1. K

    Did they make Nyotengu bad?

    I know the game is new but maybe a Nyotengu pro can help me out. She feels nerfed like her low punch not giving her a combo anymore it's basically no threat. And is she really the only character in the game without a fatal stun? She feels weak compared to other characters she even didn't get a...
  2. Leopold

    Returning Player

    Hello I'll be returning to the scene on DOA 6 and I want to brush my Ayane on LR. I have been studying her tools and I made a small doc. with notes to consider. Please take a look over it and tell me other important things I might have missed such as OKI, mixup etc. Thank you Ayanelords...
  3. Codemaster92163

    New Pai Tips!

    Hey everyone. I don't know how many of these things I've already said, but after a lot more play with Pai, I have some pointers and tips to provide everyone about using her in general. No order, no limit. Just things I'd like to share for those that may be looking for a few things to improve...
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