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As of the latest version of DOA5LR to date, Christie is still the same character who excels in two things, sidestep evasion and CQC. What she has on terms of uniqueness is a special sidestepping stance called Jakheiho (JAK), which can be used standalone or during specific strings. She is one of the few characters with a 9-frame jab, which is the fastest in the game. But she isn't without her weak points. Christie arguably has the weakest holds (and to an extent, some of the weakest throws) in the game. But given the tools and options she has, this is a mere afterthought.

Jakheiho Stance (JAK)

Christie's JAK stance allows her to mixup her offense in a number of ways, and is executed by inputting :2::P+K: (or :8::P+K:). The strings that can be canceled from this stance are:




:3::P::P::[P]::2: (quickly tap while charging the third punch)

:6::6::P::P::[P]: (quickly tap while charging the third punch)

:P::P::4::P::P::[P]::2: (quickly tap while charging the fifth punch)

:4::P::P::[P]::2: (quickly tap while charging the third punch)
(While back is turned) :2::P::P::P::[P]::2: (quickly tap while charging the fourth punch)

In addition to these, there are also two "secret" JAK strings that are not listed in the game's movelist:

:6::K::2::P+K: (derived from her :6::K::P: string, which is -12 on block and punishable. With this string cancel, you'll find it easier to maintain pressure as opposed to stopping at :6::K:)

:3::K::2::P+K: (derived from her :3::K::P: string, which is -10 on block and punishable. What sets this apart from the other "secret" JAK string is that the first kick tracks the opponent.)

Christie has access to specific attacks while in JAK stance:

(during JAK) :P::P: (first punch launches on counter hit, good for frame traps. -12 on block for the first punch, -10 on the second. Delayable string.)

(DOA5LR Update)
(during JAK) :6::P::P: (good for extending stuns, the first punch can also be used as a juggle ender to keep opponents away at the correct height, and also wall splats on counter hit or during a juggle near the wall. -13 on block for the first punch, -11 on block for the second. Delayable string.)

(during JAK) :P+K: (a high punch launcher that looks like :3::3::P: on normal stance, but launches even on normal hit. -12 on block.)

(during JAK) :6::P+K: (knocks opponent away on hit, can also be used as a juggle ender at the correct height. However, unlike the JAK :6::P: juggle ender, it registers as a wall hit, which is good for breaking obstructions to extend stuns. -5 on block.)

(during JAK) :K: (a handstanding mule kick that should be used sparingly. It's easy to punish on block at -11, and should only be used if you see the opponent in open stance and know the opponent will likely not punish it. If it lands on counter hit and the opponent is in open stance, you're rewarded with a limbo stun, which can be followed with :2::K: for an easy sit-down stun)

(during JAK) :2::K::K: (in previous versions of DOA5U, the opponent couldn't risk being hit or blocking the second hit of this sweep combo, as it put you in a drunken unholdable stun on hit, or gave Christie frame advantage of +4 on block. In the current version, the second kick is now -3 on block. Most opponents will likely duck under the second kick. Delayable string.)

(during JAK) :H+K: (a high roundhouse kick that knocks the opponent far on hit. Also possible to use as a juggle ender. -10 on block.)

(during JAK) :2::K::6::K: (this sweep combo goes into the mule kick from earlier, and the same rules apply to the standalone k from JAK stance. -10 on block. Delayable string.)

(during JAK) :2_::K::K: (a double sweep combo. -12 on block. Delayable string.)

Finally, Christie has movement expansions even from JAK stance, including a secondary rolling stance that can also be used standalone by pressing :3::P+K::

(during JAK):2::P+K: (double JAK stance)

(during JAK) :4::P: ( backstep, then high punch that bounds the opponent on hit, +4 on block.)

(during JAK) :4::K: (backstep, then goes into sliding low kick, knocks opponent opposite to your position on hit, -17 on block.)

(during JAK) :4::H+P: (backstep, then goes to rolling throw)

(during JAK) :4::3: (backstep, then into secondary rolling stance)

(during rolling stance) :P::P: (first hit is a stun extender, second hit crumple stuns, -11 on block for the first punch, -10 on block for the second. Delayable string.)

