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I'm bored, and it still amazes me that some people don't even know that you can change the girls underwear.

Basically, it goes like this.
When selecting the outfit, if the bra or panties (or both) can be seen, whether by simple upskirts, or visible when clothes are wet, then you can customize them. There are four options.

On PS3, when selecting outfit, if you press:
X, you get the default.
Square, you get a secondary set.
Triangle, a tertiary panty/bra option.
X+Triangle, you get a fourth and final option.

On Xbox 360, you get the same by selecting with
or A+Y.

As a list (Willing to do the other characters I have in Core if you guys want.) I'll do Mila's

- C1 - Red MMA outfit
No options

-C2 - Flannel overshirt and jeans
X: Black Bra
Square: Pink Bra with the Bee on the left breast and "Sweetest Sting" words on the right.
Triangle: Black and white plaid/checkered/flannel bra with white lace edges.
Triangle+X: White Sports bra with "Victoria" written in black letters across the chest.

-C3 - Grey sweater and sweatpants
No Options

- C4 - Yellow MMA outfit
No Options

- C5 - Diner hat and apron
Same as C2

- C6 - Sweatpants and sports bra with towel.
Same as C3

- C7 - Red jacket and daisy dukes
X: White Bra with lacy trim
Square: White bikini top with horizontal pink stripes
Triangle: White Sports Bra with "Victoria" written in pink letters across chest.
X+Triangle: White bra with pink butterfly/flower patterns and pink dots, with pink lacy trim.

-C8 - Tina Legacy outfit
No Options

-C9 - Hitomi Barmaid Outfit
X: Black Sports underwear with "The Sweetest Sting" written across the waistband.
Square: Gray panties with white horizontal stripes, yellow trim on the edges, and a yellow bow on the front.
Triangle: Black panties with black/white flannel pattern on front, solid black on the back.
X+Triangle: Pink sports underwear with a giant Bee logo on the front, and a black waistband with "The Sweetest Sting across the waistband.

-C10 - Bass Outfit
No Options

C11 - White Bunnikini
No Options

C12- Black Bunnikini
No options

C13 - Red Bikini
No Options

C14 - Yellow Bikini
No Options

C15 - Santa outfit
X: White panties with red details/trim surrounded by red lace and a red bow.
Square: Red panties with green/black/white crisscrossing stripes (Affectionally named the "Present wrapper panties") and a black waistband with "Merry Christmas" printed on it.
Triangle: Red panties with white Snowflake print and white lace down the front.
Square+Triangle: Black panties with gold and silver tinsel and lace patterns on the front.

C16 - I'm A Fighter Cheerleader
X: White panties with "I'm a Fighter" printed on the butt, in colors and font matching the shirt.
Square: White panties with layered ruffles on the front and back
Triangle: Black panties with the Team Ninja logo on the front.
Square+Triangle: Pink panties with layered ruffles on the back

C17 - Red Volleyball outfit
No Options

C18 - Racecar girl
No Options

C19 - JPop Idol
X: plain bright yellow bra and panties
Square: Yellow bra and panties with vertical black/green pinstripes, and white lace along edges.
Triangle: White bra and panties with extremely intricate/ornate flower and pant detailing all over.
X+Triangle: Black lingerie with the bee logo on front, but sides are a see through mesh. Bra has white frilly lace trim. Black portions have faint flower print pattern.

C20 - Schoolgirl
X: White bra and panties with gray flanner/checkered pattern and white lace edges.
Square: Bright red bra and panties with white polka dots
Triangle:Solid black bra and panties with baby blue bow and bra straps
X+Triangle: White bra and panties with horizontal black stripes

C21 - Sports/Soccer outfit
No Options

C22 - Pumpkin Halloween outfit
X: Grayish white panties with lace along the waistband
Square: Orange panties with words "Trick Or" printed on the front, and "Treat!" printed on the butt.
Triange; Black panties with "Jack O Lantern" printed on the front in orange.
X+Triangle: Green panties with yellow stars printed all over them.

C23 - Casual Outfit
X: White panties with pink flannel pattern.
Square: White panties with brightly colored cartoon flower print on the front (Looks like a grandma's oven mitt), and solid yellow on the butt.
Triangle: Pink panties with white lace under the waistband, and a blue/black Bow and stitching on the front..
Square+Triangle: Solid white panties with a cartoon bear on the butt. (CHECK)

C24 - Sexy Swimwear Jacket and String Bikini
No Options

C25 - Japanese Gym Outfit
No Options (ALWAYS A yellow and orange flannel bra)

C26 - Nurse Outfit
X: Solid white panties with a red bow on the front.
Square: White panties with blue horizontal stripes and a red bow on the front.
Triangle: Black and gray flannel panties with a red bow on the front
X+Triangle: Bright panties with white lace under the waistband and a red bow on the front.

C27 - Overalls
No Options

C28 - Nightwear
X: Plain white panties
Square: Pink and white panties with a very small quilted pattern all over.
Triangle: White panties with yellow horizontal stripes
Square+Triangle: Hot purple panties with white edges and a repeating quilted pattern.

C29 - Maid
X: White lacy panties with a blue bow on front.
Square: White panties with a green plaid pattern, plus white lace and green bow.
Triangle: Black panties with white bow and lace.
X+Triangle: Pink panties with white lace and pink bow.

C30 - Playboy Bunny
No Options

C31 - Momiji Mummy outfit
No Options

Can list other characters' options here if anyone wants. I only have core fighters, so not all characters and not all costumes.
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