Did they make Nyotengu bad?


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I know the game is new but maybe a Nyotengu pro can help me out. She feels nerfed like her low punch not giving her a combo anymore it's basically no threat. And is she really the only character in the game without a fatal stun? She feels weak compared to other characters she even didn't get a deluxe outfit in the deluxe edition where is the love for this character?


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Well Nyo's 2PP never guaranteed anything besides PP, but that's only if they weren't staggering. Staggering is completely out in doa6 & automatically does it for you so it wouldn't work anymore. It gives a pushback & advantage now, so it's not really a nerf.

Regarding her fatal stuns, she has no fatal stun (sit down stun) aside from her fatal rush. I don't think she needs it tbh as it would make her too OP as she already seems to be. Her fatal rush is good cause it can transition her into stance for a mixup & it also seems pretty faster than other characters. So it's better opting for that.

They definitely didn't make Nyo bad. In fact, I think she does well in 6 cause her neutral & spacing is far superior than others. As Nyo mains, we should be glad that they kept her P+K at i10 as I had thought they would at least nerf it back to i11 at least. It'd be a fair trade in exchange for her new 2T ground throw. This move alone is what makes her too good atm. She pretty much has every tool to deal w any situation the game can offer now. Not to mention her high dmg output is insane this time around.
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