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This summer, I have written a potential summary/script of DOA6.
It uses the same narration style as DOA5, allowing each character to get screentime and storylines. No one is cut, and some old storylines come to an end. I "tried" to make it epic, melancholic but with action and warming moments. The way I classifed the roster above shows hints on how some characters are linked.

5 newcomers/tropes:
Sultana, an exotic dancer who gave shelter to Phase-4 during her runaway ; Ji Yeon, a Korean agent tasked to investigate on DOATEC and MIST ; Your Fighter, a mysterious human-like fighter who ends up befriending Kokoro ; Jon, Christie's new minion and leader of MIST's army ; Alberto, a perky thief who takes part in the tournament to steal Freedom Survivor's kitchen. Shiden, Kasumi's father and Donovan, Phase-4's "father", are also playable.

Your Fighter (male/female):
Your Fighter is a Fire Emblem-like avatar (first person POV during cutscenes). It is revealed to be a former MIST experiment that recycled Genra's code and moveset. Create your own inheritor (face, hair, colors of the default outfit). Some give it the name of "ultimate weapon"...

Freedom Survivor (Office > Heliport > Ballroom or Stockroom ; Deck > Aquarium)
Hidden Heaven (a relaxing prairie laeding to a cliff), Washington Meating (a street with white stairs and cheering people), Savoy Park (a French mountainy garden surrounded by a lake), Russian Subway (an underground station using trains as dangerzones), MIST Headquarter (a tropical laboratory)
Ninja Village, Zack Island, Burai Zenin

How will the Sixth Tournament end...? :eek:


In a dream sequence, Phase-4 is in an unknown location, drowning in the water. Her body is slowly falling to the bottom, as the red sun is coloring the water with its rays of light. A jazzy, melancholic music plays.

- Hidden Heaven -
The story starts introducing us to a newcomer, Sultana. She is carrying a basket full of green apples and a loaf of bread. She is walking silently towards a giant chestnut tree, the trunk of which serves as an entrance to a small prairie. Behind a big bush, is standing an anxious female, covered with a black hood. Sultana brings her the food and the red-haired woman shyly thanks the young girl. It is Phase-4, still on the run. Sultana has been giving her a shelter to hide, and some food for days. Sultana explains to her new friend, that she had a dream she needs to talk about, that she fears some drama will occur “when the sun will look like a melon”. Phase-4 appears confused, but thanks Sultana for everything she is doing. Zack’s helicopter flies over them, shaking some trees. Some leaflets are falling near them. Sultana takes one of it, and asks Phase-4: “Isn’t it the place you were talking about?”. The leaflet shows Freedom Survivor, Helena’s ship, with “DOA Tournament”, written in big capitals over it. Phase-4 nods quietly, as the two of them are observing the sun, yellow and comforting.

Kokoro / Your Fighter, Shiden / Ryu
- Kyoto in Bloom -
A sad Kokoro is staring at the river flowing under a bridge, in Kyoto. She does not understand why Helena does not tell her everything about her origin. She tried to question her mother, but she prevents her from leaving home too much, and Kokoro needs some freedom and answers. On her way back to home, as she is carrying a pottery she has just made, she encounters Your Fighter. It is a lost and clumsy person, walking very fast as it is running from something. You Fighter accidentally breaks the pottery, which triggers Kokoro to be mad. She fights Your Fighter despite its repeated apologies. After the fight, they have a talk and it is revealed to be an unachieved DOATEC experiment. Your Fighter is trying to go back to its “parents”, but is not sure where they are or who they are. Having heard about the name “DOATEC”, Kokoro realizes they are both looking for the same thing, and both go on with their quest. As the pair is walking, Kokoro says Helena is the one they must see, stating “Miss Douglas is very sweet and nice, and hopefully she will fade all their doubts”.

- Ninjas Village -
In this house, Ryu is having an agitated meeting with several characters. Momiji and Rachel are standing near the fireplace, and Shiden is right in front of Ryu. The latter is referring to a rumor: Tengu is being revived somehow by his daughter. He calls Momiji and Rachel for help. Shiden, firmly stops him, and tries to convince Ryu that Phase-4 is the real threat, not Tengu. Ryu claims that it is normal for a father to protect his daughter’s honor. Ryu actually concludes that Raidou is the ultimate threat. Shiden agrees that he had “felt” it too. Raidou is being shown in a flashback, being resurrected in MIST’s lab a few months ago. Ayane hears the conversation between Ryu and Shiden. Ryu ends saying that Raidou might have an inheritor. Ryu then asks Momiji to look for that mysterious reject, and tells Rachel she is tasked to help him regarding Tengu’s revival. Outside, Ayane is now gone. Ryu looks to the window, as he knows and wanted Ayane to hear about the somber truth. Rachel says the first place to look to track Tengu, is MIST laboratory, thinking that it is there the worst dark magic could happen.

- Grandma’s house -
Somewhere in Japan, we see Honoka’s grandmother cooking for the girl’s birthday, as she asks what she would like for her gift. “Have you heard about the Dead or Alive Tournament?”, Honoka says. While Honoka tries to convince her grandmother, using words describing the qualities of true fighters, we see the portraits of known characters in different places around the world preparing themselves their own way, like soldier before an incoming war. The sequence stop with a beautiful Korean lady, walking on the street.

- Russian Subway -
Ji Yeon is an agent sent to investigate on MIST, DOATEC and Fame Douglas’ murder. Somewhere in Russia, as she is walking inside the subway, she encounters the target she has been investigating on for the past few days. It is Bayman, wearing a grey trench coat. She tells him she would like to ask him questions regarding the murder of his previous boss, Fame Douglas. He says he does not have time for that. Ji Yeon says she will then go and talk to his “new master”, Helena Douglas. Bayman gets mad, and as he firmly holds her arm, he explains the whole battle is beyond her power. As Bayman is about to leave, she then threatens to tell the whole truth to Helena about him killing her father, if he does not cooperate. Bayman reveals that the real threat is not here, but rather in MIST. Ji Yeon becomes less attacking. “Victor Donovan”, she adds. Bayman agrees to lead her to Freedom Survivor, in order listen to what Helena should say.

Jon / Leon, Kasumi / Phase-4
- MIST South America -
Jon is Christie’s new trump card, hired to help her take down Victor, as she is fed up of obeying his orders. Her plan is to make sure people know what kind of monster he is, which would create enemies for him. Donovan’s plan is to spice things up during the sixth tournament, and she will use the confusion to have her own moment. The reveals Jon is supposed to bring to some popular fighters, is illustrated in the next scene with Leon: Donovan’s role in the death of his love, Lauren.

