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I like RUSH better.
It's a great move, but it just "looks" good! I said this when I saw it in 4. However, you need more of those even on HiC, than BURST! RUSH is pretty, BURST is pretty damn painful! (Head bashed in or Blown completely to bits? haha) It's cool, DOAN! (Btw, does your name have something to do with Alpha's lackings? That avatar pic makes me very sad! :( )


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Second best move all of these years later:

Still RUSH

It can surprise people at every turn -- now in 2016 people have adapted enough to BURST to avoid it or have a follow up attack of some kind that will cost you the round, now even though RUSH can be avoided the same way -- it's still a great surprise for people come in after zoning, it's also a great follow up to most wake up attacks as it ducks under the legs when timed correctly.

It's also a great follow up when Alpha misses her parry by a mile... and a great back turned character thinks they are going to to get the upper hand because of it.

Great move to utilize when they are getting up from being crumpled on the wall.

I use my neutral throw a lot, and after playing Alpha a long time, and some Kasumi I notice that 90% of the time the opponent techs after that neutral throw even in competitive, why is this? I don't mind as I buffer up RUSH right after the neutral and take the gamble of getting it. Sometimes I will get it even if it looks to be a bad gamble because of it being an OH.

I recommend this move. There are a lot of examples where it will completely throw off the opponent even today. It's long animation also tends to cause a bit of a mind game on most opponents because it breaks the flow.

1. BURST yeah it can be avoided but is still 50%
2. RUSH if you are not utilizing this move you're missing out big time
3. BREAK - this move was godlike in vanilla, it's been nerfed a lot since, but is still a great move today and just has BROKEN distance, wall damage and floor damage
-- my objective as an Alpha player is to pull off my top three moves on you at some point in the match because my objective is to break the flow of combat otherwise I can be in big trouble.--
4. 2hk string tracks, is an effective low -- it's an abused string from the character so people are conflicted whether or not they should counter. It also allows a neutral teleport.
5. 4k -- this move can go into teleport as well, and get you a guaranteed launch if landed again
6. neutral throw... I love this fucking throw, it damages sets you up for RUSH if they tech -- busts through environments. It can be broken though, and I saw more breaks than ever before at this year's nec.
7. 6k you can spam this and get countered or be smart with it and get guaranteed damage
8. 8k I like this launcher a lot because it comes out quickly
9. 7k still after all this time it's a useful match opener since so many people go for the low on Alpha or predict p you can also float p afterwards though it's not guaranteed and if the opponent techs your round could be over.
10. h+m parry -- even though your damage upon a successfully parry damage is guaranteed to connect it does most of the time and get you some great environment damage and switch the side. This move tends to confuse people.
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