The Strongest Slow Motion in the World+Bonus

Lol.. Dude, stop breaking the game xD! Please think of the children.
A potato, obviously.
^On what? A 56k connection?
hey, this is what happens when i play online
I.... don't know how to feel anymore. This was magnificent!
@Codemaster - N-No! you discovered my secret plans! I have no choice but to resort to Plan B! *Flys away* xD

@Brute - I should of added a Deathstroke voice in the background somewhere lol.
He is wiser than all of us.
I don't even think you play the game anymore. I think your sole DOA existence is now dedicated to breaking the game, highlighting Leon's badass-ness, and destroying the lives of all the children.
Oh God. Gen Fu stole the show.
omg i hope this stays in LR.... could you imagine slow mo with the higher res hit effects 0.0!!
You beaten me Destruction: I wanted upload a similar video, this is the same glitch that I depicted in this post: (sadly you can't get photos of the slow motion hit effects but only of the power blow ones)
Hmmm getting some awesome screenshots with this. Will show you later
"It's like you're moving in slow motion!"
Hory shet tho, this is amazing. Awesome find, DB. I like the SF3 music too.
Oh my God

Can we like ask Team Ninja to make this slow-mo environment it's own mode in spectator? Please? Pretty please ._.


Dec 10, 2014 at 9:09 AM
Posted by DestructionBomb
Video of a powerblow glitch that causes hit effects to slow down.

With a little extra fun time fooling around with it.

EDIT: You do a PB within the last seconds before time runs out on a danger zone. Works on Hotzone, the bottom portion of scramble and even the buddha statue.

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