- Savoy Park -
“The strongest man in the world would make a great ally or bodyguard”, Christie’s voice in the background says. Leon is gardening in a park, surrounded by the water and the Mont Blanc. Having let go with his past, he is thinking how fast the flowers have grown this spring. Jon comes to him and starts the conversation regarding how Donovan put a gang of pirates in charge of blowing an entire camp of mercenaries to build a search station. Leon listens silently, not even moving or frowning. He is not stupid and answers that an old friend of his, a former mercenary too, had already warned him that curious people would try to recruit him. Leon and Jon’s fight ends neutrally, as Jon’s armory jacket is quite solid. Leon walks away. “Stubborn flowers trying to grow too fast breaks easily”. Kids around Jon are making fun of him as he attempts to stand up. Jon gets a phone call from Donovan, asking if he knows where their “last project” went, since it escaped. Jon says he has not heard from Lisa yet, but will make sure to let him know how such a “stupid” incident could have occurred. The conversation ends, Jon seems nervous.

- Ninja Village -
Ayane is still in shock after hearing about Raidou’s reject. Kasumi is teleporting back to the village’s entrance. She was on a mission to localize Phase-4. It appeared to have failed as Kasumi seems desperate. Ayane is staring at her, judging her on her back. Kasumi notices her presence, and Ayane starts confronting Kasumi, accusing her of following a selfish path. Kasumi feels disappointed that her sister does not get the danger that her clone represents. Kasumi throw an energy ball and accidentally burns a house. She looks at her sister one last time with wet eyes, and disappears. Ayane frowns in silence, like she usually does when she feels ashamed but does not want to show it.

- Hidden Heaven -
In a far land, Phase-4 is watching the sunset from her shelter. The prairie ends into a cliff, which is the perfect place to appreciate the red landscape. From behind, she hears a teleport sound effect, like electricity whipping the wind, and a sakura petal floating over her. She immediately turns back to a mad Kasumi. The original ninja appears relieved that she had found her foe. Phase-4 is about to say something, when Kasumi jumps on her clone with determination. Phase-4 disappears once again. Kasumi runs after her. The place becomes quiet.

A moment later, Sultana goes back to the secret place to chat with her friend about the dream she had. It seems that her vision is making her anxious, and she quickly emphasized seeing how Phase-4 looked isolated and confused about life. Even without knowing all the details, Sultana could identity to that. Unfortunately, the clone is nowhere to be found, and only the DOA Tournament leaflet is seen on the ground, near a remaining sakura petal.

Brad or Eliot or Gen Fu / Zack, Bass / Tina
- Freedom Survivor (Deck) -
Freedom Survivor is stopped at his departure point at the quays of Jeju Island. The ship had started boarding well-known fighters. An odd group is already on its deck. Gen Fu, Brad, Eliot and Mei Lin have spent the last week “on vacation” on the Island. Mei Lin is holding Eliot’s hand tight. Gen Fu has been looking for old dusty books, which bored both Eliot and Brad who are exhausted. Marie-Rose, who is wearing a pirate hat, is blocking the small bridge leading to the ship, asking for the tickets like a bouncer in a rich hotel. As the boat is leaving with a ceremony, consisting in cheerleaders led by Zack, Eliot offers to carry Gen Fu’s heavy bags to his room. The bags, full of books, are quite heavy for him. A giant bird monster appears, flying towards him. He sidesteps the raven-like creature and the big bird flies away, with what appears to be one of Gen Fu’s bags in it claws. As people start screaming, Eliot, Gen Fu and Brad notice Zack’s Palace, a small flashy boat at the back of the ship, willing to use it to track the bird. Marie-Rose runs to offer her help. Eliot explains it is too dangerous for her because she is too “small” and would make a good prey for the bird, and asks her to watch after Mei Lin. The old man looks at the petite blonde with a serious but kind face. Honoka who comes behind her, empathizes saying her grandmother thought she was too young to take part in such a tournament too, and that size does not matter. “Whatever”, Marie-Rose says. Zack who was busy managing the cheerleaders welcoming the fighters, realizes his boat is being stolen. He refuses to give them his boat, but the drunken fighter is the one starting the fight. Gen Fu, Eliot or Brad kicks Zack’s butt, but Gen Fu ultimately comes to them, stating that nothing of value was inside the bag. Eliot and Brad feel frustrated for having fought for nothing. Gen Fu suggests they go to their rooms to rest before the tournament as Zack lays on the floor.

- Washington Meeting -
The whole truth about Lisa Hamilton is also being told to Tina during a meeting. As Tina is trying to obtain the favor of her citizens for the incoming election, the audience is applauding the diva. After the meeting, Tina comes to her while she is shaking hands. Jon salutes her and refers to her best friend’s role in making mass destruction weapons and unethical research for science. Tina replies it is an original way to sabotage her campaign but tries to stay calm. Bass who spotted the scene comes furiously to protect her daughter and attempts to kick Jon’s butt. The cameras are here recording everything, and to avoid a bad publicity, Tina takes Bass’s arm and pretend it is a staged combat. Tina and Bass fights for fun, as the people around form a circle around them. Jon finds a way through the crowd and runs away to avoid getting hurt. After the fight, Bass suggests that Tina should take part in the next tournament to win and gain more reputation. Zack would be very happy to take them there with his helicopter. Tina says politics does not work this way and is surprised her father refers to Zack, but she needs to go there for business – meeting La Mariposa. Fearing his father will be on her back during the tournament, Tina notices a red-haired tomboy in the middle of the crowd. She recognizes Mila who she had met in the previous tournament. Zack’s helicopter is approaching but Tina already has a plan.

Ayane / Hayate, Marie-Rose / Ji-Yeon
- Freedom Survivor (Deck) -
Back on Helena’s ship, Ji Yeon and Bayman meets in Freedom Survivor’s stock room. She says she hopes Helena will give her what she needs to know to wisely infiltrate the laboratory headquarters in South America. Bayman states that all that matters, is taking down Victor Donovan. Ji Yeon, in civilian clothes yet more confident than ever since the beginning of her investigation, heads towards Helena’s office.

- Ninja village -
As the fire Kasumi has provoked turns into ashes, Ayane is sitting near the bridge leading to the village. Ayame is watching in the distance, Hayate is coming to his half-sister. He says fighting with Kasumi will not bring peace to the village. Ayane starts crying, talking about how nobody trusts her or assign her any tasks. Hayate leads her into a fight and orders her to calm down. A few meters away, Ayame is watching, appearing sad. She comes closer, and asks Ayane nicely not necessarily to comply to Kasumi’s mission, but at least to make sure nothing dramatic happens to her daughter. Ayane does not answer, and leaves mother and son away. Hayate promised his mother he will do something if he can. Shiden is watching from the distance, as Hayate teleports to Freedom Survivor, as green leaves flow around him.

