Way Of The Nioh Support Thread

I honestly didn't know what to call this thread so I just picked something I thought made some sense.

So basically I made this thread to just dump all the knowledge I've accumulated in this game... and to encourage others to do the same...

So where to begin ?

Ah... The Most Effecient route to unlocking The Queen's Eyes Mission on Way Of The Strong-Wise.

Request From Ginchiyo. (Item)

This one is easy even without Stealth... all you have to do is find the Old Charm and the mission will end... oh but wait... the location of the charm won't be the same for everybody....

Bridge Of Bone (Mob Fight)

Standard Mob fight... the tricky part is dealling with all the floating heads that constantly interrupt your moves... and discord you...

Guardian Of The Underworld (Mob Fight)

Another Mob Battle... except this time the game has no shame chucking Tougher Yokai at you.

Kanbei and The Over Lord. (Mob Fight)

I believe this is another Mob Fight... its either that or a Kappa Hunt.... shouldn't be too hard but you will get killed by some random bull shit trying to do this.

Death To Bandits (NPC Fight ?)

This one's 90% Stealth and 10% NPC Mob Fight... just make your way back to the beach and kill the tall dude sitting in the corner of the house to clear this mission... stealth isn't necessary. But it helps

Red Oni of the Ii (NPC Boss Fight)

I've fought this guy so many times trying to gey his armor that I honestly can't say if its easy... for me it easy but if you don't know his tricks like I do then he can waste you pretty easily...

Invitation From The Warrior Of The West (NPC Boss Fight)

This Guy is the worst... feel free to skip this one if you can't beat him... thats what I did.

Demon Hunting (Yokai Boss Mob Fight)

This one isn't really effecient... you can't skip the first two mobs... the only reason I put it on here is because At This Point You may have fought Onryoki so many god damn times that he's basically just a grunt with 20 times more health... so just beat him nice and quick and move on.

Greater Demon Hunting (Yokai Boss Fight)

Yep... Onryoki again... with even more health... atleast this time's he's got no Balls. Now on Way Of Demon this mission Changes... Kaido will still show up and pretend to help you but Onryoki will also be getting back up at 50% and 25% of his health bar... I don't even know how this changes on Way Of The Wise but I bet this disqualifies it from being effecient.

Giant Frog Brawl (Yokai Boss Fight)

Giant Toad and his Broken Hitboxes... iits a one on one fight so if you can Discord the bastard then you can beat him regardless of the difficult... make sure you optimize though... if you have to discord him twice then you're not doing enough damage... be warned though... he gets new moves on Way Of The Wise...

The Seven Good Tidings (Collectathon)

This one's damn near effortless with Stealth. There are going to be some Bottlenecks like a Boku Boku and Nyotengu getting in the way of two of the Kodama's but the other 5 can be snatched away taking candy from a Carrot...

Champion Of The East (NPC Boss Fight)

Tadakatsu Honda... he's Slow... if you got the ammo for it then just introduce him to the business end of your Hand Cannon.

The Demon's Daughter (Item/NPC Fight)

All you have to do is crack open the door in the Catacombs and speak to the hostage... oh but wait... door's locked... so tou have to grab the key off the dude guarding the door... he's alone so if no one follows you then you can rinse him nice and quick.

The Unrepentant Thief (Kappa Hunt)

Another Kappa hunt... Kappa's have alot of HP and inconsistent stagger rules. Just get him to stop running and this should be easy... Tokugawa's Hench men will provide a decent diversion while you kill the Kappa.

The Ogress (Mob Fight)

This one's abit tricky... the boss is only one door away but its locked... so you have to run all the way around to reach her... its Flying Bolt backed up by flying heads... Living Weapon can take out the heads but this Bolt is alil different... she can hop out of your offense at anytime and sloth you before you can dodge and from here she can really fuck your shit up.

The Disappearing Ranjatai (Item)

This is just like Ginchiyo's Mission... you just need to find the Sandle Wood.. aand just like last time the chest that its in won't be the same everytime. There is one difference though... its being guarded by a mimic so if you spot one then that's definitely the right chest... get him to hand it over to you and them mission will end.

The Three Souls (Mob Fight)

Its literally a repeat of The Ogress (not the boss) execpt you this time you have to kill three one eyed imps...if they lick you... then they will transform into Cyclops... The Amirita they absorb comes right out of your Amirita Guage so don't save your Living Weapon... pop it immediately and murder all of them.

The Fallen Onmyo Mages (Item ?)

Its not really an Item hunt but its basically the same...You'l definitely want to Stealth this one... If specific Mages see you... they will spawn Tengu's and Onyudo's and god knows what else so definitely don't engage the praying mages. You can smash the crystals without your suppa scroll wearing off regardless of how much of a racet it makes...

The Missing Catalogue (Mob Fight)

At first I thought this was an Item hunt but really its a mob fight... I stealthed my way to the item no problem but when I picked it up it triggered a bunch yokai... luckily this is one of the easy ones... shouldbe no problem.

The Watcher in Darkness. (NPC Boss Fight)

You an speed run/fall straight to the boss in 15 seconds... you can use stealth but thats just going to make it take longer. As for the Fight Itsef... if you got Shurikens then you're good...

And maybe 3 or 4 other missions on top that and you should be able to skip straight to The Queens Eyes...
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