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  • 'It's just like, so extreme, you know?' - why Brooklyn hipsters are jealous of Syria's severed head selfies
    Update on the next Tomb Raider game, it is 100 percent XBOX ONE exclusive, (360??) this isnt a timed exclusive either (sorry PS owners)
    "That shit is just CREEPY" - Why Kanye West thought paedophiles were people that collected old postage stamps
    "It was terrifying" - Meet the West London teenager who almost bored herself to death looking at photos of other people's food on Instagram
    We gave members of the Westboro Baptist Church MDMA and tricked them into watching a load of gay porn
    How do you "trick" someone to watch a lot of something they don't want to see? I'm sure x person/people turned it off within seconds. And also, I bet you feel proud about yourself. Congrats....
    "Am I the only one who detests pizza? Makes me feel like I've eaten a blanket" -Ellie Goulding
    Andy Warhol was right, everyone is world famous for fifteen minutes now, and it's a fucking tragedy
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