- Freedom Survivor (Office) -
A dynamic Ji Yeon tries to enter Helena’s office. Marie-Rose is already there, pouring some tea in a cup. Surprised by the visitor, Marie-Rose lets some tea spread over the desk. Being a faithful servant and impulsive bodyguard, Marie-Rose jumps on the Korean lady. Helena eventually comes in to interrupt the fight, thanks Marie for her service, and nicely asks her to leave. Ji Yeon apologizes, and adds she is surprised by the fact the young loli, she has just seen screaming during the whole “bird confusion”, have already come here to serve the tea. The servant takes her pirate hat back from the chair it was lying, and leaves the room, frustrated. Helena says she knows everything about Ji Yeon, but says they are ally in this battle. She talks about the real enemy, MIST, and Donovan’s previous deeds and projects. A series of flashback shows some of the greatest DOATEC and MIST moments and the people behind them. Helena says she is fearing MIST is coming directly to her this time. Ji Yeon asks her if the tournament and the ship is safe. Helena says that “not even a mouse could enter”.

Downstairs, in the ship’s kitchen, an angry Zack is putting many mouse traps on the floor.

- MIST South America -
Rig and Donovan are having a conversation in Victor’s office, regarding the escape of their last project. We see a few pictures of the creation of this “ultimate weapon”. Victor goes back to his office, throwing a tantrum at his son, almost accusing him of the accident. Rig remains silent. You can see in his eyes he is fed up of obeying his father’s orders. Christie comes in, wearing her red trench coat. She asks if everything is fine with “daddy”, and Rig answers things will be fine once their secret plan will start. Christie smiles.

Alberto / Lei Fang, Rig & Donovan / Nyotengu
- Freedom Survivor (Deck) -
As Zack introduces Tina to her VIP room, making heavy butler-stereotyped gestures, Bass asks her daughter if she was sure it was a good idea to ask the girl across the corridor, Mila, to come. Tina pretends Mila is a very useful secretary, which puzzles Bass. Across the corridor, Mila is watching Bass with big opened eyes.

Zack is heading back to the kitchen to see if his traps caught any mouse. The ship’s kitchen is shown, empty. The cook is not here. A young red-haired boy, Alberto, is eating a chicken leg under a table. “Hey, you little mousse”, Zack spots him. He runs after him. The tournament has not started yet that Zack is already tired of managing it. Alberto find a way to hide in the ballroom. After a moment, he sees a beautiful Chinese girl behaving awkwardly in the ballroom. Lei Fang is spying on Jann Lee who is on a balcony. Alberto immediately falls in love with Lei Fang’s beautiful legs. He interrupts her spying, to spread some love words, which annoys her. Seeing the boy will not stop following her, she tries to make him lose track of her on the deck. She hides behind a life boat to take her breathe. Alberto finds her, and she has no other way but to fight if she does not want to get bothered by the boy anymore.

- MIST South America -
All the scientists in the lab had noticed Nyotengu the moment she entered the room. She starts threatening the people around to revive her passed father, or she will blow the whole place. She takes an old wooden stick, Tengu’s nose, and orders these “stupid humans pretending to be gods” to use their “stupid technologies”. Rig and Donovan interrupt her capricious monologue, without showing any kind of anxiety. As the taekwondo fighter and Victor refuse to obey, Nyotengu flies towards them. The match ends with Nyotengu destroying a part of the lab before leaving, flying through the corridors and exit, zooming-out to show the immensity of the tropical forest around them.

Back in the lab, Christie enters the room with Jon behind her. Christie talks to Rig regarding the “Ultimate Weapon” that fled away. Rig warns Christie that it is very dangerous and could get out of control. Donovan then tasks all of them to sabotage DOATEC by boarding Freedom Survivor tonight. If Miyako’s information is correct, it is the perfect moment to “take the girl away from them” now that the tournament is about to start.

- Freedom Survivor (Heliport) -
As Rig pronounces these words, Lisa and Miyako get out of their helicopter. The chopper has just landed on Freedom Survivor’s heliport. Both head towards Helena’s office like two discreet yet classy businesswomen.

Mila / Jann-Lee or Hitomi or Brad, Helena / Your Fighter & Kokoro
- Freedom Survivor (Deck) -
Back to the deck where Lei Fang and Alberto had a fight, Bass realizes some fighters are already starting their training apparently. Bass does not mind being flattered by Mila who he has been talking for hours, and improvise a tutoring lesson. He says the girl can choose the fighter of her choice: Jann Lee, the winner of the previous tournament, Hitomi, who seems cute but is a great champion as well, or Brad who appears from a door, as he apparently had just left the bar in a comic way, with a full bottle of wine. Mila chooses one of them, and despite her losing, which makes sense, Bass seems impressed by Mila’s grapples. He declares that she might be ready for the big tourney. Mila smiles, having heard promising words from her idol.

As a wrestling fan, Honoka was watching these fighters, thinking she could use some sparring too. Approaching her, was the shadow of a kind and polite dark-haired female, Momiji. The shrine maiden asks the little girl if her name is indeed Honoka. The latter wonders if she has done something bad, and Momiji gives a nice smile to the girl, and tells her not to worry and to take care. Honoka give a quick look to the ocean, and then asks what the lady’s name is, but Momiji had already disappeared, confusing Honoka, who decides to look for a training partner.

- Freedom Survivor (Office) -
Marie-Rose knocks and enters the room to announce the arrival of “Helena’s friends”. Helena asks who it is, and Marie-Rose describe a hair-head geisha and a weirdo. Helena smiles and tell them to enter. Helena is not surprised to welcome Kokoro, as the ship had made a stop near Kyoto. Kokoro finally have a discussion with Helena while Your Fighter stays behind the door to listen. On the right corner of the room is revealed to be Miyako, sitting in a small chair. Miyako walks to hug her daughter, but Kokoro does not stand it longer and claims her worries regarding “the lies that surrounds her path”. Miyako looks down, and Helena comes to her slowly, warning her half-sister that it is too dangerous for her, that she would never let that happen to her. Kokoro is not satisfied with the answer, and does not calm. Helena had not noticed Your Fighter’s presence but it had just entered the office. Miyako and Helena make a step backward, as if it were a threat. Kokoro says she does not understand. Helena asks Kokoro to move so she can engage a fight with Your Fighter, but she refuses. Kokoro stands next to her friend, and Helena fights one of them. Kokoro and Your Fighter leave the room in precipitation, while Miyako shouts Kokoro’s name through the door, in vain. After the chaos, Helena asks Miyako if she has news from Lisa regarding MIST’s operations. Miyako reveals they might be planning something tonight. She asks if Bayman is still around. Helena stares at the seagulls through the window, and whispers, “unfortunately for us, no”. Helena advices Miyako to go back to Japan.

- MIST South America -
As Helena’s speaks these words, Bayman and Ji Yeon are walking closer to MIST’s South American headquarter. A few meters from them, coming from the trees are Ryu and Rachel. Rachel and Ji Yeon curiously look at each other, but Bayman and Ryu make a gesture implying they know the man in front of them. Ryu says it seems they are both looking for the same thing. Bayman says he hopes each group will not have to interfere with the other. The four of them walk inside the building.

