How Guys Like This Get "B" Rank, Eludes My Comprehension

They are actually pretty good. I enjoyed that fight. I agree that juggling becomes tedious at times, and these players showed how much fun it is to be a noob again, hehehe. :p
I don't get it lol, he played like a normal player :eek:
That is just not at all what we were referring to. :p
Its says exactly what I meant meant, Brute. A person can decide to do nothing but juggles the entire fight. Juggles are guarantee damage to the opponent
"In either Solo or Tag, if you're in the air, you can be juggled to death"

I think tag mode is best when played with 4 people casually. Unless the partners have actually practiced tag combos, (which probably doesn't happen in my case), there won't be these combos that take away all of your health. It turns into a surprisingly fun mode. My tag experience has come from offline, so im sure online will be different
That's enough outta both of you. Tag has it Pros and Cons, as does Solo. Different modes, Same conclusion. Fights settle the same way regardless of the means to end it. In either Solo or Tag, if you're in the air, you can be juggled to death, no matter the length of a combo
Tag is not stupid. The reason TN intended these extended juggles in the first place was to quicken the pace of a tag match with two lifebars, as opposed to TTT, which requires only eliminating one lifebar. But it's whatever. Haters gonna hate.
Tag is stupid. It would probably be amazing to play offline, but online there's just too much input delay and it gets insanely laggy when you play with three other people. Plus, like Brute said TN needs to fix the retarded death juggles.
Wow a tag match posted here on FSD lol

I have nothing against tag since It's fun as a casual change of pace.

In any case, yeah...rank doesn't mean much. I'm roughly a B rank Ein player (almost B+) but I beat higher ranked players easier then some of the C rank players I come across. Not to mention rank match is a cluster fuck since you can see which player your about to fight and what character they use. Expect a bunch of cherry picking for favorable fights.

The only reason I like rank though is I can get a match started much faster then joining/forming a lobby would.

If you're serious: That was directed to those who are downplaying folks who like playing tag and implying they're "boosters", and that didn't sit well with me, as I now genuinely enjoy playing tag as well as singles.

If you're not serious: I'm gonna pretend that never happened.
"Fuck you guys,
Also, judge not"

^what a joker this guy is
Just saying... it's pollen season, and you have Bianca Beauchamp as eye-candy up there. You can never be too sure.
May I suggest ClearEyes, and maybe adjusting the breast motion?
Lol Tag.

LOL Ranked... So yeah, that Ayane kinda hurt my eyes a teensy bit.
To be fair, I never have a plan in a match. I'm like a dog chasing cars. I wouldn't know what to do if I caught it, I just... do things.
I never judged. I merely stated that the person who fought me, didn't entirely know what he was doing
@awesmic truer words were never spoken bro.


Apr 15, 2014 at 2:32 PM
This guy jumped in my friends lobby, hoping to get some free wins
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