*at the end of Round 2.*

Also, lol@ the keyword "whatisyourquest".
A true Izuna medley of destruction! I love it! I also loved that stylish finish at that end of Round 2. :)
Mila 3H+K beats out 1/2 P pressure, but other lows will beat it out.
1:52 I like how Ryu is so high up, you know it's the throw. On reaction, I always crouch block this. You could 9K him but that's risky, really risky.
Im not even mad this Mila lost. That outfit was a crime, and retribution was needed!
The final frames of recovery on Mila's Spammersault are counted as the new "crouch" status, meaning it crushes high, but can be hit by lows, mids, crouching throws, standing throws and most OHs.


Sep 12, 2014 at 9:01 PM
Posted by Brute
Lots of different types of izunas here.

There's some other shit, too, but I know you just came for the izunas.
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