DOA6 Version 1.10 Released

The new 1.10 update adds a few minor functionalities to the PS4 micro-transaction experience of Dead or Alive 6, fixes some bugs that are still currently unlisted on the official Team NINJA site, and adds three costumes with color variations that can be purchased with your player points. If you are unable to make individual purchases you are encouraged to wait until later on today, and the timing of availability could also be reflected by your region. You can get involved with this update by contributing any possible stealth changes to the system, characters, or the bug fixes.

Most of the players in the PS4 Dead or Alive community want individual costume purchase, and with Version 1.10 they are finally able to do this with 'premium tickets.' These tickets are exclusive to PS4 and are purchased with real money and can be used in the game itself to maybe bypass some of Sony's policies and rules surrounding the whole mictro-transaction debacle. The Playstation Store is a disgusting mess, remember all of the nonsense in Dead or Alive 5? This feature could be the remedy to a truly unorganized store which is also plagued by ugly and laggy design.

Three new costumes have been made available for free with color variants for: Marie Rose, Mila and Hayabusa. Mila's outfit is a replication of her hero, Bass and this outfit was first made available in DOA5. Hayabusa's returning outfit is slick, trimmed with gold and sports a mask-less option for the Super Ninja. I'm not sure what Team NINJA was thinking for the reissued costume of Marie Rose, but it's blinding and horrendous color arrangement is enough to make your eyes bleed out of your head, and it's hard to imagine why anyone would want this.

We will keep you updated on the extra additions to this update as they are found and discovered. Enjoy Dead or Alive 6 and look forward to the TGS presentations for Team NINJA's DOA6 and Nioh 2 next week! What do you think of the new 'premium tickets' and do you hope to see more free flashback costumes?

Important Message for PS4 Players

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I'm still getting messages from PS4 players asking if their costumes will be safe upon deleting their save data or save data corrupting. Your costumes will be safe as long as you can sign back into the network. I've added the notice from Team NINJA to the report.
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