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DOA5 Nominated for Game Critics' Best Fighting Game of E3 award

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Team NINJA's upcoming game Dead or Alive 5 was nominated at E3 for five different awards and nabbing two of them (GameWorld and Game Chronicles). It has just been announced that Dead or Alive 5 has been nominated by the Game Critics Awards for Best Fighting Game of E3. This is certainly a great honor for Team NINJA.

Dead or Alive 5 is in the running for best fighting game with the following competitors:
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us (NetherRealm Studios/WBIE for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U)
  • Persona 4: Arena (Arc System Works/Atlus for PS3, Xbox 360)
  • PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale (SuperBot/SCEA for PlayStation 3, PSVita)
  • Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (Namco Bandai Games/Namco Bandai Games for PS3, Xbox 360)


DOA5 will not support DLC Characters

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In an interview with Videogamer, Yosuke Hayashi and Yohei Shimbori commented on their thoughts in regard to Dead or Alive 5 utilizing downloadable content. Specifically, they had issue with the idea of downloadable characters and how allowing for such a downloadable content affects the rules of the game.

Additionally, in a separate article with Videogamer, Yosuke Hayahi and Yohei Shimbori discussed their ideas with the next generation ideas and online support for the title and future iterations.

Videogamer said:
Team Ninja has 'no plans' to sell additional characters for Dead or Alive 5.

Releasing additional characters as downloadable content for...

Kotaku: Hayashi and Shimbori comment about competitive play

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In a recent article on Kotaku, Evan Narcisse asked Yohei Shimbori and Yosuke Hayashi about their thoughts of fighting games and competitive play. The responses were interesting. I've included the full article since honestly the article is so short that it really is just two quotes:

Evan Narcisse said:
When I asked Team Ninja lead Yosuke Hayashi and Dead or Alive 5 director Yohei if they'd implemented any changes to the game specifically in anticipation of its reception by the fighting game community, they answered that that's not how they approach design. "We want to appeal to all levels of skill," said Shimbori. Right now, the dev team is working on game balance, he elaborated, to make DOA5 a fun game first. Shimbori mused that any adoption by the tournament scene comes later and...

Kayane's impressions on Dead or Alive 5 and IPL

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Kayane recently posted her impressions on her experiences with Dead or Alive 5's E3 build and the IGN Pro League itself. In it, she talks a bit about her history with the Dead or Alive series and what her future plans are for it. Although she made a name for her self in Street Fighter and Soul Calibur, what many people don't know is that she started her competitive gaming addiction with Dead or Alive. Her favorites were Kasumi and Ayane, and that's where her name came from after blending the two together.

Kayane said:
Then, I focused more on Soul Calibur which was my first fighting game and made me love the genre, and didn’t participate to more DOA tournaments, also because the french scene didn’t have many tournaments for this game. SC Community has always been very active in France. I wish DOA could have such a strong community as well here.

I have always been a DOA fan, playing DOA3 and DOA Ultimate, DOA4 DOA dimensions…I heard about this CGS tournament with pro gamers...

UPDATE: Power Blows to be allowed in Tag as Tag Power Blows

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According to an article on Kotaku, a small comment is made that the Power Blows will be allowed in the tag mode of the game. This is certainly interesting to hear, as the tag system has not really been talked about. I still would like to hear more about possible changes to the tag system from not only Dead or Alive 4 but also Dead or Alive Dimensions.

UPDATE: GameSpot has given further clarification on the subject. Not only will Power Blows be in Dead or Alive 5 Tag mode, but they will also be Tag Power Blows. This is a very interesting take on it and brings in a nice way to implement the power blows into its system.

GameSpot said:
One fighter connects with a power blow, but instead of knocking the opponent into the environment, they knock them toward their...

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The following games are at the Game Awards for Best Fighting Games:

Dead or Alive 6 (lol)
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Samurai Shodown (interesting, huh.)
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