Sultana / Leon, Ji Yeon & Bayman / Rig
- Freedom Survivor (General) -
It is almost the end of the day. Jann-Lee is in the basement, playing a melancholic jazz song, covering a series of scenes on the ship. Helena is in the aquarium, as she cannot seem to be able to face the crowd. In Freedom Survivor’s ballroom, Zack announces that the sixth tournament will start tomorrow. The ship will cover many destinations, like it has done since its departure from South Korea. He explains that they are currently located near Zack Island, a tropical island located in the Pacific, full of treasures and beautiful creatures. The crowd seems impressed. The trip will end a few weeks later, on the other side of the ocean, in Las Vegas. Zack throws some confetti’s. Marie-Rose is standing next to him, still wearing her pirate hat. Governor Tina and Bass are applauding. Tina discreetly asks Zack if she can use Zack’s Island to work – meaning “to relax”. Zack does not hesitate. Mila is seen preparing some cocktails, keeping an eye on her idol. Brad is meticulously looking at her cocktail moves. Eliot, Gen Fu and Mei Lin are listening carefully to the announcement. Lei Fang and Hitomi are seen chatting in the background. Alberto is eating couscous meat like an ogre. Honoka is looking a sun shining through the window, tired yet still war, thinking how lucky she is to be there.

- Freedom Survivor (Heliport) -
Leon is sitting at the edge of the heliport, staring at the emptiness around him. Sultana is in the middle of the heliport, where the helicopter used to be, dancing to the jazzy music she is hearing, with graceful positions, kicks and round gestures. Lisa is walking on the opposite side of the heliport, walking to empty her head from her worries. From her spot, Sultana observes Lisa and Leon having an argument on the other side. As they are making too much noise, she heads back to them. Leon is accusing Lisa of being part of an organization creating destructive weapons and false hopes. Cocky, Lisa teases him and replies she “wished retirement could come earlier”. Fed up of their insults, Sultana offers to dance to Leon to appease his mind. Both Leon and Lisa leave mad but quiet, leaving Sultana alone, her eyes closed feeling the breath of the wild sea into her ears. The words she has heard – MIST, experiments – reminds her of her friend Phase-4, still nowhere to be found.

As the ship is stopped near Zack Island, Tina arrives to Zack Island using Zack’s flashy boat. She seems happy and free, since Mila is keeping Bass busy. In the distance, Phase-4, from a cliff, is looking at Freedom Survivor. “No more hiding. Just fighting. I just hope daddy is okay”. Believing it is a good place to hide, she teleports to the ship.

- MIST South America -
Christie and Jon are taking some precious documents from a desk, in the lab. Rig comes in, asking why they have not gone yet. Christie asks if his father is doing fine, in a sarcastic tone. Rig does not answer, as he does not like Jon’s suspicious behavior. In a distance, an explosion can be heard, and the fire system alarm starts working. Christie and Jon run from the room. Christie push a button, leaving Rig trapped inside. The malicious pair leave the building in an instant. Still trapped, Rig realized he has been deceived. Another explosion occurs, this time, which destroy a part of the wall where Rig was trapped. Unfortunately, Ji Yeon and Bayman are behind it. Both arrests Rig and asks him where Victor Donovan is. Appearing honest and sad, Rig says he does not know. Bayman leaves Ji Yeon with her prisoner, and head to find Donovan’s office. He is ready for the final strike. No matter how many guards he will have to face, Donovan is his final target.

Ryu and Rachel enters the room where Ji Yeon keeps Rig close. Ryu violently asks Rig where “Tengu’s daughter” is, and the handsome man replies it is too late, that she had the wrong remaining essence from her father. It was not the nose she needed, but the energy, the life the nose created. Ryu remembers giving the nose to Gen Fu a few years ago, as he was looking for a way to heal his sick granddaughter, meaning Mei Lin could be in danger. “Another child lost in a war”, adds Rachel. Ryu then asks where other MIST members are. Rig answers, smiling, that it is too late for that too. Ryu does not understand what he means by that, but decide to leave Rig to Ji Yeon. The ninja and the blonde amazon teleport out of the building and go back to Freedom Survivor, wishing to arrive there before Nyotengu does. Ji Yeon handcuffs Rig, satisfied of her catch, but a bit confused about the ninjas appearing and disappearing.

Lisa / Hayate or Ayane or Ryu, Honoka / Marie-Rose
- Freedom Survivor (Heliport) -
Helena and Kasumi talks about the latest news. Helena has been informed that Rig, Donovan’s son, was captured. Kasumi is asking Helena if she has more information regarding Phase-4’s location. Helena says it is safe here, that she would never come to such a place. Kasumi leaves, finds Hayate on the heliport. Hayate supports her on her mission, which makes Kasumi glad. Lisa joins them. The ninjas are surprised by her presence at first because they fought she died during the previous tournament. Lisa explains she has faked her death in order to follow new projects. The ninjas wonder if Helena knows about it, which is the case according to the American scientist. Lisa starts referring to Hayate’s memory, asking if he has noticed anything. Hayate wonders why he would talk to such a thing with her. Ryu and Ayane arrive and join the conversation. Lisa says as she was the one who led the department which studied his brain, she could be able to “heal” him. Hayate does not like what he hears despite the woman’s good intentions, and one of the ninja starts fighting her, asking her to mind her own dirt. She explains her role in controlling his “other” persona and cloning Kasumi. We see a series of flashbacks of the previous experiments such as Epsilon, Alpha’s death, and Genra’s transformation during the third tournament, which gives bad emotions to Ayane. Lisa admits she took part in MIST’s last project, an ultimate weapon, which location is unknown at the moment. Hayate asks if the experiment is dangerous, and Lisa says it might have gone too far. Kasumi says she has her own mission to take care of. Before leaving, Lisa tells them she does not know where Phase-4, but that they can come to her if they need anything else. The ninjas say they plan to stay for the evening, as the tournament starts tomorrow, and they want to keep an eye on the situation under cover. Lisa leaves without answering. Hayate asks Kasumi to take care, in a nice brotherly tone.

- Freedom Survivor (Deck) -
Honoka is leaving the ballroom herself, as Zack’s announcement has ended. She cannot wait to go to the beach, as she does not really often go there. Marie-Rose is walking in a distance. Honoka yells at her and asks her if she already has a training partner. Marie-Rose says she is not sure she can handle her grace. Honoka does not care as she only wants to improve before the tournament starts. Marie-Rose only accepts if they pretend to be pirates. Honoka is happy to have a friend and they fight, until Honoka unleashes a strange sparkle of energy from her hand. Marie-Rose is on the floor, saying cheating is bad. Honoka feels ashamed and apologizes many times. On her back, Alberto has watched the whole thing. He declares how strong she is, and therefore likely of breaking his heart. The boy seems hypnotized by the cute girl, she laughs.

