a ground grab. But a low throw animation comes out and you recover in time. You're either at a slight disadvantage or slight advantage basically -3 to +3 For wall slams the same concept applies. Except they stay on the wall longer so you gotta whiff a standing grab. Then go for the ground grab. If you do it wrong you get a whiffed grab animation and are pretty negative. Using this also stops WUK's from coming out. The point of one is to get more damage out of the vortex than any juggle would do. If youre doing the same damage or less there's no point in doing a vortex.
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Anti Character Strats
In my head I'm not all that great, so in vanilla I never did matchups. This is still the case, but this section while its not matchup per se. I will be detailing what works and what makes the most sense to use. Which can be used in said matchups, so in a way. This can be considered her matchup section I suppose. I also like talking character to character not what existing players have done. Hell if I go by tournament standards and what players have done with her. She would be considered shit.... So really I got no choice but to talk theory fighter and speak character to character. Besides the things I'm gonna be talking about are humanly possible. This ain't theory fighter section honestly. If you're on point with Tina and you utilize her grabs properly. She can be absolutely filthy and dont forget her crushes. Im gonna organize this in alphabetical order. Hitomi is out of order and first up for a reason continue reading to see why....

Good ol Hitomi eh? Hitomi has been an issue for a while with her string mixups and speed. Especially if a character has shit crushes watch out. For Tina this is not the case Tina has good everything really. I talked enough about Tina already I shouldn't have to explain why this is good for Tina. Also thats right you seen it correctly good matchup. not bad, not even, but a good matchup for Tina. Attacks deplete health lets start with her string mixups shall we? There are so many holes in Hitomi's offense. It's beyond me why people get overwhelmed. She has so many string possibilities. I'm just gonna detail the string starters cause from there. You shouldn't let her get any further and overwhelm you. Do note because of her string delays the recommended high crush is 2P. This is because Hitomi's tend to stop strings and go in something else, or delay so much. That when you crush you end up hitting her on NH. Which is not good if you land a 1P. Thats just welcoming her to continue to mash you out. If a 2P lands on NH she is in (your) mixup now. If it lands on CH thats cool too. If Hitomi is using string mixups and stepping then hell yeah use 1P. Thats pretty much the only time I recommend it though.

3P - If a hitomi is doing this on block I don't even know why your not attacking. The only possibility is a high. They also do this to bait her parry, hold, or step. Really though Tina has an answer for all of those. First and foremost grabs can take care of all those possibilities. For the stepping 1P, for her parry 2p, if she low holds wanting that 1P, or 2P. Guess what you got a mid/ high crush 44P that stuns on NH. This write up on 3P alone details what you need to do against her other string starters the list is as follows.

9P, 3K, 9P, 7K, 1K, 66K

1K - Let me clarify as to why I mentioned this. No I did not forget 1KK or 1KP, but think about all the Hitomis you fought. How many of them use her mids from this string? Not many even if they do use them a lot why you aren't punishing is beyond me. Both follow ups are -10 grab that shit. I'll take 62 guaranteed dmg over a possible stun any day.

66K - Let me clear this one up too. This too has a low follow up which I didnt forget about either. People hardly use it though, so if you crush this string. I can pretty much guarantee if you do this. The opponent is gonna try and be witty and do the low which is highly negative like all her lows. Which means JOC for 82dmg, and a HC Hold is 90 dmg. So you do the math on risk vs reward. Would you rather get 82 dmg on NH or possibly grabbed? Or would you chance a low hold for a possible 90dmg (at the most), or HC thrown for a 82dmg lol. This leads into the next section punishment.....

