[DOA2U MOD] Helena Edited Moveset (Time Attack)

Another interesting edit. Keep going with the good work! 8P.P+K is nice!
How do you add these moves ? Is it technically possible to add her 66K+H from DOA5 ?


Jan 28, 2018 at 5:53 AM
Posted by usagiZ
Time attack with Helena's edited moveset.
Life Gauge set to Largest, Difficulty set to Very Hard.
Helena got a lot of new string mix-ups in later games, so I tried to bring some of that to 2U with more moves transitioning to Bokuho stance.

44PPP now has a sit-down stun, which allows a 3P follow-up. (0:21)
6P+K has a follow-up as 6P+KP, which has a bound property on CH (0:53)

8P has a new multi-hit follow-up as 8PP+K.
It's a launcher and has slight re-float that allows for juggles like this on light to mid weights (1:15)

214P is "Atsuda" from DOA5 (1:37)
9P and PP have a new 2P string ender. It's a variation of "Atusda" from DOA5 (1:52)

After editing the half-wall slam property, half-wall combos are now possible. (3:14)
Using half-wall slams can get you some nice extra damage (4:41)

Side note, I play pretty badly in these time attack videos, pls forgive me lol.

Thanks for watching!
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