In the deck, near the previous scene, the ninjas are reuniting. Ryu and Rachel are back from MIST headquarters, Momiji joins them, followed by Ayane. Momiji reports to Ryu regarding Raidou’s inheritor, Honoka, who is on the other side of the deck. Ayane watches Raidou’s reject with disgust. Eliot comes to her, which surprises her. She blushes. Ryu is actually a few meters away, talking to “master Gen Fu” about Nyotengu’s potential plan, stating his granddaughter Mei Lin needs to be looked after, since she was the one who was healed with Tengu’s essence. Ryu adds that Gen Fu will probably have to fight her, and that she might be more vicious than her father. Back to Eliot and Ayane, the young boy asks Ayane if she is staying for the concert. “… the concert?”, she says, surprised. In every part of Freedom Survivor, everyone is preparing for tonight, wearing tuxedos and cocktail dresses. In her office, as Helena is putting a white opera split dress and drinking a martini, Lisa in in the front of the boat, outside. The sun is about to fall as the towel she was wearing slips down to the wooden floor. She stares at the island in front of her, Zack’s. As the party is getting started, the butterfly dives in the water, wearing a classy and colorful bikini, towards the tropical place.

The Concert is a 2-minute bonus video featuring the full cast, while the concert on Freedom Survivor starts. It could be a jazzy remake of this French tube from Barbara (we can pretend it is Maria). The tone is rather somber and epic, as it shows all the fighters before the storyline's climax.

As the piano starts playing in Freedom Survivor's luxurious ballroom, Jann Lee, is playing the saxo in the Stock Room. We see Helena in her office, staring at her mother's locket with melancholy. Zack is on his boat, taking a nap. Alberto is in the kitchen, playing with his cat. Tina is sunbathing on Zack's Island. Rig is in the tropical forest surrounding MIST's lab, practicing his taekwondo, Hitomi is in the aquarium, wearing her cocktail gown, etc.

Kasumi / Sultana, Zack / Alberto & Honoka
- Freedom Survivor (Heliport) -
The piano is playing during the concert. The melody is rather sad and slow. Sultana in on the heliport, watching at the horizon. Suddenly, she notices Kasumi, who is looking for Phase-4 in the stockroom, in the bottom of the ship. She starts following the girl, thinking it is her friend Phase-4. She confronts Kasumi near a giant metal door, leading to the machine room. Sultana asks Kasumi why she left, which puzzles the original ninja. Kasumi asks her to leave, but Sultana will not let her friend go, saying it is too dangerous for her, using words such as “MIST” and “experiments” that she heard when Leon attacked Lisa. Sultana fights Kasumi to prevent her from leaving again. The ninja apologizes and leaves the young girl unconscious, in front of the machine room’s door. Two figures are watching, in the shadow. Kokoro and Your Fighter are hiding, looking at the scene, while Kasumi eventually enters the machine room. They are planning to take a boat and escape tonight. Your Fighter asks where they will go, but Kokoro does not seem to know.

- Freedom Survivor (Deck) -
Zack falls into Alberto and Honoka are together. Honoka is wearing a yellow dress and Alberto a tuxedo, with his usual scarf appearing out of his chest pocket, like a classy tissue. Zack is pissed and wants Alberto to pay for what he stole. The boy refuses, feeling Zack is ruining his date. Zack is about to kick his butt when Honoka interrupts him. The red-haired teens fight Zack. It is not implied who won, but Honoka and Alberto run away. They hide behind a safe boat, sit on the floor, and Alberto takes out a melon from his bag. He offers it to Honoka, as the sweet moment is covered by an orange sky. The sun is almost down.

- Freedom Survivor (Aquarium) -
Hitomi is in the aquarium, talking to Lei Fang about Ein, as they are watching the fish around. She is very bubbly at first, and ends up melancholic and powerless. Lei Fang says she is expecting to see her friend at the concert tonight. The fish swims away, as Ayane, from the transparent ceiling, sees her. What Ayane does not notice though, is a small boat sailing towards them. In the boat sit Christie and Jon, wearing their battle suits. A few MIST soldiers are on the boat too. Their plan is to board the ship during the evening’s concert, and make it quick. Christie asks Jon if he is okay to kidnap the girl on his own as she has another objective herself. Jon smiles, cocky and confident.

Tina / La Mariposa, Jann Lee & Lei Fang or Mila & Bass / Christie & Jon
- Zack Island -
Lisa comes out the water in a classy walk. To her surprise, the beach she has just reached had an occupant already. It is Tina, sitting on the sand, the waves washing her feet. She is wearing an elegant bikini and appears to have many thoughts in her mind. Tina sees Lisa and stands up immediately. The blonde politician confronts her friend regarding what Jon has told her. She asks La Mariposa if everything is true. La Mariposa explains the truth is more complicated than that, that she is helping Helena Douglas. La Mariposa says she misses her friendship and the simplicity of them having fun on the ring. Tina says things have changed now that she has responsibilities, but that she would be happy to fight her now, if Lisa promised to share all her secrets from now on. Tina and La Mariposa have a friendly fight, and they hug, relieved that their friendship is back to normal.

- Freedom Survivor (Machine Room) -
Inside the machine room, Kasumi falls into Phase-4, who has been hiding there the whole time. The clone does not want to fight, but as Kasumi does not leave her a choice, the clone starts firing a turquoise energy ball, which destroys a part of the machine room. A fire starts as they both dramatically fight. It is hard to say who is winning as both choreographies are impressive and lethal. The dynamic duo provokes another explosion. The whole ship shakes and water starts flooding the generator room. From Zack Island, the recently reunited Tina Armstrong and Lisa Hamilton, watches the horror in the distance. “Daddy!”

- Freedom Survivor (Deck) -
People are screaming, leaving the ballroom in terror. Some known faces emerge from the crowd: Jann Lee, Lei Fang, Mila, Bass run to the deck. At this moment, Christie and Jon board the ship. Jon seems to think it is too dangerous, asking Christie if she has not heard the explosion. Christie replies it is perfect for the final act. The four named fighters come into them. Jon notices Kokoro and You Fighter, willing to take MIST boat to escape. The soldiers, wearing armors, seem dangerous. Jon takes Kokoro’s hand, rise it using force, and ask Christie if she is the one they are looking for. Christie nods. The fighters around are suspicious of them and understand Kokoro is being kidnapped. One of the three teams – Mila/Bass or Jann Lee/Lei Fang – fight Christie, Jon, and the MIST guards. The scene shows the teamwork of western or eastern skills: wrestling and kung-fu. Jon manages to escape with Kokoro on a boat, leaving a few MIST soldiers on the floor and Your Fighter in distress, seeing its friend being taken away. “Kokoroooo!”. Christie runs away in another part of the ship, willing to fulfill her mission. The ninjas had left the ballroom too, wearing tuxedos and dresses. Ryu tells Momiji and the others, that they must look for Honoka before leaving the ship. The confusion starts spreading around, as the passengers are trying to find a way to escape. Hayate asks Ayane if she has seen Hitomi. Ayane does not want her brother to take risks but ultimately reveals she has seen the karate girl in the aquarium. Hayate teleports there. The ship starts to bend a bit, imitating the low melancholic singing of a desperate whale.