Now lets cover punishment she is pretty damn unsafe. All of her low kicks are -17/-18, so pretty damn unsafe. This is where Tina shines if you train yourself to be on point. So in this game you can buffer in inputs as you're blocking. A good player uses everything that the game has to offer. Well as long as its useful of course. When it comes to Hitomi all her lows leave her standing and are severely negative so there's a little wiggle room. That being said when you are blocking strings. Keep your mind active and be ready to do what Tina's good at. Start buffering in those J.O.C.s You need to do them While Rising right? Well what do you got to do to block a low? Crouch, so you crouch, and as you crouch you got the WR part covered now buffer in a 6,4. Then you'll punish with a J.O.C. Everyone is different, so there is no right way to do this technique. Just do it in a way that works for you. Me personally the more motions I do. Keeps my mind active and me on my toes. So what I personally do is hold 6 while blocking. I aint going anywhere anyway then when I'm ready to block low. Slide from 6 to 2 then from 2 go back to 6 then 4 and get J.O.C. Yeah its more inputs but the more I'm doing as I block. The better off I am. When I do that, I'm prepared to react. Rather than reacting on the fly. If you get what I'm saying. Strings where you can use this technique is.

6K2K, 6PK2K, 7PK2K, 66k2K - Really all these end in the same low and are -17 or -18 not sure. All that matters is you got time to pull off a 11i grab. You also have PP2KK either, or is very punishable you block it great. They whiff the high great too. now for her other severely negative standing lows. Yeah there's more like a straight up 2H+K this is a bit harder to punish on reaction with J.O.C. Simply because you don't have a string to help set it up for you. Then you got her strings they only end in 2 ways. Her 6H+KK/ 6H+K2K first one is a high 2nd is a low so either way just duck. For the high K it is one of her kicks that are only -5 but I mean if you're ducking. Whiffing a move makes it severely negative. Then you got her 2P+KP/2P+KK this is either be an unsafe mid, or a unsafe reactable low. Moving along...

A general rule to remember is her kicks are safe for the most part. Semi-safe that is against Tina at least and other grapplers. I'd recommend grabbing some of these kicks to throw Hitomi off. Here's her safe kicks 6H+KK, 8H+K, 4PPK, 4KK, 236K. Also yes all of these are -5, so 5T these. I never knew this, but whats new for this game 33P is unsafe, so grab that crap. If they ever just throw the launcher out, or end a string with it.


As far as Akira goes he's weird. Start of the match Tina can beat all his moves. She even beats his jab, here's the weird part. Start of the game I've had her FC 3P completely miss when he does 2P. If I land my 2P and do 3P I beat his 2P always. Start of the game his 2P goes under my FC 3P somehow. As far as frame advantage goes all he has is +1 anymore. His P, 46P, 214P all give him +1 on guard. His 43P now leaves him at -1 never knew that got nerfed. His safe moves are 3P, 3K, 4PP, 4PP+K, 214P+K, 4P+K, 66P, 666P, 8P, and 6KP. His 6KP the P is a high so its nothing to worry about. For his -7 moves for the Tina special punishes are 8K, 33P+K, 66P+KP. For tracking he got 4P, 4PP, 214P+K SS K, and 236P+K. The 236P+K I don't even know why they made that track. Must be some kind of joke. It only does anything on guard. Anyway look out for those if the Akira uses those a lot. Remember to pick up on and only step during his other moves. Tinas 2P into 64T, or FC 3P mixup destroys Akira. There isn't really much else to say. Punish everything, step what you can, and crush what you can.

Alpha has never really been a problem for Tina. In vanilla she was a problem for all with that 2KKK that use to be all guaranteed. Not to mention her OH did a lot more damage. Since those fixes and up Tina has always been better than her. Tinas FC 3P is 12i Alphas Mid. P is 13i both 3P & 6P. Then you got her K at 12i but gets beat by FC 3P since its stronger than Alphas K lol. As far as her P goes FC 3P is really consistent on crushing it in open stance. I got mixed results in closed though so keep that in mind. The only thing you gotta worry about is that 7K. Which isnt much of an issue still yeah its safe not grappler 5T safe though. Theres a lot of ignorance behind Alpha I know I was one of them. I let alphas throw that out when I could of been grabbing it this whole time. As far as R1F goes Tina got the advantage.

