Create new moves for Honoka


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Honoka is growing on me recently. Sure she was a lazy addition in DOA5LR, but feels more like a tribute to all our fighting styles in DOA, which is cool for me.

Currently, she has mostly stolen moves from male characters like Bass (16), Brad (10), Jann Lee (10) and Zack (9).
The number of moves isn't really what matter, it is the use/frequency she is making out of them.

What I would like to see is a backturned throw, one from bokuho and one from heichu. I feel like it is lacking in these stances.

Also, she does not have any move from Mila, Marie-Rose, Nico and Diego. She has the stomp from Nyotengu (which Bass shares as well), so I'm sure we can find something fun from Nyotengu as well.

What new transitions/stances would you like to see for Honoka ?

example :

Bokuho_throw : she tackles the opponent like Mila and instantly slaps him like Nyotengu
This way, she pays tribute to Mila's stance and Nyotengu's gimmick while not having the same damage potential as them

Heichu_throw : she headbutts the opponent like Diego

Backturned_throw : Marie-Rose's BT throw ending with NiCO's 236P (fire effect)
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