- Freedom Survivor (Aquarium) -
The glass has broken in the aquarium, and water floods the place. Hitomi in on her knees, trying to leave the room despite the huge flow of water. Her blue cocktail dress is all wet. As the water is at her knees’ height, Hayate arrives to save her. Hitomi and Hayate share an emotional moment, as Hitomi gazes at Hayate's eyes. Before she can tell anything,the ceiling over them breaks, as a big shadow falls toward them. It is Raidou.

Hitomi & Ein / Raidou, Nyotengu / Gen Fu & Eliot
- Freedom Survivor (Machine Room) -
As Kasumi is falling into dark waters – paralleling Sultana’s vision of Phase-4 drowning, the latter dives to her body, and teleport them both away from the incident they have created. Before the entrance, in the stock room, Leon finds Sultana’s body, and carries it away.

- Freedom Survivor (Aquarium) -
Raidou is facing Hayate and Hitomi in the flooded aquarium. Hayate and Raidou start to fight, but Raidou fires a red aura to Hayate, which confuses him. Hayate start screaming, handling his head in hands. Hitomi anxiously wonders what happen as the ninja comes back to reality. He turns to her, and as Ein and Hitomi, they fight Raidou. The latter teleports away. Hayate realizes Raidou’s energy has unveil his Ein persona, but that he can choose which one he wants to be. He shares that information with Hitomi, who realizes she cannot keep falling in love with that dark place in Hayate's personality. The duo leaves the place to find the ninjas as the fish from the aquarium are ready to reunite with the ocean.

- Freedom Survivor (Deck) -
Zack is placing people on the safe boats, appearing professional and rather calm compared to the situation. As Marie-Rose is next to him, applying the same order, he carries her and put her inside a boat. She reacts madly, saying she wants to help. “Women and kids first Marie, women and kids first!”. In the crowd waiting to board, Eliot is holding Mei Lin’s hand tight. A bird cry can be heard at the distance. The cry becomes louder and louder. Nyotengu appears on the deck, to everyone surprise. Brad describes the lady as a beautiful bird who has fallen from a branch, but the poesy does not please Nyotengu. She flies to Eliot and takes Mei Lin from him. The little girl is quite hard to carry, as she is moving and kicking a lot. The master and his student save Mei Lin from Nyotengu. The English boy is the one who gives the final strike on the woman’s wings, confusing her during one of her dives. Brad takes Mei Lin away. The thousand years old lady leaves the ship, angry, with a piece of Mei Lin’s hair in her claws. Gen Fu thanks his companions and all head to the safe boats.

Tina and Lisa arrives on Zack’s flashy boat, ready to help. Tina reunites with her dad, Lisa looks at Leon with shame. A few meters away, Honoka and Alberto are together, looking for a nearby safe boat. Your Fighter is not far, doing the same, looking for a way to safe her ally Kokoro, who is gone. Raidou appears behind them. Some passengers are surprised to see some sort of angry cyborg on the ship. The ninjas all come to them. Momiji separates Alberto from Honoka, which disturbs the young boy. Ryu is about to attack Raidou, when the latter create a giant red aura, surrounding all of them. In an instant, Raidou, Ryu, Ayane, Hayate, Momiji, Rachel and Honoka disappear, the gate decreasing like a vortex. Alberto and Hitomi are left. Zack comes to them. He recognizes Alberto, and orders them to come with him on the safe boats as they appear to be the last ones to save. “What about Lady Helena?”, Marie-Rose asks. Zack tells her to follow Helena’s order, as the remaining fighters are already on the water. Their safe boat sails away. Sultana sings a melody, as we see Helena in her office. She has not left the place and does not seem ready to leave it. She looks rather waiting for something than worried of the sinking.

Reminder: Phase-4 and Kasumi have teleported in Burai Zenin. Shiden is in the ninjas village with Ayame. Bayman is still looking for Donovan in MIST headquarters, Ji Yeon has arrested Rig. Jon has kidnapped Kokoro. After the sinking, Zack is leading the safe boats to his island (Marie-Rose, Eliot, Brad, Gen Fu, Mei Lin, Tina, Lisa, Leon, Sultana, Mila, Bass, Alberto, Hitomi, Lei Fang, Jann Lee). Nyotengu has escaped once for all with her precious artefact. Raidou has teleported Ryu, Ayane, Hayate, Momiji, Rachel, Honoka and Your Fighter away. Christie and Helena are the only people left on the boat.

Bayman / Donovan, Christie / Helena
- Freedom Survivor (Office) -
As Helena might have expected, Christie comes to her office. Christie walks slowly towards her, proud like a lioness which has found her prey. She first reveals her plan, consisting in taking down Donovan, eliminating Fame’s first inheritor, and controlling DOATEC’s latest piece. The heart of everything: Kokoro. Helena says she will not let Christie mess up with her history or DOATEC’s destiny. Helena asks Christie if the murder of her mother, Maria, was a way for Christie to gain power; Christie does not reply but smiles, which makes Helena mad. As Helena is about to say something, the floor starts shaking. As the ship has bent too much, the floor under them breaks, and the two enemies fall a few floors below, to the ballroom. The water is flooding of the balconies, the piano is reversed, but the room is not too wet yet. The female warriors are ready to end this once and for all.

- MIST South America -
Back in MIST headquarters, Bayman finds Donovan’s office. Donovan does not apologize for betraying his former soldier. He laughs at Bayman for thinking the arrest of his son, Rig, will change anything. Bayman explains he did not come here to arrest the father too. Victor replies none of this matter, that his power is unlimited. His ultimate weapon, Your Fighter, is capable of magic and destruction. Victor is the only one who can stop it. Bayman understand the escape of Your Fighter was not an accident, but rather a way for Victor to save his butt in case someone wants to kill him. Victor starts fighting Bayman, showing the soldier his mirror moves. Before starting the fight, he activates a device, which, according to him, will clean the whole place without leaving any hint. Both fight as the lab’s countdown is about to end. Bayman’s sambo is better, and the Russian soldier kills Donovan.

Outside the building, Ji Yeon is putting Rig in a van. Bayman joins them. Ji Yeon says she understands Bayman “has not found Victor Donovan”. The explosion destroys the whole lab before their eyes, whipping some palm trees around. Bayman replies, “Actually, I have”.

- Freedom Survivor (Ballroom) -
Helena and Christie fight in the ballroom, as the ocean water makes pressure on the ballroom’s giant window pane. Helena piguaquan and Christie’s shequan make the ceiling’s giant chandelier break the glass protecting them from the sea water. Both are being absorbed in the ocean whirls. Helena, in her opera dress, have issues finding the exit. In a last attempt to breath, Helena hears Maria’s singing, as she sees herself falling in the abysses of her floating palace. Christie swims to the surface, alone, but safe in the sea. The tournament had not occurred, but Christie seemed to have won it anyway. Helena had been eaten by the ship, and in a haunting cry, Freedom Survivor starts falling into the deep ocean.

