1. ADR JaiDe N

    DOA6's lack of lobbies at launch/ranked system

    My God, what were they thinking? They take away our lobbies + the ability to have a ranked SEARCH FILTER as well? I understand they rushed (7 years not long enough?) the game to the point that they have to strip us of these necessities, and they already have plans for SEASON PASSES +...
  2. N

    Which platform has the most online players?

    Hi everyone, I really like this game as a fighting game, not just the female (ahem*), but unfortunately I do not have any friend in real life who play this game, so I will probably pvp online. I started this game on PC (steam), but it seems that very few people playing online on PC. Among all...

    System Online ranks and points requirements

    LR 0 F 400 F+ 1000 E- 1800 E 3300 E+ 4900 D- 6600 D 8400 D+ 10300 C- 12300 C 14400 C+ 17600 B- 21200 B 25200 B+ 30000 A- 34900 A 40000 A+ 51000 S- 63000 S 78000 S+ 98000 U- 130000 U 180000 U+ 250000 TOPAZ ★ 340000 EMERALD ★★ 500000 RUBY ★★★ 700000 SAPPHIRE ★★★★ 950000 DIAMOND ★★★★★ 1200000...
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