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  • If we don't have a new character makeover soon, I'm going to lose my mind. I wonder if Eliot will be "cute", more "mature" or even "sexy"..
    Watching that VF5FS stream is painful, my skills are so limited I want to cry. Time to improve my techniques with Pai before September!
    Maybe if someone could lay his hands on the E3's build, we could know the actual list... but I guess it's impossible.
    I'm having a lot of fun with Pai on VF. Hopefully that leaked roster is real so I can use Helena and Pai as my new tag team in DOA5.
    It's always the same. Now that we had a new trailer, I'm more hyped than ever and I just need more news! When is the next trailer haha?
    Is Rig Bayman's alter ago/twin or something ? Maybe that accident in DOA4 turned him schizophrenic. Same expressions on the face.
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