- Zack Island -
Watching the ship’s tail disappearing, Zack expires with sadness. All the fighters are gathered around him. Marie-Rose appears sad. Leon and Sultana are sitting in the sand, around a fireplace. Bass is looking at Mila and Tina with proud eyes, saying his daughter has shown courage and solidarity like a governor would do. Lisa, is behind, looking at the ocean. Alberto is worried about what happened to Honoka. Hitomi is worrying herself regarding Ein’s fate. She is sitting next to Lei Fang. Jann Lee comes and sits beside the Chinese girl, to both Hitomi and Lei Fang’s surprise. Jann Lee takes Lei Fang’s hand, which makes her blush. Brad is distracting Mei Lin from this horror show. Gen Fu looks at his granddaughter with relief, and tells Eliot that he knows has a reason to fight for, and that his service is no longer needed. The group remains silent, as Helena does not seem to appear out of the surface. In the horizon, silver dolphins are jumping out of the water, under the moonlight.

Ryu or Momiji or Rachel / Your Fighter, Shiden or Kasumi or Hayate or Ein or Ayane or Phase-4 / Raidou
- Burai Zenin -
Kasumi awakes in silence, in the courtyard of a temple, the architecture of which reminds her of a familiar place. Burai Zenin stands in front of her. Phase-4 is next to her as well, but does not seem to attack. She is staring at Kasumi, trying to speak words. Kasumi asks why they came here. Phase-4 answers that it came from one of her memory. “One of mine”, Kasumi says, without any hatred. Phase-4 explains they share the same emotions. Kasumi states that while they do not share the same destiny, they share the same essence. Phase-4 explains her father, Donovan, is not a bad father despite his reputation. She admits MIST experiments are bringing bad things to the world. Kasumi realizes her clone is not a threat, and takes Phase-4’s hand, giving her a confident look. “We must end this then”.

A red aura interrupts the meeting. The energy spread to all its corner, and all the ninjas comes out of a vortex. Your Fighter’s body is lying on the floor, like a deactivated robot. Raidou and Honoka are nowhere to be found. Ayane emerges last from the vortex, and runs towards Kasumi and her clone. Kasumi stands between her clone and her sister, explaining Phase-4 is on their side. Ayane says this is insane. Kasumi does not change her opinion and is ready to protect her. Shiden teleports behind them, about to stop his daughter, showing his right palm like a stop sign.

At the same moment, Your Fighter awakes, with deep red eyes. Ryu turns to it. The creature’s body start shaking, as if electricity was running through it. It eyes stares at the ninja, and Your Fighter jumps over them, attacking Kasumi. Ryu throws an energy ball on it, as Momiji and Rachel are ready to intervene. Ryu and one of his female companion fight Your Fighter. Your Fighter throws Genra-styled fireballs at the group, standing strong and steady like a giant despite its fit body. The ninja choreography results in Your Fighter’s deactivation and everyone trying to retake their breath. Ryu, Momiji and Rachel are leaving. Ryu carries Your Fighter’s body, willing to find a way to control it. They teleport away.

There is no time to rest, as Raidou appears in the corner, Honoka behind him. The young girl seems a bit afraid but does not show the behavior of a kidnapped girl. Shiden faces him, leaving the debate regarding Phase-4. Shiden does not have time to ask what are his nemesis’s intentions that Raidou throws a red energy ball to the group. They all manage to avoid it in a ninja fashion side step. Using the confusion, Honoka had found a way to join the ninjas. Phase-4 stands in the middle of the smoke created by the explosion, her hand imitating Shiden’s stop gesture. It starts raining on Burai Zenin. Raidou asks if Phase-4 is sure she have chosen the right path. The girl answers him with a turquoise energy ball she throws at him, leaving no noticeable damage. Raidou seems happy to have gathered most of the ninjas together, wishing to absorb their powers. Honoka was only a bait to attract them. Shiden, Kasumi, Hayate, Ayane and Phase-4 join to fight the monster, as Honoka watches the fighters jumping to her grandfather. After a long battle, they all surround Raidou and gather their energies to destroy the warrior. Honoka ultimately join them, a red aura spreading out of her hand. Pink, purple, red petals fly around the scene, as Kasumi takes Raidou’s cyborg eye off its head. The threat is gone. Kasumi throws the cyborg device away. Honoka reacts with an acute sound. Ayane tells her not to worry, in a severe tone. Kasumi’s hair is straight instead of a ponytail. Her face turns to Phase-4’s. Hayate, Ayane and Shiden look at the clone in silence, ready to react. Phase-4 comes to Kasumi with the blue ribbon she was wearing before the fight, and the red-haired ninja ties her hair up, smiling at her ally.


* I took some inspiration from the community's posts and theories which have been shared. I'm especially remembering one of Awesmic's post regarding the way some characters like Leon, Tina or Jann Lee could be written into the whole DOATEC/MIST's plots somehow. I don't take credit or all the ideas.

** Most of the characters have 2 potential fights. The main characters, Kasumi, Ryu, Ayane, Hayate and Your Fighters, are the only characters who have 3 potential fights. The guest characters, Momiji and Rachel, only have 1 potential fight. Through the multiple plays, doing all of each character's potential fights unlock its Arcade course, which covers prologues, cliffhangers and some cut storylines.

*** The remaining grey spots on the roster above are for guests, random buttons or DLC characters haha. I was thinking about William (Ni-Oh) and Ryo (Shenmue) for instead.

**** Newcomers tag throws:
- Sultana: Phase-4, Kasumi, Leon
- Ji Yeon: Bayman, Rig, Marie-Rose
- Your Fighter: Kokoro, Lisa, Ayane
- Jon: Christie, Rig, Donovan
- Alberto: Lei Fang, Zack, Honoka

Thanks if you have read it!​
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Sorry for double-posting but 'Your fighter' is like Chronicle Mode in Samurai Warriors 4? Or like owner-san revealed? xD I have no idea why, but I imagine Your Fighter/Owner san is a tall, dark-skinned woman with long, black hair that's tied up in a bun, has an Australian accent and wears tomboyish clothes and is in her mid-late twenties, or a slightly chubby Asian dude who wears glasses and likes to wear tracksuits and red hair and is 18 but can kick ass.
Donovan in that picture looks like the YouTuber 'MadYock' lol

I read Chapter 1, and I feel like the Honoka and her granny felt like a rehash of Kokoro speaking with her mother in DOA4. I think it would be cooler if her gran actually supported her joining the tournament and was even an ex-member of MIST or something (and that her grandmother was quite nuts, too, like Yuuka in DOATEC's New Leader), then Honoka and Kokoro could meet up in a chapter and talk about the differences of how the mother figures felt about them joining the tournament.
Other than that, it's awesome!
I'll read more when I have the time ^_^

I also think, that because there are so many people talking about it, there will probably be a Korean woman in her late-twenties to thirties in DOA6 and she'll have some sort of relation to Bayman, Rig, or Christie in some way.
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What do you think would be Misaki's story ?

