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Hayashi: "[DOA5 is] trying to push the envelope for fighting games"

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  • 29 has given the first interview of Dead or Alive 5 with Team NINJA director Yosuke Hayashi. In it, Hayashi emphasizes that other fighting games have done nothing to advance the genre for the past 10 years, and Team NINJA is looking to make Dead or Alive 5 more about the stage design and take you into dynamic levels.

Head on over to Eurogamer to see the original article, but below is a copy incase Eurogamer ever closes the article: said:
Dead or Alive 5 to "push the envelope"
by Fred Dutton

16/09/2011 @ 07:25
The fighting genre has lacked innovation in recent years, according to Team Ninja boss Yosuke Hayashi, but its just-announced scrapper Dead or Alive 5 will be the game to push things forward.

Speaking to Eurogamer backstage at Tokyo Game Show today, Hayashi argued that though the likes of Street Fighter 4 and Tekken 6 looked spectacular, they hadn't...

DOA5: The game is finally announced

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On September 14, 2011 Team Ninja has released the Pre-Alpha trailer for Dead or Alive 5. The trailer shows off a dangerzone filled construction yard rooftop with Hayate and Hayabusa dueling it out. It should be expected that many of the attacks and motions are from Dead or Alive 4 as pre-alpha builds tend to carry over a lot from the previous version as other system mechanics are ironed out and developed. At the same time it should be warned that anything shown during the trailer could be changed once the final build arrives.

Team NINJA has set out to claim the game as "fighting entertainment", and honestly it makes me feel that the series has returned to the DOA3 style of grittiness that I personally have enjoyed. There's not much core gameplay information to be found at this time as it appears at first glance to be a consolized Dead or Alive Dimensions. I only caught two new...

DOAD: Dimensions is up for a Golden Joystick

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Dead or Alive Dimensions has been nominated for a Golden Joystick Award in the Fighting Game Category. If you enjoyed the game and feel its worth voting for, head on over to the site to cast your vote.

It's competition consists of the following titles:
  • Arcana Heart 3
  • Blazblue: Continuum Shift
  • EA Sports: MMA
  • Fight Night Champion
  • Marvel vs Capcom 3
  • Mortal Kombat (9)
  • Super Street Fighter IV (3DS)
  • Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition
  • WWE: Smackdown vs RAW 2011

Event: GVN Summer Jam ONE MONTH AWAY!

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This is a reminder to all of you Dead or Alive fans out there that the GVN Summer Jam event is less than a month away. If you haven't stopped by the event page for it, do so now and RSVP! This is the type of event you don't want to miss as you have the chance to play casually and competitively with other Dead or Alive players looking to have some fun. The DID7 champion Allan Paris himself will be running some tournaments during the event as well.

For more information, stop on over to the event page.

DOAD: Nintendo 3DS cut to $170 on August 12th

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For those members of the community who have passed on the exorbitant price of the 3DS, Nintendo has news for you! Starting August 12th the Nintendo 3DS portable will be slashed in price to $170. So now you won't be the only kid on your block not being able to play Dead or Alive Dimensions! Feel free to stop by in the forums once you pick both up to arrange matches with other friends!

Original Source: Kotaku

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