(during rolling stance) :K: (a good launcher that's also hold resistant. Perfect for open spaces, but not recommended near walls. -9 on block.)

(during rolling stance) :H+P: (in previous versions of the game, this low throw had a large amount of frame advantage if it landed, but little options to follow up from due to how far it pushed the opponent away. Furthermore, it registered as a wall hit, making it pointless to use. But now in this current version, it no longer hits the wall! You now have guaranteed followups from this amazing throw with an advantage of +21, which guarantees :6::P:,:6::K:, :H+K:,and :4::K:, just to name a few.)

While learning how to utilize the JAK stance can be fun, it's best to use in moderation, especially against opponents that know how to stop the stance on reaction with tracking moves (or even throws) of their own. Pay special close attention to knowledgeable Ayane players, as they have a lot of tracking moves that can narrow down your JAK mixup strategy, forcing you to play a more straightforward offensive game.

Safe Moves and Semi-Safe Moves

(NOTE: Some moves are only safe vs. non-grappler classes - or those with faster initial frame throws than standard).

:P: - The 9-frame jab. Very small stun, leaves you at -3 on block. Not substantial enough for any kind of throw punishment, and naturally, it's relatively easy to mixup from there. Furthermore, it doesn't reset the stun threshold like in DOA Dimensions.

:9::P: - A series first for Christie, this move is one you would think is very unsafe due to the nature of how unsafe it "looks". In actuality though, it has neutral advantage (or a frame advantage of 0), and even more baffling, the results are the same on hit AND on block. This is not only great for resets, but it also extends the stun threshold as well.

:3::P::P::P: - the third punch being a natural combo that can't be interrupted up close on hit or on block, this delayable string is -5 on block, which is relatively safe vs. non-grappler classes. You could buffer another high or low crush against them, but be careful when facing grapplers like Bass, Tina, Leon, Bayman, or Lisa.

:4::P+K:, :3::P+K: - relatively the same guard break, leaving you at +10. However a fully charged :4::P+K: is +15 on block, guaranteeing only :6::P:, an 11-frame mid punch.

:236::P: - a jumping guard break that evades lows and is +7 on block. Knocks opponent away on hit.

(from JAK) :4::P: - a long-winding guard break that is +4 on block. Knocks opponent away on hit.

(from JAK):4::4::P: - backsteps, then a high punch guard break that is also +4 on block. Bounds the opponent when hit.

(from JAK):6::P+K: - semi-safe vs. non-grapplers at -5, knocks away opponent on hit.

While not as easy as she was in Vanilla DOA5 to open up an opponent's defense having the ability to guard break at +15 without charging her most basic guard break, Christie is still an offensive beast up close and personal, even without them. Some basic ways to get in are to use tick throws (jab, then throw), mixing quick mids and lows that are hard to punish, and stun launch. Results may vary if you know your opponent well.

Aside from the typical stun game, you have two unholdable options. One is a faint stun, the other is a sit down stun. On paper, the former option is easier to land than the latter, as using :P+K: during critical stun becomes a faint stun, which the opponent cannot hold nor stagger escape from. From the faint stun, you are guaranteed :4::K:, which is the only launcher with enough reach to connect. Be careful using this against the wall, as :P+K: registers as a wall hit instead.

The former unholdable stun option, :214::P:, has a slow startup, is unsafe on block at -7, and can also be sidestepped. It's great for whiff punishing wakeup kicks and other specific ranged attacks and strings when timed well, but only rewarding against those who can't stagger escape well. Remember, if you use this at stun threshold, it registers as a critical finish and knocks the opponent down.

Near the wall, there are two main options you have that are rewarding: :6::6::H+P: and :3::H+P:. The former is a very high damaging wall throw which disables the ability to use wakeup kicks, resetting the advantage to neutral. From here, you have lots of options to continue your assault:

1) If the opponent chooses to sidestep, you can use :H+K:, :3_::P:,:3::K:, or throw.
2) If the opponent chooses to stay in place, you can use the two linear guard breaks as the opponent wakes up, :6::K:, :6::P:,:9::P:,:2::H+K:, or if you're feeling lucky, pull out another :6::6::H+P:.

