Dead or Alive 2: The New 56 (Dreamcast Mod Series)


Hello There, Welcome To My Dreamcast Mod Series!

This Certainly Won't Be On Any Dreamcast Mini.


Let's Give You The Lite Lowdown On How This All Came Together.

The Final, The Prequel, The Vanilla & The Prototype Timelines Now Dubbed The New 56.


Fourteen Characters X Four Timelines = 56!

--------The Final Timeline-------

Final 2021/Tengu Edition, The Final Rehash, Loving Twice, Five By Five, Twenty Eight.

One Zero, Wishful Mags, Code Chronus, All Bets Are Off, 42 O'Clock.

Fiction Of Life, What Awaits You, Not So Premium, A Different Look.

Trust Tina Plan, Dive Into 56, Ending The 56 & Free Step Ouch.

--------The Prequel Timeline--------

Time Ninja, Loving Infinity, 7th Heaven, Cloud 9, End The 28, Action 28, Vanilla Bonkers

Dive The 42, Playmakers, Five Stars Match, Whatever Else, Trust Kasumi Plan, Five Six Cheated

Not So New 70 & Gets A Remaster.

--------The Vanilla Timeline---------

The New 42, Cursed Danger, Yawning All Day, Phoning This In, Close The K-Files, Trust Ayane Plan.

56 O'Clock Show, Live For New 56 & The 47th Retry.

----------The Prototype Timeline------------

The New 56, Before February, Hold Tina Budget, Back To Your Roots, Too Busy To Play & All Connecting.

We Truly Are In The Golden Age Of This Series!

History Is Important. Real Knowledge Is Also Important. So Is Archiving Which Is Also Very Important!


Now Today? Forty-Eight Chapters Worth Now.

You get FIVE Builds worth off content with full off New Costumes, Music, Dialogue & Stages. My Main Goal was always overall Presentation itself.

I may not be in the top talent of this Mod Community. Oh boy have I done my Absolutely Best to Overhaul this Legendary Game from top to bottom!

Alot more to do & discover though.


For All The CDI's & GDI's, U Need. Back Up The Newest Releases If You Want Too.

This Works On Real Dreamcast Hardware & Emulators!

Read up everything that was started up by Mr. Green Ranger & then myself included. Overhypely.

Page 7, 8 & 19 for those Hex Address's!

The Dreamcast Junkyard Blog, they did a nice enough writeup long time ago. So overdue for New Update, please!

Thanks to Victor MK, Broken Liut & "Official" Rom Hack Database on YouTube for playing this series.

I Love Dead or Alive 2 on the Dreamcast just as much as Shenmue 1 & 2.

Since 2000, I've been thinking about this everyday. I think about why couldn't we have Dead or Alive: Hard*Core on the Dreamcast?!

The Dreamcast can do what the PlayStation 2 can do! The Naomi Library proving that already right now.

So Yeah That's Been My Main Goal, My Reality My Today For Everyone To Play.

So Yes Hopefully Can Keep On Moving Forwards, So Please Enjoy.

Five By Five!

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The Post Final Crisis Era.




Dead or Alive 2: Cursed Danger!

The New 42 Continues On With Chapter 21.

After The Complete Destruction Off The Prequel & Final Timelines.

Final Ryu Hayabusa, Jann-Lee, Gen-Fu & Lei-Fang Drop Into The Vanilla Timeline.

Evil Vanilla Hayate Way Ahead On His Schedule.

His Set To Take Them All Out!

So Please Support, Share, Enjoy & Get This To Every Dreamcast Player Channel Out There.

I'm Trying My Absolute Best! This Can Kick Off Just As Much Newest Sonic Mods Can Be Played In Record Time.

Okay Doesn't Work On Your Redream nor Your Xbox. Read That All Last Year, Okay Lets Clear That One Up!

Slightly Depressing. Play This On Actual Dreamcast I'm Here To Make As Many As Possible.

Five By Five!
Backtrack on the Redream issue! Okay over on the Dreamcast-Talk you can grab this Boot.bin Zip thanks to MoeFoh, very top post. The Original Bio file was needed to play Dead or Alive 2, now you can play my mods thats the CDI builds. Kinda been a major issue with the Emulator not playing any DoA2 CDI at all. I've added the Zip on the Cursed Danger CDI page too.

Only 1mb Download, add the file to where it needs to go. Place it in Redream's working directory as for Android users place it in /mnt/sdcard/Android/data/io.recompiled.redream/files/boot.bin

Chapter 17 the beginning to the Final Crisis arc. Lots random plot threads throw in together!


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Dead or Alive 2: Playmakers.



The New 42 Continues On With Chapter 22. Made In A Day So Enjoy.
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Dead or Alive 2: What Awaits You.



The New 42 Continues On With Chapter 23. Best One Yet, What Else Can I Say? Enjoy!
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Dead or Alive 2: Yawning All Day.



The New 42 Continues On With Chapter 24.

Quote Kasumi Full After Credits Line In Playmakers, What Awaits You & This One.

Earn Chapter 25, so I know who playing these legitimately. Only fair at this point.
Dead or Alive 2: Five Stars Match.



The New 42 Continues On With Chapter 25.

Hit The Milestone!
Dead or Alive 2: Not So Premium.



The New 42 Continues On With Chapter 26!

The New 56 Begins, Sadly The Fourth Timeline Not Happening.

