1. K

    Did they make Nyotengu bad?

    I know the game is new but maybe a Nyotengu pro can help me out. She feels nerfed like her low punch not giving her a combo anymore it's basically no threat. And is she really the only character in the game without a fatal stun? She feels weak compared to other characters she even didn't get a...
  2. GreatDarkHero

    Nyotengu Discussion

    Greetings all DOA players, fellow FSD members, Nyotengu players, and guests, The purpose of the thread discussion is to present the mighty female tengu, a playable character of Dead or Alive 6. The thread is going to speak on the subject of Nyotengu's move sets, narrative concepts, and the...
  3. NoctTengu

    Characters UGS NoctTengu's Nyotengu Complete Combo Video

    The long awaited Nyotengu combo video for many from NoctTengu is finally here. This is the most complete Nyotengu combo video you will ever see. Some know I've been working on this for a very long time and I'm happy to see it finally finished. Since the day the Tengu Princess came to DOA5U...
  4. U

    Characters NyoTengu Throw Punish Thread

    :nyotengu: Frame data Tier 1 (6i & 7i) :P::P::P: (-8)(-6)(-14) (:high::high::mid:) (NT)(NT)(NT) :P::P::K: (-8)(-6)(-10) (:high::high::mid:) (NT)(NT)(T) :P::P::6::P::K: (-8)(-6)(-11)(-15) (:high::high::high::low:) (NT)(NT)(T)(NT) :P::P::2::K::K: (-8)(-6)(-20)(-12)...
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