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Imagine if Team Ninja created a tactical RPG on 3DS with the DOA roster, à la Fire Emblem.

The triangular system would still be here of course : Strikes > Throws > Holds >

And we would have stats like these : HP, Strikes, Throws, Holds, Speed (for evasion) and Technic (for critics). All the 30-ish characters would have unique stats of course, but they would be split in 7 Basic Classes which can be upgraded (with objects or events) for a total of 16 Pro Classes :

- Shinobi/Kunoichi (powerful balanced class)
> upgrades to Delusion Hero (better stats) or Super Ninja (projectiles)
- Grapplers (based on pure Throws)
> upgrades to King of the Ring/Diva (better throws) or Cowboy/Cowgirl (better stats)
- Mind Gamers (based on pure Holds)
> upgrades to Defense Genius (better holds) or Tactician (better stats)
- Powerhouses (based on pure Strikes)
> upgrades to Strikers (better strikes) or Deadly Weapon (better stats)
- Evasive Trolls (based on pure Speed)
> upgrades to Confusion Virtuosoes (better speed) or Mix-ups Experts (better stats)
- Vilains (based on pure Technic)
> upgrades to Assassins (better technic) or Boss/Evil Queens (better stats)
- Combatants (average balanced class)
> upgrades to Pressure Fighters (average speed/technic), Ultimate Warriors (average HP), Masters (can block attacks sometimes), or Combo Fanatics (can attack several times sometimes)

And 5 Exclusive Classes :

- Maiko (can also give another turn to an ally) > upgrades to Geisha (better HP) or Moonlit Lady (better stats)
- Luchadora (can also heals allies) > upgrades to Nurse (better healing) or Mad Scientist (better stats)
- Tengu (have a good flying distance) > upgrades to Demon (better flying distance) or Heavenly Dog (better stats)
- Clown (can also open doors/chests/steal objects) > upgrades to Alien (shoots lazer) or Billionaire (more XP/money)
- Beauty (rare class with different effects depending on the costume) :
  • Good Rabbit (better HP/holds/speed)
  • Bad Rabbit (better throws/strikes/technic)
  • Lingerie (the opponent sleeps and cannot attack for 1 turn)
  • Lots of Bikinis (boost an adjacent ally's stats, varies with the bikini)

This was the story and the concept I had in mind :

Let's say your starts with Kasumi. For some reason, she has to travel around the world to destroy Phase 4. On her way to MIST's labs (final stage), she meets several fighters with different stories, fight some of them before eventually recruiting them all in order to destroy MIST's army (mainly soldiers, big fighters and demons, and Ayane, Helena, Christie, Rig, Lisa during some stages), led my Victor Donovan.

The characters can learn multiples attacks based on iconic moves from DOA5 (instead of weapons in Fire Emblem). For instance, Bass will learn (or buy) Bass Bottom, Bass Bomb, Oklahoma Stampede... which are effective against a MIST soldier with a good defense. On the other hand, Lei Fang, who performs sabakis, OH and holds such as Sho-Kinda or Takuchu-Ken-Ko will be less effective against let's say.. grappler demons.

Each characters would have 2 costumes (which appears in dialogues/cutscenes) : one for their basic class, one for their pro class. Example : basic Brad, pro Brad... Some character have rare costumes (Mr. Strong, Opera Dress for Helena, etc.) which give them special boosts.

Characters would have special dialogues and bonuses during the fights based on their relations (ex : Tina/Bass). Two characters can join the same square and perform a Tag Move (based on DOA5U's tag moves) if they are compatible.

Some bonus characters would be optional in order to finish the story, but still playable under special conditions : Miyako (Geisha), Niki (Billionaire), Shiden (Super Ninja), Rio (can be anything), Nyotengu (Heavenly Dog), Hitomi's father (Combattant), Ein (Combattant), Chen (Evasive Troll), Lei Fang's rapist (Mind Gamer), etc...

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I like the idea of a tactical RPG version of DOA. I've been coming up a crazy tag special animation that may include quick costume changing and summoning but I don't know if it would be applicable to share.


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Cool idea but how will Tecmo exploit boob and fetish DLC? :p
In my game you can unlock hentai galleries.

And you would have DLC costumes unlocking new classes :
- belly dancer/genie (boosts an ally's potential critics)
- cops/sherrif/soldier/stewardess/any fetish costume (attacks with a whip)
- bikinis boosting certain stats
- etc.

I shouldn't have said that.


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You start with Kasumi, in her village. She has to kill Donovan who is attacking her fellows. She travels around the world (Asia, USA, Europe) and meet many fighters of all origins and backgrounds. You can recruit them to fight MIST soldiers, demons, and some famous faces like Christie, Rig, Lisa Hamilton, Phase 4, Nyotengu. All of them can be recruited and eventually, you will face Victor Donovan.


Depending on the stages, you will be able sometimes to use 12 characters at once during a battle. You can choose which one you want before a battle. The other will virtually stay on Freedom Survivor. Kasumi is the only character that must appear in every battle though. Freedom Survivor is a special place when all your recruits can train, interact and improve their relationships ("DOA Amie", lol).
Indeed, tag teams can give you benefit during a battle. It depends how close your characters are.

The system is a little bit like Fire Emblem: Throws (Grapplers) > Holds (Counter Users) > Strikes (Strikers)
During a fight, you can choose to :
- ATTACK! (3 moves in your movelist that you learn through the adventure/by leveling up)
- GUARD! (you only take 1/10 of an ennemy's attack)
- TAUNTS! (special effects depending on the character)
- OBJECTS! (potions, boosters, costumes/accessories)
- TAG! (tag with an ally if he/she is close)


Throws 0-100
Holds 0-100
Strikes 0-100
Evasion 0-100
Health 0-100

Ninjas (balanced class - Power Blows which charge the more you fight)

Grapplers (Throws masters)
:mila:* can improve any ally's stat momentarely

Counter Users (Holds masters)
:marierose:* can heal an ally

Strikers (Strikes master)
:rig:* can decrease an ennemy's stat

Mind Gamers (Evasion masters)
:christie:* can poison an ally

Powerhouse (Health masters)
:cyborg:* better chances of critical

Fighters (average stats)
:honoka:* you can improve any of her stats when leveling up
:genfu:* 1.5x damage from a close distance
:zack:* can use Zack Beam from 3 squares
:nyotengu:* can move from a far distance by flying
:La Mariposa:* can put her mask on at any moment/cannot be attacked
:kokoro:* can offer a turn to an ally by dancing
:eliot:* bad stats at first, good XP

Tag mechanic
- your ally protects you and takes 1/2 of the intended blow
- your ally cheers you up and boosts any of your stat
- you and your ally attack at the same time

Note : of course this is inspired by Fire Emblem Awakening & Fates, but I'm so hyped for the coming game in 2016!
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I will love to see a DOA game in other genre, 3rd person adventure will be my choice, something with foucs on story and acrobatics, and very little combat. Tactical RPG or just RPG will be cool too.


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I'm currently creating a RPG on RPG Maker Ace, which I'm still learning.
As a cameo, I've decided to incorporate the DOA girls as battlers.
Here are the renders. Tell me if you see things to improve.

My game won't be related to DOA but I wanted to have fun!







Lei Fang






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