Updating XBOX 360's DOA5U to DOA5LR


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I'm trying for° time to update Doa5Ultimate into DOA5LR in xbox 360. I've download every costume data (like before), specially the obligatory ones that the DOA5 website listed (like before), all of this before download the update patch that turns DOA5U into DOA5LR (like before). But, before it ends re-downloading everything, i would like to ask you for some advice or experiences of it so i can know what i could or did wrong before in order to fix this annual battle. And yeah, i have core fighters in xbox one, but well, this thing has become personal XD

UPDATE 1 - Download all the costume catalog data but not DL the update freezes the game, making DOA5U unplayable.
UPDATE 2 - It worked, finally. I have no idea what was different today than my previous attemps, but i guess that probably was 'cause the storage device (i use a separate usb drive just for the DOA games data). Sadly, characters brought in xbox one don't trnaslate to the same xbox 360 account :/, so no phase 4, honoka and marie rose here :/

PD: The secret code for unlock all non dlc costumes works in 360, too.
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