I can see her as a Japanese blogger hired by DOATEC to promote the sixth tournament. She could work with Zack as they both travel the world to record each fighter's entrance, or Tina during her speech as DOATEC sponsors it. Misaki would sometimes act like Zack's cheerleader.

It could be revealed somehow, or at least hinted, that she is in fact working for MIST (or being used against her will), as Christie's secret trump card. That way, Misaki would be tasked to reveal Donovan's dirty laundry to the world.

It's hard to find something exciting about this character, as not much is known at the moment. If she fights, I could see her doing judo (or secretly sumo) ? Like, she could act very excited and dynamic, but shy around boys, but when danger comes, she turns into a skinny girly sumo. Yeah, not convincing..

She is in fact Donovan's and Miyako's daughter, making her Rig's and Kokoro's half sister.
"Half blood" seems to be a theme in this serie. It expanded Kasumi's story through Ayane, then Ayane herself got a half-sister with Honoka. Helena's bonds got bigger as Kokoro shares the same father with her. So why not expanding this new vilain, Rig ? Yes it's very predictable, but that could make messy situations : the character with the most potential is Kokoro. She is very popular, yet lacks action. With Misaki interfering with her heritage, will she choose Helena (who seems very distant and uninformative) or Misaki/Rig (who seem to provide her answers and promises) ? I see our young miako as a big piece of the whole DOA puzzle. Dark Kokoro is a thing I'm expecting/wishing for. The whole time, Miyako was just following the bells of the fortune for her daughter. With Helena out of the pictured, Kokoro by his side, Donovan wins the world.
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Sounds good, but oh god no more 'surprise there's a family member you don't know about' stories. we have enough of those as it is in DOA.
I do want to see a yandere Kokoro. She finds out about what her mum does and she goes apeshit. Misaki could just be a friend of Kokoro or Rig instead.


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Okay, time to theorize. What if Lisa is actually one of Fame's mistress: Isabella ?


When she was 18, Isabella was looking for a scholarship to studies genetics. She has always been hardworking and ambitious, but did not have the money. She met Fame at some point, they felt in love and he financed her studies. Then he died as we know. At this moment, Helena was 18 too, and had been raised by Fame for many years. Kokoro was 14 and Miyako was already an old story.

Hearing that some mistresses were killed all around the world (Maria, Anne), Isabella decided to take another name, Lisa. It souns more American too and it is better if you want to find good jobs in the US. She first took a job on Zack Island in order to spy on Helena Douglas, Fame's daugther, without any intention to harm her: after all, Helena was the closest thing that linked her to Fame. Lisa always knew Helena was just a victim. Unfortunately, Helena was pretty aggressive during their first meeting and Lisa could not really bond with her. Also, their time at DOATEC together was pretty intense... Helena was close to find the truth about Isabella's past.

In the meanwhile, she heard about Kokoro's existence too. The young maiko was more gentle than her half-sister Helena. As Lisa is a good person, and after hearing Miyako needed money to raise Kokoro, she suggested to Victor that Miyako should be head of DOATEC Japan. Both mistresses started to have a friendly/professional relationship. Lisa never had any problem with Fame's sexuality. She always admired Fame because of his ambitions: making new discoveries to improve the world. So it was more like an "intellectual love".

This explains why Lisa had to take part in immoral decisions and projects regarding the ninjas. "I won't let this bastard Donovan have his way", she said to Helena in DOA4's story.

- similarity in names (Lisa/Isabella which both come from "Elizabeth")
- ambiguity regarding her origins
- excuse to give Lisa a long hair option... and a poncho
- reasons behind Kokoro/Miyako and Lisa's relationship
- not sure about the timelime
- a bit farfetched especially for Team Ninja..
- not popular enough for such a cliffhanger (who cares?)

Also, Itagaki revealed Lisa's name was supposed to be Monica. So "Isabella Monica Thera" became "Lisa Reabecca Hamilton". As "thera" is a type of moth, Lisa decided her other nickname would be "La Mariposa", to retain some of her latin roots.


I know this is a bit farfetch'ed and Lisa does not need that to be more popular @Jadeinchains but what do you think ? Precision here, I didn't come up with that theory because "oh well both Isabella and Lisa are latin so they have to be the same person" (that's wacist), but because of the common root in their names. But again, it could just show that TN have no originality in their names.
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What about between Hitomi & Leifang? Aren't you forgetting that part? I want to see how it plays out under your imagination.

Well apart from the background scenes where Hitomi and Lei Fang would chat like two old friends in the ballroom, during Zack's announcement (Chapter 7), that scene in the aquarium where Lei Fang is trying to confort Hitomi regarding her feelings for Ein, telling her boys don't matter (the irony) and that they should really go to the concert together to have fun (Chapter 9), and their final scene where Jann Lee sit next to them on the beach to both girls' surprise (Chatper 12), I guess Hitomi and Lei Fang could have another funny scene in the kitchen, fighting over a cabbage ?

I don't know, it's actually hard to give "screentime" to 30+ characters in one story, so I tried to give them some friendship/emotional moments and make a wrap-up of their story arcs:
- Lei Fang eventually reunites with Jann Lee after showing her heroic skills, meaning it's not necessary to beat him anymore as their tag team made them true heroes (they tried to save everyone from Jon's attack and helped people board the safe boats).
- Hitomi eventually got the chance to express her feeling to Hayate, but realizes Ein is just another persona and not the real person she is talking to. She is ready to move on. She becomes the godmother of Lei Fang and Jann Lee's baby, a world reknown cook and now eat cabbage everyday.
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Well apart from the background scenes where Hitomi and Lei Fang would chat like two old friends in the ballroom, during Zack's announcement (Chapter 7), that scene in the aquarium where Lei Fang is trying to confort Hitomi regarding her feelings for Ein, telling her boys don't matter (the irony) and that they should really go to the concert together to have fun (Chapter 9), and their final scene where Jann Lee sit next to them on the beach to both girls' surprise (Chatper 12), I guess Hitomi and Lei Fang could have another funny scene in the kitchen, fighting over a cabbage ?

I don't know, it's actually hard to give "screentime" to 30+ characters in one story, so I tried to give them some friendship/emotional moments and make a wrap-up of their story arcs:
- Lei Fang eventually reunites with Jann Lee after showing her heroic skills, meaning it's not necessary to beat him anymore as their tag team made them true heroes (they tried to save everyone from Jon's attack and helped people board the safe boats).
- Hitomi eventually got the chance to express her feeling to Hayate, but realizes Ein is just another persona and not the real person she is talking to. She is ready to move on. She becomes the godmother of Lei Fang and Jann Lee's baby, a world reknown cook and now eat cabbage everyday.

Hmmm not bad. Also what about the conflict between the two? Remember when they met back in DOA3 during the DOAD storyline? I also want that part revisited and perhaps that could give them a reason to settle it once more.

Also I want to see how Hitomi has affections for Eliot and perhaps that could establish romance between the two.
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