The latter wall throw option, :3::H+P:, as I mentioned previously, gives a whopping +21 frame advantage, so take what I said there into consideration.


Updates for DOA5LR

- :P::K: and :K: no longer register as wall hits in the :P::K::K::K: and :K::K::K: strings respectively. In these two strings, only the second kick wall splats.

- :9::K::K: went from 26 to 28 points of damage.

- The Critical Burst :6::P+K: is now linear and no longer tracks.

- The juggle heights of :P::P::P::P: and :6::P::P::P::P: have been readjusted.

- :K: is now -11 on block instead of -10.

- In the :6::P::P::P::P: string, the third punch now wall splats on hit.


NOTE: The following is subject to correction, as these notes have just been revealed from the Japanese official site untranslated. And I'm not fluent with Japanese, so the information I'm giving could be inaccurate.

Updates for DOA5LR Version 1.08

- 7pp's critical stun property - which was once 29 frames on the first and 17 on the second - has been reduced to a short stun with a duration of 8 frames on the first hit and 4 on the second.
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looks like they lied. In the PS3 version the second K in PKK still wall splats. P+K wall splats as well. What the hell were they talking about?
Second K still wall splats in the PS4 version as well. That said, it seems to wallsplat with less regularity than I remember, where it doesn't seem to wall splat in certain angles where you think it would.
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Thread updated with all changes made as of DOA5LR Version 1.01 and the inclusion of strategies from the previous version of DOA5U that's still relevant in the current version.

Thank you everyone, for your input.

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HA , it'll take MUCH MORE than that to make christie "nerfed" XD . i don't understand why TN even bothered lol.
When it comes to balancing a character a few frames can make a difference. Allow me to explain.

If we consider the 7PPP string nerf, which might seem a minor one, you'll find out the following:

- 7PP is now a much less effective string for causing/extending the stun. And, yes, it's a string that you would use to stun your opponent due to both hits having tracking properties and the second punch being a (very delayable) midium hit. Previously your opponent had to wait for it, and if he risked attacking you were rewarded with a decent stun. Now that second punch is not that scary as it will only guarantee frame advantage (if you cancel the string) or a mid punch launcher (if you finish the string).

- Also her stun game from back-turned is affected as 4P is the same punch as 7PP, i.e. not so scary anymore for the same reasons above. Now you can't use 4P to extend the stun when BT; and that's the only mid punch she had for the stun game, the other one being a launcher.

- Her wall game is affected as well as you probably won't use 7PP anymore after her 66T wall-throw. That string was ideal as both hits track, which gives you control of your opponent.

So, if you ask me, that is quite a nerf.
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it's not that bad man because let's just face it , when you are playing a character with over a 115 moves in her arsenal and when that arsenal is as good as hers, you are NEVER out of options .

the way i see 7pp is still a viable option . how you would say? well , if your are going with the strike offence option 7pp is broken i ll admit but 7p in itself is a very powerful stun because the string itself starts at 17 frames so you won't be counter hitting anybody with this , you gotta connect this string after her usual faster stun starters and 7p in itself is at least +30 on fastest stagger escape and +40 without it which allows even qcb p to connect. what more can you ask for?

7pp and BT4pp can now be used as tick throw opportunities rather than the typical stun extender and iam very much mistaken if TN didn't had this very same idea in their mind before the patch. if hitomi can use her 3kk to set her "moka" throw then why not her? +8? 12-8= 4 frame 624 throw . GO FOR IT! TAKE YOUR DAMAGE.

and her 66T throw wall reset is same as after you are stomped upon by rachel . opponent is completely at your mercy yet they try "outsmart" you. to those "smart players " i ll say , " sorry but , you are fucked XD , play yomi with me fine, but technically, I AM IN CONTROL. "

to summarise my rambling , i ll say 7pp string's purpose has just changed that's all . this has happen because most christie players don't even remember that she also has throws unless they are near a wall . this change is just meant as an indicator to use encourage her throw usage more.
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