Celebrity Joe Rogan Plays DOA with his Daughter & Thinks Marie Rose is Hot

Sometimes the title says it all, but it's hard not to mention someone classified as a worldwide celebrity that thinks your game is awesome, and this is the case for Joe Rogan and Dead or Alive. Now I'm sure his daughter doesn't play competitively, but she does beat up her dad with Marie Rose! Joe Rogan went as far as to say that Marie Rose is "hot as fuck." The good news for Rogan here is that Marie Rose is eighteen years old, but the bad news for him is they are a bit far off in age. 37 years a part to be more precise.

Ivana of the DOA community posted the Tweet this morning confriming the statement from the Joe Rogan Podcast, and I personally couldn't help but chuckle at his description of the moves and character. I'm sure playing the game with his daughter is a memory he enjoys, and I found it touching myself. His daughter could have chosen a more popular fighting game like Tekken or Street Fighter, but she chose Dead or Alive, and that's what makes this little bit of news so special!

A thank you is in order for Joe Rogan and to his daughter as well for putting more eyes on our underrated franchise! Banner photography was pulled from our photography thread by long-time member @Chapstick.
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"Karate game" eh? So did Rogan play as Hitomi?


(Or maybe EIN if DOA5LR...?)