Dead or Alive 5: Last Round & Dead or Alive 6 Tournaments for Summer 2023 Plus Results


Dead or Alive 5: Last Round & Dead or Alive 6 will both be playable at various tournaments this Summer and so far, five tournaments have been posted. Frame Kill Friday's DOA6 Double Elimination tournament will be happening June 2nd and Battle Arena Melbourne 13 DOA6 tournament will take place in Australia on the 8th of June so both of these tournaments are happening before you know it. Please check out the information for these tournaments if you are interested and register today!

There will be a Dead or Alive 5: Last Round CEO Community Tournament happening on the 23rd of June at Daytona Beach which should be an exciting opportunity for upcoming players in the scene to take advantage of building their names and for established veterans alike. The first winner and only winner of a DOA CEO tournament has been grandmaster fighter XcaliburBladeZ so let's bring a new name to this tournament even if we aren't a main game this time.

For players wanting even more DOA5LR action there are a few extra tournaments for you to peruse this Summer. Xtreme Fighter's Showdown is an online tournament happening on June 17th, so everyone is free to compete if you own the PS4 version of the game. New players with nerves are encouraged to sign up to give tournaments a try from the safety of their homes. Battle of Z will be taking place in Canada and the tournament will begin June 30th.

We will hopefully be covering all of these great tournaments here at Free Step Dodge so stay tuned for the results and good luck to this Summer's competitors! Thanks to @TheHunterKiller692 for bringing these tournaments to my attention. It's been a busy month!

Quick Tournament Results

Dead or Alive 6 - Frame Kill Friday - Cancelled
Dead or Alive 6 - BAM 2023 - Won by CW Berzerk
Dead or Alive 5: LR - Xtreme Fighter's Showdown - Won by Hoodless
Dead or Alive 5: LR - CEO 2023 Day 1 - Won by 11Frames
Dead or Alive 5: LR - Battle of Z - Won by Force of Nature​
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To my knowledge there is no VOD of BAM23 for Dead or Alive 6, but our friend @Berzerk! won the event and we congratulate him for his victory! If we are given any recordings of matches or a stream we will gladly do a front page write-up. Hoodless won the DOA5:LR Online Showdown, but as you all very well know I seldomly post write-ups for online tournaments due to network interference.

This past weekend, I took the DOA5LR side tournament for Battle of Z hosted by UMAD FGC. Montreal is a nice city.