DOA6 Christie and 'Road Rage' Stage Reveal

Team NINJA has confirmed that Christie is coming back to Dead or Alive 6 with their latest reveal trailer! This trailer also discloses some new story material, a new stage and more gameplay from previously revealed characters. As a fun extension to the new trailer, you can check out Team NINJA's updated official website with Christie's biography and a description of the new 'Road Rage' stage.

The trailer starts off with Christie's seductive voice in the background saying, "You've been a bad, bad girl... you aren't supposed to be here. You have to be punished." Christie is quickly introduced, and she's aiming a revolver at someone before being interrupted by Bayman who knocks it away to the ground of what looks to be a new secret M.I.S.T. lab. It would appear that Bayman could be a changed man, and Christie is up to her usual tricks.

When Bayman was first introduced last month, he was carrying off Marie Rose from a mission. It's possible that she's a spy, and Helena sent Marie out to uncover the secrets of the new M.I.S.T. operation. Christie knows this because Victor Donovan is having her keep tabs on Helena's activity.

Christie and Bayman begin a fight on the new 'Road Rage' stage. We have seen some bad crashes in DOA, but this is a crazy car pile-up that looks similar to the highway scene in Deadpool. If you squint at the sign in the distance you can see that it reads Downtown DOA Colosseum; so this place is close to where the DOA6 tournament is taking place in the story.

Bayman starts off the match hitting Christie with a new 3P string variant right into one of the exploding cars. He follows this up with an automatic run animation that is connected to the danger zone after it's triggered. This allows the aggressor to keep the combo going, and also permits you to bash them into another car.

Christie responds with her fatal rush string and smacks him into a car that does not yet have an explosion animation. Bayman soars up to the next tier of the highway and hits a truck barely managing to stay on the rail. After the opponent drops back down the aggressor will have a chance to continue to the combo, and if the move does enough damage the truck will drop with your foe.

After the truck falls with Diego, Christie uses a new follow up dive to her 7K that will be effective for danger zones and walls. Leifang has a new mid kick after 3P4P that sends Christie into the last danger zone shown. Ayane also shows a new high kick before Christie closes this trailer with a new throw and her break blow.

This trailer shows us a lot of new moves from other characters, and not that many from Christie, but the stage itself needed a good reveal because of all the different danger zones scattered throughout. Christie looks sexy in her new attire and she's a welcomed addition to DOA6 after the impact she made in DOA5s offline scene. Do you think Christie will be as effective in DOA6?
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#PPPPP Here we come!! Christie looks fantastic here. I like the new outfit here based around darker colours. Looks sharp on her. As a small observation (noticed by many), why is Christie getting her ass kicked here haha? She going to be a jobber in DOA6's story like in DOA5?


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As a small observation (noticed by many), why is Christie getting her ass kicked here haha?
I mean, technically speaking Leifang got her ass kicked in her trailer and so did Hitomi, Rig, Tina etc… they were showing off new moves (and costumes) for already revealed chars and someone had to be the victim XD At least she didn't get hit by 2 Break Blows like Tina.

This is probably my favorite C1 for Christie so far… it's simple but sexy and actually looks like a female assassin (at least more than her previous defaults XD)


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Heard that some people think Rig is the son of Christie. That idea hit my head for a brief second in DOA5 before realizing Christie would only have been 6-8 years old when giving birth to him. Christie is only 26 years old.

It would be awesome to know more about Victor Donovan all these years later. The red eye thing is clearly one of his trademarks and no doubt Victor, and maybe someone else experimented on Rig.
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