As far as her strings look for openings and attack. 6PPP all mids I swear the 2nd P was a high at one point now its mid. That 2nd P tracks so theres that and after the 3rd P its a high K. All alpha is shes just a bunch of high mid mix ups. With the occasional low thrown in there. After 6PPP a high K comes so if crush. You dont need to worry about the rest of the string or Alpha going into something else. Everything she does is unsafe all she has is P from 6KP or 66P. Grab everything else but the elbow again even 7K is -5 so throw in a 5T at times to throw Alpha off. Oh her 3P and P series that too is safe only -2. But the GB at the end the attack before the GB is a high so be aware of that. Her FLOAT strings are unsafe from Tina. 4K series into FLOAT gives Tina a free 66P+K. The 8K series gives Tina a free 9K into juggle. The 2H+K series again gives her a free 66P+K. To reiterate 66P+K punishes all FLOAT options. From these strings 4K/2H+K/8K that goes for FLOAT P/K and even her canceling it into block.


So these two are basically even Bass is slower, but got better setups with his ground grab.

Brad Wong:bradwong:
Just Tina being in the same ring as Brad limits what he can do. Well I mean he can use his moves still unless he wants to get punished. Brad vs a grappler he has to play extra careful. While you can do your same ol thing. A lot of his good moves are grappler punishable. Really Brad has to play such an uphill battle you should always win against Brad. If not the win rate should be highly in your favor.

7K/7KK So, I dont remember this being punishable by 6H+K in vanilla but in this it is. As a matter of fact both are. You will get a HCH if brad tries to follow up with the K.

There's a second option though. If you dont want to reset the neutral game and want to keep the pressure going. 4K will punish this also whats good about that. Sure her stun follow ups aren't in range, but her OH and P+K are. So, what you got from here is the damage from 4K. Plus the addition of her grab, or a frame trap and a good one at that. Closest distance in closed stance P+K gives +2 in open +3. Which means thats right people FC 3P becomes a 10i mid, or 9i.

If a Brad ever decides to do this he just put himself in a nasty as mixup against her. To put it plainly if you got health to work with plus your opponent has a nice chunk. Yeah go ahead and opt for a 4K mixup. Need to close out the match, or near it go for her 6H+K.

Running P - Is unsafe against only 4 characters Tina is one of those 4. This can be made safe at tip range. Considering no one punishes I highly doubt many brads practiced to hit this at tip range if any at all. I tried in training shit ain't easy at least to someone who hardly uses him like me. His 236P always punish that shit if he cant do shit to make this one safe.

BT 2P+K - This is also -5 like running P low grab this too. His handstand KKKK/H+K forget about worrying about holding to punish this. This too just so happens to -5 block and don't risk getting HC thrown.

6H+K - This use to be safe and needed to be held just to low grab it. It became punishable by all. Now its back to being punishable by grapplers only again. If you forget to punish 7K Brad may give you another chance to punish by finishing it.

BT H+K - This crap is so negative you can Shinning Wizard it. I would just go for a 6H+K hits every time and its faster and less room for error.

Reverse handstand P+K. Don't let them get away with that. This is -8 I would say do 6T to avoid doing her chain grab and it possibly being broken. I recommend doing 5T anyway I was messing with this move in training trying to punish it. The timing was very strange I had him do 2P+K after this. Sometimes I got 6T other times I got hit. The timing on punishing this is wonky. If I did 5T I got a 100% punish rate. So Keep that in mind for this move.

PP2K - This is another move that's similar to the options she has out of Brads 7K. You can choose to punish Brad in two different ways. Low grab the clear guaranteed option highly negative. You can also choose if again dont need to close out the match. You can get off a free FC 3P which stuns crouching opponents and what is Brad doing? He is crouching and since FC 3P puts the opponent in a deep stun. You're free to pretty much do anything any of her stuns mix ups or a grab.

Pretty much every string the man has is punishable unless it ends with a GB. His lay stance both positions everything is unsafe from them except for his head facing K handstand transition thats a frame trap. Tina is one of the characters with the best set of grabs in the game, so if he wants to finish a string forget about it.

If Tina is played right just brad being put up against Tina limits the amount of moves he can use. So really the only chance this man ever has of beating Tina is through string delays, not finishing strings, Handstand transitions, and P grabbing. Its definitely not gonna be his speed that helps him since they are both slow. This matchup easily goes to Tina.

Last Round edit so not much changed all you need to know is HS H+K on block is no longer unique to grapplers. Its -6 now so the whole cast can punish this and a brad is less likely to let this slip on Tina now. Also I didnt catch this sooner but P+K with him is 5T punishable keep that in my if you ever see it. Guaranteed punishment right there.