So Enjoy This Full Peak Story Mode!
Dead or Alive 2: Not So Premium.



The New 42 Continues On With Chapter 26!

The New 56 Begins, Sadly The Fourth Timeline Not Happening.

So Enjoy This Full Peak Story Mode!

Very busy I see! Let us know when the Free Step Dodge edition comes out. :p
Thanks, I went from being a Total Fan for this Legendary 3D Fighter to doing something about it. As you already know safe to say this Mod Project definitely finished.

Completely understand theirs whole lot more can be done. Content Wise, this was the most important depth that our Dreamcast needed on Day One release. Matching up to Hard*Core levels that was my quest. The PS2 Stages continue forever be nasty draw distance fog. Those stages should have all been included on the September 2000 release date.

Playing the last three newest releases, True Heart of The New 42 Experience. Two years off my life gone into making this all happen today. So please plug this forwards get more gamers aware that this truly exists. Hopefully get couple more playing Not So Premium.
Dead or Alive 2: Phoning This In.



The New 42 Continues On With Chapter 27!

Another Remastered Story Mode, Only For Your Dreamcast.
Dead or Alive 2: Whatever Else.



The 42 O'Clock Show Continues On With Chapter 28!

Game Over To The New 42 Era.

That's The 42 O'Clock Show, Now Going Mainstream.

Overhauled My First Post Too Bring You All Up-To-Date. Long Over Due I Know.

Onwards Towards Chapter 29, It's Still Thinking! So Enjoy.
Dead or Alive 2: A Different Look.



The 42 O'Clock Show Continues On With Chapter 29!

Don't Keep Your Dreamcast Waiting On This Series.

First Post Updated Once More. So Please Enjoy.

Thanks To Red Herb Survival, For A Very Extended One Punch Kasumi Video. Playing On Actual Dreamcast Using Dreamshell. Why Not At Full Speed.

Grateful For Any Video Support!
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The Full 42 O'Clock Experience Now Completed.



The 42 O'Clock Show Continues On With Chapter 30!

I'm Happy To Get My Goal Today. The Real Main Goal To Make The New 56 Happen.

I Couldn't Get Everyone To Play On Here. Hey Nevermind, I've Gotten So Much More Playing This Game On My Dreamcast Anyways.

No More During This Summertime Gave My All. So Thanks To The Ones Who Actually Played!

Thank You To Within Toluca , For Making Videos On Chapter 28.

Yeah Rehire Alyson Court.
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Thank You to Within Toluca for showcasing Chapter 29 & 30. This was played on the SD Card Reader, incase you can't burn or don't have a GDEMU on you!

Gaved my complete all to this Mod Series this year. Dead or Alive 2 always remains on tops on any new 3D Fighter came out today. Dreamcast Never Stop Thinking!

Too the few who played here, Thank You! Please help share this out & enjoy as Chapter 30 pretty much The End.
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As We Now Enter The Chapter 31 To 40 Era.



Special Thank You To Victor MK For Completing All Thirty Chapters On His YouTube Channel! Real Hard*Core Gamer.

So Share This & Play That On Your Dreamcast Today!
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Sorry For The First Burners! The Soundtrack sounded good enough but when Within Toluca played on his Channel wasn't good at all.

So I reissued CDI & GDI links again above with the previous Soundtrack. IA gave me so many Network Errors today well I'm not playing that game at all. So be long time for the next Chapter sadly.

Written up a fun script including a light celebration on the Dreamcast Anniversary for this weekend.

So yeah enjoy Chapter 31 again properly!
Two Years now since I've started up The Three Timelines universe for this very Fantastic Fighter.

Try Everyday to get new crowd playing on the Dreamcast side. Just as much as 3++ & 6++ are doing right now but without the New Movesets so far.

The Story Mode for me True Heart off this Mod Series which is why now called New 42 O'Clock Show! (The Thread Title For Ingame Story Community).


Did I Say New Texture Features!? Each New Costume a Work In Progress.



Thank You to Within Touca for playing Trust Tina Plan.

Twice Amount To Do Now! Next Up Chapter 33.
Thirty New Edited Costumes with another complete New Story Mode to boot up on.




Almost a year since was put on the front page here. Keep the Dreamcast Scene alive for this Legendary Title.

The 25th Anniversary next month for the Dreamcast in Japan. How much wanted to play this game first saw this in the Magazines.

Then came Hard*Core afterwards. I'm like why Tecmo locking this on the Playstation 2 not on the Dreamcast?!

Just leaps beyond anything else other then Shenmue.

What's Instore For Chapter 34? I'm Happy with The Plan Trilogy, So Be Long Time Out.
Thanks to Within Toluca for playing Trust Kasumi Plan & Trust Ayane Plan. Thanks to Victor MK for playing Trust Tina Plan with reissued Soundtrack.

Have been my Two Best Regular Players with this mod series. They know how much effort I give with every Chapter really great to see new edits officially on video now.

I really wish had all this Twenty Years ago now. No rush to make Chapter 34 just like for anyone to try out The Plan Trilogy hopefully you'll enjoy playing. So Cheers..
Rebuilding Up The Dreamcast Prototypes One By One. The Prototype Timeline Now Unlocked!


This Is Chapter 34.



Continuing Onwards to bring in New Players over on the Dreamcast side. I'm Having Fun!

This Isn't Plus Plus. I'm Here For The New 56!

No Rush To Make Chapter 35, Honest Now!