Gen Fu


Jann Lee

There isn't much to fighting Kasumi. She hasn't changed much at all outside of her combo possibilities. Her strings haven't changed everything she does is unsafe as hell. If she finishes anything punish anything and everything she does. She doesn't really have anything to open you up outside of punch grabbing. I don't understand why people worry about her honestly. Just stay firm and you can punish anything she finishes. There is a string I see get blocked too often.

66PP People stop blocking this crap and getting put in a mixup. The second move is a high people duck this, crush this. Do anything, but block this crap. She can't teleport even doing a 2P is better which leaves you at 0 rather than her at plus. I use to 44P the very moment I seen 66P from Kasumi. If you can't do that easily just duck and grab. As I said pretty much anything else is better. Those are just one of the things I see Kasumi's using to open people up. Now while there isn't much of a way for Kasumi to build an offense on Tina. What can Tina do to her? Not much either to be honest. While Tina does have 46P for a frame trap. +1 isn't gonna do shit for you when facing Kasumi. Tina has 11i jab +1 wont help you when Kas has a 9i jab. You still will get beat out. If you space it right you could get +2 or more. That's when you can do something against Kas is at +2. Then again though, you gotta remember 46P is 18i. So there's very few times. Where you can actually pull that off. At a distance cause you certainly don't want to do it up close for +1.

So really due to Tinas lack of speed. This match is a stalemate it's more about who's gonna crack first. Who's gonna finish an unsafe string first? Who's gonna attack during a dealyed string? Who's gonna tick throw first. Although Tina has a lot more safe strings than Kasumi. Speaking of which Kasumis safe attacks are this 66K~K, 4H+K, 33K. Just so you know 33K is unsafe, but it's out of range from everything. So its one of those deceptive unsafe moves. I should point out her semi safe moves grappler only punishes. Watch out for 6KK & PP6KK that is -7 now so be on point with that 6T. Also her 4KK & PPPKK are 5T punishable only. You see a Kas doing these moves remind them you're playing a grappler. To sum this up, stay strong and you'll do fine against Kasumi.

Lei Fang
Marie Rose

There isn't much to say about Mila. Fighting her is pretty basic just know whats punishable. The rule of thumb on that is every punch ender on her strings are unsafe. Her kick enders are all safe. Except for PK/3KK/PPK they end with the same kick and its exactly -7. Which that K end is just her 5K. So just remember to recognize that kick and punish her K/3KK/PK/PKK accordingly. Her launchers are for the most part unsafe. She does have 8K which is -5 and then not a launcher. But her H+K is -1 so watch out for that K. That move tracks and remember to notice it since her jab will clash with yours.

This match I would put it even sure shes faster than Tina but not much faster. While she has the speed advantage Tina got the better grabs and can punish more. Remember her fastest mid is 12i being 6P. So the 2P tactic works well against Mila.

Phase 4
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Okay, looking at the guide its ugly as hell. I think I just may use the same format I did for my last guide. Everything looks the same, so horrible looking.

Gameplan for fixing this shit. First thing is to make this look better then I will finish this specific section first. Posting this will finally motivate me to finish this shit and stop putting it off. Outside opinions will help speed this up. Otherwise you're gonna have to continue to wait on me. Once I filled out all the necessary information. I'll go ahead and get to editing grammatical errors and typos last. That shit I can just do on my phone when I hit the road again. Good? Good!
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Thanks for the guide! Great work were done!
But there is one mistake in pokes section
The 3KK gives +17 on hit in all states by the way, so not a good move to use for stun combos. Good to setup her OH though that 66T.
I tested this just now and 3KK gives +2 on first hit, +22 on second hit, and +2 on second delayed hit. Is it correct?
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Thanks for the guide! Great work were done!
But there is one mistake in pokes section

I tested this just now and 3KK gives +2 on first hit, +22 on second hit, and +2 on second delayed hit. Is it correct?

Thats right, if you don't delay it you put the opponent in a weak stun. That gives +22 that's even on CH & HC. If you delay it then yeah the 2nd kick. Is the exact same as the first. I'll look into it I been really busy lately.
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